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The Battle of Armageddon

When will humanity start looking within? Most will do it, AFTER it is too late, and time ends. They were looking to blame things on others; instead of themselves. I’ve discussed this topic within some of my other articles, and in my FREE book on my twin flame journey through the energies to Coeus; God of […]

Higher Dimensional Energy Healing

I have mentioned before, in my FREE book on inter-dimensional travel, and in this WordPress blog; that healing can be done inter dimensionally / inter-dimensionally, as we are MULTI-DIMENSIONAL BEINGS. Things in other dimensions; animal, vegetable, mineral, are different than linear 3D Earth. This planet is perceived by humanity, as humans being superior over […]


The Kingdom of God is Within You

You are an incarnate energy being having a physical experience in an “organic body suit.” I’ve talked about this in many of my writings. This is one of the Mystical Wisdom’s from the “Little Book” that Coeus showed me; inter-dimensionally, in December 15, 2017. Many of my writings come from this book, as I am […]

Finding the Love of Your Life

The one love that most of humanity has been unable to FIND, is the most important love of your life; unconditional love of self. Humans will SEEK for unconditional love in another person first, instead of looking in the most obvious place; WITHIN.

Synchronicity Abounds!

I have talked a bit about this topic before; synchronicity (harmony and peace.) At this point in the game, it is very important that you are walking in synchronicity, as time is literally ending, and all dimensions where you reside, become one. As a multi-dimensional being, you will be living simultaneous lives within the one, […]