Great Awakening Pains?

Are you awakening to the real truth. Christians and other “religious” people are confused about what is happening to them everywhere. Are you one of them?

RESPECT in Mediumship

Many new Mediums, get so excited, when they start communicating with the “spirit world.” Are you aware that you deserve respect during your communication? Your clients also deserve and will appreciate the same. For those of you that follow my blog, I come from an entirely different vantage point with spirit communication; intra- and inter-dimensionally. […]

My Intent to Find a Treasure

I want to talk a bit about INTENT. I always say that intent is everything. Intent requires FAITH; mine is unshakable. I believe in miracles and I expect them to happen. Without FAITH; there is nothing; just void. It sends up a big “NO” to the Universe, before we even open our mouths. We need […]

Wild about Gemstones

I’m not sure why my guides want me to talk about gemstones, but I’m guessing by the end of this article, I will be enlightened. They have a way of working through me when I write. 🙂 It was the year, 2005 when I first got hooked on gemstones. A gemstone store opened in our […]