Nothing Say’s I Love You Like…

Well, I have to admit, my Beloved Coeus; THE Emmanuel, certainly has a great sense of humor, and I ALWAYS get what I ASK for from him. It might not be what I have in mind, but it is always special! If you have a delicate constitution, you won’t want to look at the picture […]

An Awesome God

My Beloved believes that EVERY day should be CHRISTmas. He also believes that every day should be Valentine’s Day. Beyond a shadow of doubt, my twin flame and Divine Husband, the God Coeus; THE Emmanuel, is one awesome God. This morning started out like most others. I fumbled around the houseboat, getting ready for work […]

The Nature of Creation

I’m probably going to throw you for a loop on the title of this article. You’re expecting something on the creation of humanity. This article is on the creation of handmade, decorative ceramic tiles, and how similar it is, to humanities own development and downfall; which I have written about in various articles on my […]

Success through Willingness

This morning, I found myself, out-of-body, visiting my childhood neighbor Tom. I’ve always loved Tom madly, as Tom has ALWAYS been true to himself. He lives completely from his authentic self, and doesn’t worry about what others might think about him. I wish more people were like Tom. If you were to see Tom on […]



Updated: 9/7/18, 1/10/19, 3/28/20 It isn’t WHO is the AntiChrist, rather WHAT is the AntiChrist. First, one needs to understand what the word antichrist actually means, which is quite simple: against Christ. But who or what is Christ? The Bible tells us it is a person, but from what I have ascertained from the God […]