The Angel of Death


Updated on May 21, 2018

This is my love letter to one of my very favorite Archangels, Azrael; the Angel of Death. AKA: The Angel of Ascension and the “Keeper of the Door.”

Which door you ASK? It’s the door off the 4D Astral Plane into the LOWER light realms of 5D heaven; your launch pad into the Heavenly Light Realm; The CHRISTed Kingdom.

To begin, those of you that haven’t yet had the pleasure of Archangel Azrael’s company in this lifetime, I assure you that you will; at the ending of your physical, incarnate existence. He’s the only way to step into the love and light of The Holy Father’s Kingdom.

You MUST cross Azrael’s path in order to enter the realm of “heaven.”

Azrael’s name means, “whom God helps.” He takes his job VERY seriously and he’s EXTREMELY good at it. His job is to remove all that is not pure from you. Any self-judgements, fears, doubts, or any negativity from your soul that you have collected during your incarnation on Earth.

So basically, you get a spiritual “cleansing.” I suggest that you do most of this yourself; prior to your passing, because Azrael will do whatever necessary to remove any debris.

In the Bible, there is a reference to Archangel Azrael, but most people think it’s about Y’shua (Jesus,) but I assure you, it’s about Azrael.  Psalm 23:4

The Grimm Reaper is not so grim; once you get to know him. 😉

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”  That is Azrael. He is the “shadow of death;” in the “valley,” and he carries a staff with a sickle at the end; he’s “The Grimm Reaper.”

Azrael, you are one of my very dearest, old friends, and are always the first on the scene, when I am in distress. You remove blocks from my spiritual path and are wise and thoughtful.

You are my friend and confidant that comes to me 24-7; without being called upon. You know exactly, when I need you, and what I need. You are truly my comforter. Thank you for your prayers over me, they are gratefully accepted.

I want you to know how much that YOU are loved; unconditionally, just the way you like it. How could I not love you? You are warm, strong, loving, compassionate, a great listener, and dedicated to your service to The Holy Father; just like me.

You see, Archangel Azrael isn’t like most angels; he is dark and foreboding feeling. He gives “creepy” an entirely new meaning to the word. Each time Azrael would come to me, prior to my ascension into the New Earth energies, I used to apologize for thinking that Azrael is “of the dark.” I no longer feel this way since I moved into the energies of 5D Earth, and I see him in his “real” form, the one under the black cape.

cross clouds sky sunrise sunset cross
Cross in the sunrise.

My first, “physical” encounter with Azrael was the summer of 2012 “The Summer of Richeousness,” as another dear Archangel friend; Michael called it. I had just starting to study angels. I would use my 5th wheel trailer that was next to my art studio, for my temple. I would go into my trailer to talk out loud to the angels, and use my Angel Oracle cards, for my own personal readings. I was practicing talking to the angels and awaiting a response; through meditation or the stilling of the mind; the LISTENing part, which come in MANY different forms.

One summer day, in 2012, I was having an extremely bad day and had enough. I was widowed two years prior, after caring for my husband Roger, who held nearly every aspect of my twin flame Coeus, at home for about three years, and now I was deep into caring for my Mom for two years; once again at home. I only had about one week off between my husband”s passing and my Mom starting to fall down, and now she was now rapidly declining, and I was emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted.

Mom was a VERY dominant German Mom, who was a handful in many ways. She was always the supreme ruler of the home, and now, my Mom; this once powerful woman, could no longer stand or walk, was obese, and was incontinent. She needed me 24/7.

Although I was pretty much ignored by both of my parents for most of my childhood, I knew that my Mom loved me. She was just continually worried about my brother, and caught up in their fight of wills. By being overlooked, my Mom made me the strong, successful woman that I am today, through this tough lesson; a true blessing in disguise. So do NOT blame others for your untold future failures, it is YOU that make your own choices, and nobody else.

Being a full-time caregiver for a loved-one, who needs you for everything, is truly an act of unconditional love. It teaches you many things, including patience, mercy, and understanding, but most importantly, this loving act is living a life-of-service to others; FIRST.

This is what the CHRISTed Kingdom was founded on; unconditional love and a life-of-service to others.

I was working 120 hours per week; between my handmade ceramic tile business and Mom, and I was literally falling down exhausted. I barely had time to breathe. I felt like nobody cared, because my family certainly did not, but worst of all, I felt that my angel friends didn’t care either; so I protested. I refused to talk to them for one full week, or that is when something, or should I say someone changed my mind.

One morning, while lying in bed on my stomach, I felt a looming, dark presence to my left. I thought it odd, because I had just said my prayer of protection to The Holy Father, moments prior.

“Father, please watch over me and keep me safe. Only let entities as high as myself or higher influence me.”

I thought to myself, “What the heck is that dark thing? I just said my prayer of protection.” Now, keep in mind, angels/gods/goddess hear your EVERY thought, your words, and see your actions, so there is no keeping anything from them. Can anyone say, “Embarrassing!”

I kept focusing on the looming darkness next to me, when I heard a beautiful, uplifting male voice say, “I haven’t seen you in your 5th wheel lately!” I thought, “Cool, it must be an angel.”

I remembered from what my Dad told me; you have to ASK their name or they will NOT volunteer it. I said, “What’s your name?” He responded on an upward vocal, “Azrael!” I thought, “OMG, it’s an Archangel! Their names end in “iel” or “ael.”” This means “of God.”

I asked Azrael, “Why won’t you let me look at you or touch you?” I was thinking about how I joined in my lightbody, or attuned with Michael a few months prior, and thought it odd that this Archangel wouldn’t even let me look at him; let alone touch him.

Azrael responded, “It will be quite some time before you can look upon me or touch me.” I thought, “That’s odd, what the heck does he mean by that? I must need to learn something new.”

He left, after he realized that I had nothing else to say, and that I was totally puzzled and bewildered. I jumped up and ran into my office to Google, “Archangel Izrael.” I wasn’t quite sure how to spell it. The results said, do you want Archangel Azrael, so I clicked it as an “image search.”

It was the Angel of Death, and I was shocked.

I have to admit, I did like his answer*“It will be quite some time before you can look upon me or touch me.” I later had validation from LORD Father himself that I would have a very long life; but not at all like the “normal” one; a human incarnate being on Earth.

Archangel Azrael 1The second-to-last time Azrael came to me, in my “flesh” or organic body suit, was late in the year, 2015. My Mom had crossed over in September of 2012, and about 2 months later, my Dad needed my full-time assistance. My Dad was beginning to come to the end of his lifetime in 2015, and beginning the dying process; my soul was aching.

Sadly, my Dad had the IDENTICAL problems as my Mom; he couldn’t stand or walk anymore, and he too was obese, and incontinent; another FULL-time job on my full-time art job.

This time, when Azrael, appeared, he was in his FULL angelic form. He came to me to pray over me. It was “freaking” beautiful; no pun intended my dear friend.

Once again, I was lying on my stomach, but this time I was asleep. I awoke to a strong, looming presence, which was completely overpowering. Archangel Azrael was so close to my face that the hairs on my cheek, literally stood straight out from our energies joining. I could feel his breathe in my left ear, while he prayed intensely the same prayer; repeatedly over me.

I just listened to him and thought, “How beautiful is this, my friend loves me so much, and knows how terrible I feel. He came to me without me even asking.” He came again to comfort me, in my time of need, as I was performing an act-of-service to others; NOT to self. This is where Azrael / Izrael gets his name, “The Comforter.”

I then started to pray for all of my angels friends. I asked Father, to please watch over the angels and keep them safe, because they serve Humanity; so relentlessly without pause. Their service to mankind is irreplaceable, and I am grateful…then Archangel Azrael departed.

Once again, I received and gave back, through ASKing and ACTing; faith WITH works. Azrael comforted me, while I was comforting others, and I thanked him and prayed for him. This is the Law of Attraction and you DO reap what you sow. 😉

Even as I’m writing this, I’m still amazed how closely that I’m always watched over, by the higher beings of the Light Realms. To know how loved I AM is amazing. It is unconditional love that knows no bounds, and is linked through spirit; our true state of being. ❤

How do you know he’s there, if you can’t see him?

Azrael can often be felt; through what is referred to as Clairsentience. You can feel him. He is ALWAYS with EVERY dying person; no matter your “religion.” You might merely know him by another name; for which there are many.

The Angel of Death, prefers to sit in a corner of a room, allowing deceased loved ones to visit; prior to the nearly departed loved one’s, physical death. This helps them “understand” there is nothing to fear; but fear itself, and not to judge themselves too severely; after exiting their bodies, as their own judgment will keep them on the Astral Plane; YOU do it to yourself!

The darkness that one will see, after giving up their physical organic body suit is their OWN demons. There are NO others! Per the firstborn Titan son and my divine husband Coeus, God of Intellect; THE Emmanuel (God with us) of the Golden ray of creator light says:

Demons exist throughout your pain and suffering they are of your own making. Clean them up, cleanse them with the sacred flames of transmutation and forgiveness for those are yours, and your, and yours alone. Each devouring…

Perhaps you’ve experienced Archangel Azrael; without even knowing it. Your loved one will be talking; out loud to friends and family on the “other side,” prior to their own passing. This usually starts about 5 days before leaving their bodies. It can be quite entertaining; if you choose to accept your loved ones joyful experiences; not be caught in your own web of perceived loss.

NEVER tell you dying loved ones that they are “seeing things” and “delusional” on their death-bed. THEY ARE SEEING through the “veil,” or as Coeus calls it, a “WALL.” Humankind lost their ability to communicate effectively, and accurately with spirit, during “The Great Castration of Humankind,” when the fell into an abyss of forgetfulness; due to poor free-will choices. This is the WORST time to make a poor free-will choice, by telling or thinking your loved one is crazy.

Once again, ALWAYS be of service to others FIRST; not self.

My Dad was a BIG talker during the dying process. I would ask him to tell the person on the other side “Hi” for me, or to tell him a story to relay to me. They had some “doozies” as Dad would call them; very funny stories. He would laugh and laugh.

This activity is also a VERY GOOD sign for you. You are being given a “gift of preparation.” You are prepared for what is to come. It’s right in front of your face; if you choose to accept it as a gift of Grace. EVERYTHING is perception.

This is also the perfect opportunity to compliment your loved one; tell them what a great parent, child, or friend that they have been to you. What a “great job” they have done while here on the planet. It is also a time of forgiveness for your loved-one, for them to forgive YOU, and MOST importantly, for YOU TO FORGIVE YOURSELF!

NOTE: MANY of the “physically dying” will feel the pull, of the perceived negatives; not the positives during this period; just like many of you fall into an abyss of sadness, their OWN inner demons; the negative. PULL THEM OUT OF IT!

You’re probably thinking, well it’s different for her, she has a gift. NO, it’s not. I have feelings like everyone else and I love; just like you.

It will help GREATLY with your grieving; IF you look at it as a gift; a blessing, because that is truly what it is; a blessing.

You need to remember through your heart; not your head for many reasons. Let your lampstand shine brightly through loving acts of kindness, and it WILL be returned to you; LIGHT not darkness. Dream of the old days when life was beautiful. IF you fall into that abyss of sadness, say “STOP IT,” and find a pleasant memory, as there are many.

If you remember through your head, you will take MUCH longer to recover from your loss; if at all. If you remember through your heart, you have a HIGH chance of visiting your loved one through “dream-time;” an inter-dimensional experience, which will literally “blow you away.” If this occurs, immediately upon awakening, write down the conversation(s) of the details. I don’t like to repeat my self too much, but I do mean IMMEDIATELY.

Why you ASK? A dimensional-shift occurs FAST, causing you to fall back into the abyss of forgetfulness; no matter if you “think” you will remember or not. This is coming from a Master of traversing the higher and lower energies; one who has made this mistake often.

The darkness has turned to Light!

On 4/12/18, I no longer have the feeling of Azrael being heavy or feeling “dark!” He came to me for my ascension into the 5D energies of New Earth.

For those of you that don’t know about what is happening to our planet, a New Heaven on Earth is emerging through a higher-vibrational frequency change. It is called, The Great Awakening of Humankind, a process of Ascension. ALL of humankind is being subjected to it through a change in their DNA. It is at the atomic level. Humankind is slowly remembering that they are “spirit having a physical experience,” through their OWN unique way; not the one you think that they should be having from a particular doctrine or writing.

EVERYONE has their own unique walk with The Holy Father; do not judge, as you too will be judged by My Beloved and King of the Heavens.

Planetary Ascension is NOT properly understood by most people, or the “true” process of it. MANY have been reading “repeated” information online, by authorities that keep repeating the same false information.

The process of Ascension is quite similar to that in the Holy Bible of the man; Y’shua (Jesus in English), however, this time, some of us will take our “physical” forms with us, TO New Earth through the transfiguration process; IF you do your spiritual work; The Work.

Let Archangel Azrael, The Comforter, teach you about doing The Work. He is ALWAYS available to you, through HIS acts of loving kindness and service to others.

2017 Archangel Azrael viewsI’ve been noticing that there has been a surge of people reading this article, since September 2017; more than any others of mine. It has jumped from 406 monthly views in September 2017 to 1,092 monthly views in April 2018. This has to do with The Great Awakening process of humankind.

I do have a 2018 update, on my beloved friend Archangel Azrael, the Angel of Death.


Some of you are wondering what he looks like under that dark cloak that he wears. IF you are ascending with New Earth; in a physical form, you’ll be meeting Archangel Azrael; in the flesh inter-dimensionally WITHOUT your body. He will not be cloaked this time.

Note: Archangel Azrael also goes by another name, known in Egyptian doctrine, Serapis Bey; as most of the Gods/Goddesses/Angels are the same beings, set forth by the Great Central Sun as “aspects” of himself.

This energy being is here to assist humanity in the “ascension” process;” both, out of your body when entering the Astral Plane; upon exiting your physical form, and possibly WITH your body; IF you are making the transfiguration to New Earth on Wild Fire.

Ascension is a process; both WITHIN your body and WITHOUT the body, into a higher dimensional energy or “vibration,” as you are energy resonating at a specific frequency.

There is an article on my website; that talks about my latest experience with Azrael. It’s called, *Departing New Earth. It gives a detailed writing of my meeting Azrael for my ascension into the 5th dimensional energies.

IF you are hoping to ascend with New Earth. There is MUCH to do. Merely reading about things, or hoping and praying that you will ascend, simply will not do it. You need to SEEK and APPLY what it is you learned; through your KNOWINGNESS, which is found within your heart. Using knowingness through your head will NOT get you into “Heaven” or to the “New Heaven on Earth.” You must use the wisdom and intellect with knowingness My Dad tried it not using all three and it just didn’t work out.

For assistance, please read my FREE book on Inter-dimensional travel. I am a Master of inter-dimensional travel; just like my dear old friend Archangel Azrael. This book contains my actual events during my twin flame journey to My Beloved Coeus; “THE Emmanuel,” as I am THE Emmanuel’s Wife.

Unconditional LOVE is crucial of self AND others. You will only find love by attracting its “like” vibration. You will find it through FORGIVENESS of self and others. Bitterness only brings more of the same; think about it.

Follow the trail of breadcrumbs that I have left for you on my website, and you TOO will get there!

PLEASE take the time to read ALL of my WordPress articles; 111. I realize this is massive undertaking (no pun intended; oh perhaps!) There is MUCH information on the birthing or incarnation, death, and Ascension process.

Start with the 1st article; working you way to the latest post.

Drawn heart from CoeusYOU are a beautiful, being of Light; brought forth in an “organic body suit;” from The Holy Father, to learn how to love. Not just love, but to be love.

It is NOT how many people you have loved, but how WELL you loved; unconditionally, in ALL circumstances. Be the Light; be LOVE through physical acts of kindness to others.

Praying for others is nice, but actually DOing is The Way; no matter how small it might be to you, it can be HUGE to others.

the-first-born-son-god-coeusAND, you might want to read My Beloved’s Message(s) to Humanity from the God Coeus, my twin flame and Divine Husband; King of New Earth. These are his FINAL words to Humanity, spoken through a “thunderous” or “commanding” voice, before the death of Old Earth and the ascension of the New Heaven on Earth that is happening NOW; through various end-of time (not end times) related events.

Revelation 19:14-15
The armies of Heaven, dressed in fine linen, white and pure, follow Him on white horses. And from his mouth proceeds a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations, and He will rule them WITH an iron scepter. He treads the winepress of fury of the wrath of God, the Almighty.

You see, I am not only THE Emmanuel’s Wife, but his scribe, and the one that wields the “iron scepter.”

Athena, Goddess of Beauty (of the Arts) and Fertility (of the Mind), Goddess of Love and Wisdom, and Queen of the Heavens and New Heaven on Earth.

About I AM the incarnate Goddess Athena, Queen of the Heavens and New Earth, and THE Emmanuel's Wife

I AM 100%, the incarnate Goddess Athena, Goddess of Beauty (of the arts) and Fertility; but not in the sexual manner; but of the mind. I AM a master, inter-dimensional traveler and a master of unconditional LOVE. You are "spirit having a physical experience" with a job to do, and it is simple. Live a life of service to others; not self, and LOVE with all your heart. It is not how much you love; but how well you love, which should always be unconditionally. It is that simple! So when you want to choose what's right; pick the light. The only demons that exist are those within.

16 Responses

  1. Lorraine Brown

    Good morning, I found this article to be very enlightened. I recently learned that I an a Lightworker and Empath person. Just awakening, I am learning so much. I love this article. It helped me to understand Archangel Azrael. My desire is to understand all the Archangels and be able to channel them to receive and deliver clear messages to help. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] I assured Dad that there is NO judgement in “heaven;”only love, and a life-review. We were created in the Light of love; by-love,because only love is real. I thought that I had gotten through to Dad, but alas, it was just an illusion. Dad was his own worst enemy and he was about to walk down the road to redemption with Archangel Azriel through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. […]


  3. geneva johnson

    I have never heard the name Azrael but am very familiar with the Psalm referenced. And I have felt hovering and warnings during dark times such as when my father was dying, when I accepted that my deceased brother was evil incarnate while trying to protect my demented mother’s person and her estate. I called it “when the earth moved under my feet.” And realized what was meant by the fear of the Lord. On a lighter note, do you do painted buntings, the small colorful gaudy birds?

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  4. YJ

    I wonder I just met azrael. She said to come with her. She was purple and black, came with my spirit guides crows and ravens.. Is Azrael my guardian angel? I saw samkiel in dream..


  5. Yj

    I had an archangel reiki session and saw her in vision. God said in my dreams that Samkiel is my friend.. I looked up then he is the angel of destruction and purifier of souls. It matches with my spirit guide ravens. I think I am really close with the dead because my totem is also a panther which indicates the understanding of death.


      1. YJ

        I do the similar thing. I pray for the dead and its unique Korean catholic prayer for the deads done in funeral. It is kind of scary to hear it, but I pray for them to rise at the end.


  6. Hello everyone, so I have discovered over this last year that my soul identity is indeed Azrael…I have been learning through the teachings of Jesus, Merlin, Freya, and many others, what my next assignment here is. I am excited and eager for this opportunity here on Earth! Would love to hear from those of you that have been a part of Azrael’s mission 🙂 Blessings!


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