One Wrong Turn

In my previous post, I concluded with the statement, “So next time your life trials are getting you down, I want you to really consider, is it loss; or gain? Look back and study your life’s path taken. I’m sure you will realize it is to “your gain.”” This is almost like a guided meditation. I […]

Is it Loss, or Gain?

Most people give gratitude for the bigger things in life. It is through gratitude of the small things that make us strong.

Beauty from the Ashes

I AM like a Phoenix, rising from the ashes. I’m living through spirit; not my body. I wish everyone could feel this way; turning wrongs into rights, pain into peace, despair into joy. I live in the moment; not the past, and I try my best to not ever worry about what is to come […]

Balancing, Cleansing, and Spinning Your Chakras

UPDATED on 7/5/18 Many of you have expressed an interest in how to expand your energy field. This can’t be accomplished without achieving several states of being; one of which is aligning or “balancing” your major Chakras. These Chakras are an energy vortex within your body. It’s like a giant corkscrew. Like any internal part of us, […]

Do You have Cracks in Your Protection?

Many of you that read my posts, see how often I talk about spiritual protection. It’s rule #1; protect, protect, protect! I ALWAYS protect myself nightly when I’m spiritually vulnerable. However, recently I had a “psychic attack” that left me totally baffled, as to why my extensive layer of protection didn’t hold strong. I always […]

Intra-dimensional Time Travel — Mystical Marriage

There are many forms of spiritual travel; inter-dimensional, intra-dimensional, time travel, astral-travel, and probably a few more that I haven’t yet experienced. Today, I want to talk about an intra-dimensional/time travel experience I had a couple years ago. Intra-dimensional travel is traveling within your own dimension; no body of course, but “in-spirit.” This is taken […]

cross in the clouds sunrise sunset

A Healing Recipe for Success!

I had started making necklaces as a “form of therapy,” back in 2005. I was fascinated by how many different gemstones there actually were; here on this “big rock” that we call “Earth.” Being an artist, I couldn’t resist all their wonderful colors and textures. So, when I first started making my necklaces, I didn’t […]

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Are You a Wayshower?

As a Wayshower, you’re like a big filter that removes all negativity, raising the vibrations of the planet (Gaia) to the level of love that we as Lightworkers are holding.