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The Horsewomen of Revelation

Yes, you read it right; “The Horsewomen of Revelation.” Updated 10/11/18 Tell me what you see? You probably see with your physical eyes, what John saw in his vision; horsemen. You, just like John made an assumption, because they were hooded riders; or FACELESS in some way. This happens because it is, and was a […]

The Bride of Christ Ceremony

There seems to be some confusion, to truly is the twin flame that is associated with the physical being; Jesus. The man Jesus has a CHRISTed Oversoul; just like you, and Mary Magdalene is NOT his wife. It is I, the Goddess Athena, and I AM “The Emmanuel’s Wife.”



This is a very interesting message. I know when we give up our physical body suit that there is supposed to be a “life review.” I didn’t think that there would be one prior to ascending with New Earth. It’s actually not a “review” but a “judgment.”

The Weight of Words

Channeled Message from Coeus —1/15/18 Updated 10/10/18 at 9:30 am; on the “Schnooteroo!” For those of you reading ALL of Coeus’ messages. This morning, when I stepped out of the houseboat onto the dock, I heard an owl hooting. I’ve never heard ANY wildlife of any kind at the marina, which I thought a bit odd, […]

Time Slips / Slippage, Splits, Shifts, & Loops

Updated on 4/7/18 Time Slips/Slippage, Splits, & Shifts Different types of time-related events are “currently” happening on Earth, which is a conundrum in itself, as there is NO TIME. These events are caused by time ending on Old Earth and the emergence of the higher vibrational New Earth. There is not going to be any […]