A New Lower Chakra System Coming Online!

A couple mornings ago, I had a MASSIVE system upgrade. I’m so grateful that I know how to release the OLD energies physically, and spiritually that collect in the cerebellum area of the brain. Cluster headaches are NOT fun, so one day of care, and gone; love it!

It seems that I have a NEW lower-chakra system coming online; one of the Higher Self. The Heart chakra is decreasing its role, and being taken over by the Sacred Heart.

new chakra system 2018The 3rd Eye/4th Eye chakras, Throat chakra, Sacral (stomach) chakra, and Solar Plexis chakras are increasing their dominance, while the Root chakra is shrinking. I understand the the Root chakra will eventually disappear, as I AM grounding to my  Oversoul; not the planet anymore.

I can hardly wait so see what the new, four pink ones will do! All I know that my sacred heart is beating through all of these energy centers at one time during rest or dream-time; which is busy, busy, busy, as I bounce around the universe teaching.

I’ll keep you updated by posting additional comments on this page; just as I did the 4th eye development for the Arc of the Covenant.