Ghoul, Ghost, or God?

Once again humanity; you have been deceived by doctors and scientists, trying to explain the supernatural; YOU into the physical. This article is on what doctors and scientists call sleep paralysis, night terrors, or what some of humanity believes are a demonic nighttime attacks from dark beings. If you have been reading my blog, my Divine […]

Who is Your OverSoul?

Some of you might know exactly what the title of this article means; others do not. You see, you have a “spirit” or “Oversoul” name. It is the name that The Holy Father gave to you, when he created you. After you were created, you were “sent off” through the incarnation; reincarnation process, to learn […]

My Dog the Shaman

This probably seems like a funny title for a blog article, but my dog IS a Shaman and so is yours. I don’t know about your dog; but mine is fearless! She’s not afraid to stick her head into a dark hole or take anyone, or anything on that is twice her size. I mean, […]

CLEARINGS — Dreams of An Old Love

I’m going to define “clearings” as I know it, from my own personal experiences. A clearing is removing trauma or karma from our past life or present life. Past life clearings can creep into present lifetime, if not dealt with upon the initial onsite of the trauma. That is why many souls have to reincarnate […]

OOPS! The Gift of Manifestation

I’ve had a very fabulous and blessed life. I’ve had the unconditional love of two men, and learned myself how to love unconditionally; all beings. I have had a very successful business as a tile artist over the past 16 years, a home without a mortgage, and no debt. You might ask how I achieved […]