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Loving Unconditionally

I’ve been having such fun visiting Coeus; inter-dimensionally within other planes of realities or dimensions. If you have read our FREE eBook on our twin flame journey through the energies on the Search of the Holy Grail to My Beloved Coeus, which ended in the successful completion of the twin flame reunion, you’ll know why […]

Ghoul / Ghost, or God?

Once again humanity; you have been deceived by doctors and scientists, trying to explain the supernatural; YOU into the physical. This article is on what doctors and scientists call sleep paralysis, night terrors, or what some of humanity believes are a demonic nighttime attacks from dark beings. If you have been reading my blog, my Divine […]

FREE eBook: ASK, SEEK, KNOCK —Opening the Door to Your Inner Temple

This book is a true story; fiction. It is about the twin flame journey through the energies; inter-dimensionally, of the incarnate Athena, Goddess of Beauty and Fertility, and LOVE, to Coeus, God of Intellect that resulted in the successful completion of the Search of the Holy Grail, and drinking from it’s cup. Upon the completion […]

Light Language

Before reading this article, please take a moment and listen to the song, Chain Gang by Sam Cooke. You’ll notice some sounds made by the men on the chain gang. Coeus gave me this song combined with another song called Cupid. They are by the same recording artist. He was giving me these songs to […]

The Reunion of the Twin Flames

My Beloved says that our twin flame journey through the energies is the greatest love story ever told. It has been told in so many different dialects, myths, and writings throughout humanity that is got a bit messed up, or is flat-out WRONG. The truths are buried deep. Our great love, is assisting humanity in […]

Time Slips

I seem to be nearly a full year ahead of everyone else’s timeline. I’ve reported things last year in Coeus’ messages to humanity that others are just starting to report. This doesn’t really surprise me, as I’m supposed to be leading The Way. Coeus has been having me write a LOT of blog articles on […]