My Intent to Find a Treasure

I want to talk a bit about INTENT. I always say that intent is everything. Intent requires FAITH; mine is unshakable. I believe in miracles and I expect them to happen. Without FAITH; there is nothing; just void. It sends up a big “NO” to the Universe, before we even open our mouths. We need […]

Wild about Gemstones

I’m not sure why my guides want me to talk about gemstones, but I’m guessing by the end of this article, I will be enlightened. They have a way of working through me when I write. 🙂 It was the year, 2005 when I first got hooked on gemstones. A gemstone store opened in our […]

The Violet Flame of Transmutation

Updated at the bottom of the article; 2/12/18 It’s time for all of you to experience “spiritual alchemy” in action; through the Violet Flame of Transmutation. For eons, many people have been collecting dense feelings through unkind acts, and Karma in the form of  traumas. They’ve been riding a merry-go-round that they can’t get off; making the same mistakes […]

Walking on New Earth

Get ready to be “lifted up.” All of the pictures of old earth and new earth have been wrong. They are shown horizontally. It will be VERTICALLY; lifted up!

Why Don’t I have Psychic Abilities or Mediumship?

I recently saw a post from my friend Chelsey Gregson from a blog called, “Can You Lose Your Psychic Abilities?” I was compelled to “comment” on it, because I tried three times to open and read it; without any luck. As I started the comment, one of my guides stepped in; I have an “open […]

Change Your Thoughts; Change Your Life!

I recently started watching the movie; The Shift. The writer of the movie was being interviewed and he said, “Change your thoughts and you change your life. That is EXACTLY what I did years ago. Since that time, I have exponentially grown spiritually. So let’s begin to “train your brain” so you can learn to […]

Come Out of Your Spiritual Closet!

I took my hands off of Bud’s eyes and said, “I’m only asking you this once. I have total faith that you will heal his eyes.” I left it at that; in total faith and forgot about his condition, and did not ask again.