Goddess Athena’s Birthright

The old Golden Age has officially ended. Cronus has relinquished his throne, and the Goddess Athena has once again been called to The Seat of Wisdom; the Glory Throne, as The Queen of the Heavens and New Heaven on Earth; her birthright. She has been resurrected, and is more than ready to ascend.

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Turn Your Back on Temptation

I modified my original blog article on the 7 headed beast or dragon. For some reason, WordPress has blocked my updates. I’ve taken the flank-approach, and created a new title; Turn Your Back on Temptation; the 7 headed dragon. You must learn to resist temptation; slay, or be slain.

The Garden of Eden, Athena, and the Snake.

Once again Humanity, you’ve got The Truths ALL wrong! You have been listening, watching, and reading materials from false-prophets; spokespersons,…