The Angel of Death

This is my love letter to one of my very favorite Archangels, Azrael; the Angel of Death. AKA: The Angel of Ascension and the Keeper of the Door.

To begin, those of you that haven’t yet had the pleasure of Archangel Azrael’s company in this lifetime, I assure you, you will at the time of your crossing. He’s the only way to step into the love and light of Lord Father.

You have to cross Azrael’s path in order to enter the realm of “heaven.”

Azrael’s name means, “whom God helps.” He takes his job VERY seriously and he’s extremely good at it. His job is to remove all that is not pure from you. Any self-judgements, fears, doubts, or any negativity from your soul. So basically, you get a spiritual “cleansing.” I suggest you do most of this yourself prior to your passing, because Azrael will do whatever necessary to remove any debris.

In the Bible, there is a reference to him; most people think it’s about Jesus, but I assure you, it’s about Azrael.  Psalm 23:4

Archangel Azrael 3.jpg“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”  That is Azrael. He is the “shadow of death;” in the valley, and he carries a staff with a sickle at the end; he’s “The Grimm Reaper.”

Azrael, you are one of my very dearest, old friends, and are always the first on the scene, when I am in distress. You remove blocks from my spiritual path and are wise and thoughtful.

You are my friend and confidant that comes to me 24-7; without being called upon. You know exactly, when I need you, and what I need. You are truly my comforter. Thank you for your prayers over me, they are gratefully accepted.

I want you to know how much you are loved; unconditionally, just the way you like it. How could I not love you? You are warm, strong, loving, compassionate, a great listener, and dedicated to your service to Lord Father; just like me.

You see, Archangel Azrael isn’t like most angels; he is dark and foreboding. He gives “creepy” an entirely new meaning to the word. Each time he comes to me, I have to apologize for thinking he’s “of the dark.”

My first, “physical” encounter with Azrael was the summer of 2012. I had just starting to study angels. I would use my 5th wheel trailer for my temple. I would go into it, to talk out loud to the angels, and use my Angel Oracle cards for my own personal readings.

One summer day, I was having a bad day and had enough. I was widowed a couple years prior and caring for my Mom who was rapidly declining. I was working 120 hour work weeks and was exhausted. I felt like nobody cared, including the angels; so I protested, I refused to talk to them for a week.

One morning while lying in bed on my stomach. I felt a looming, dark presence to my left. I thought it odd, because I had just said my prayer of protection to Lord Father.

“Father, please watch over me and keep me safe. Only let entities as high as myself or higher influence me.”

I thought to myself, “What the heck is that dark thing? I just said my prayer of protection.” Now, keep in mind, angels hear your every thought, so there is no keeping anything from them…can anyone say, “Embarrassing!”

I kept focusing on the looming darkness next to me, when I heard a beautiful male voice say, “I haven’t seen you in your 5th wheel lately!” I thought, “Cool, it must be an angel.”

I remembered from what my Dad told me; you have to ASK their name or they will NOT volunteer it. I said, “What’s your name?” He responded on an upward vocal, “Azrael!” I thought, OMG, it’s an Archangel! Their names end in “iel” or “ael.”

I asked Azrael, “Why won’t you let me look at you or touch you?” I was thinking about how I joined in lightbody with Michael a few months prior, and thought it odd this Archangel wouldn’t even let me look at him; let alone touch him. Azrael responded, “It will be quite some time before you can look upon me or touch me.” I thought, “That’s odd, what the heck does he mean by that? I must need to learn something new.”

He left, after he realized that I had nothing else to say, and that I was totally puzzled. I jumped up and ran into my office to Google, “Archangel Izrael.” I wasn’t quite sure how to spell it. The results said, do you want Archangel Azrael, so I clicked it as an “image.” It was the Angel of Death. I was shocked.

I have to admit, I did like his answer…”It will be quite some time before you can look upon me or touch me.” I later had validation from Father himself that I would have a very long life. 🙂

Archangel Azrael 1The last time Azrael came to me in “full” angelic form was about a month ago. My Dad is dying and my soul was aching. Azrael came to me to pray over me. It was “freaking” beautiful; no pun intended my dear friend.

Once again, I was lying on my stomach, but this time I was asleep. I awoke to a strong, looming presence which was completely overpowering. Azrael was so close to my face that the hairs on my cheek stood straight out. I could feel his breathe in my left ear while he prayed intensely the same prayer repeatedly over me.

I just listened to him and thought, how beautiful is this, my friend loves me so much, and knows how terrible I feel. He came to me without me even asking? To comfort me in my time of need.

I then started to pray for all of my angels friends. I asked Lord Father to please watch over them and keep them safe. They serve so relentlessly without pause. Their service to mankind is irreplaceable and I am grateful…then he left.

Even as I’m writing this, I’m still amazed how closely that I’m always watched over, by the angelic realm. To know how loved I AM. A love that knows no bounds and is linked through spirit. ❤

4/10/18 Update

I’ve been noticing that there has been a surge in people that have been reading this blog article; more than any others of mine. I do have an update on my beloved friend Azrael.

Some of you are wondering what he looks like under that cloak that he wears. IF you are ascending with New Earth, you’ll be meeting Archangel Azrael; in the flesh. He will not be cloaked this time.

There is an article on my website; that talks about my latest experience with Azrael. It’s called, Departing New Earth. It gives a detailed writing of my meeting Azrael for my ascension into the 4th dimensional energies.


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