A Sign in a Rocky Meadow

It’s funny, the title of this article on my blog, actually sounds like a place; but it’s a story about two crazy dogs rolled up into one; a reincarnation. Journal entry; 10/8/12 About 6 months ago, my friend Joanie got a new German Shepherd named Scarlet. She’s black and for some reason she reminded me of a […]

A Portrait of a Spirit Guide

I want to talk today about our Spirit Guides; once again, I’m speaking from my own personal experiences. I never go by what is said on the Intranet; we are all uniquely different and our guides and the angels communicate differently with us based on “what we are capable” of handling. Spirit connection for me […]

RESPECT in Mediumship

Many new Mediums, get so excited, when they start communicating with the “spirit world.” Are you aware that you deserve respect during your communication? Your clients also deserve and will appreciate the same. For those of you that follow my blog, I come from an entirely different vantage point with spirit communication; intra- and inter-dimensionally. […]

CLEARINGS — Dreams of An Old Love

I’m going to define “clearings” as I know it, from my own personal experiences. A clearing is removing trauma or karma from our past life or present life. Past life clearings can creep into present lifetime, if not dealt with upon the initial onsite of the trauma. That is why many souls have to reincarnate […]

OOPS! The Gift of Manifestation

I’ve had a very fabulous and blessed life. I’ve had the unconditional love of two men, and learned myself how to love unconditionally; all beings. I have had a very successful business as a tile artist over the past 16 years, a home without a mortgage, and no debt. You might ask how I achieved […]