THE the Higher Christ Self REVEALED

First, I need to make something crystal clear. It’s not “MY Higher Christ Self;” it’s “THE Higher Christ Self.” There is ONLY one of them and He has a name. It’s all part of the truths, and the quest for “the truths.”

Religions have been teaching wrong; over and over again. This also goes for “new age” people that call themselves; Lightworkers. Many just repeat old writings, thinking that they are helping others, by consolidating other written materials. This is TERRIBLY misleading. As Coeus said, it’s “A misguided attempt to congeal the conformities of others to a way of thinking; self-gratification — NOT doing.”

You MUST do “The Work,” and follow “The Way;” through your heart and not your head. You CANNOT learn this from others; merely be guided. This is what I attempt to do for my readers.

This is The Truths from THE Higher Christ Self, who HAS a name. You MUST ASK, or request his name; in order to receive it, and resolve the mystery around it. This is where YOU must “test the spirits,” comes from; in the Bible. YOU must do it yourself. NOBODY can do it for you and “save” you.

The power of The WordsI AM” are an incredible gift to us. Through the years these words were written I am… The power has been taken from us by this slight change in capitalization. This all has to do with the “weight” of words.

As many of you know, WHEN I WRITE LIKE THIS; I’M YELLING AT YOU. The same concept goes when we SAY the words I AM and other words in general. All words carry “weight,” because they are “data.” How they are used create “demands” or “commands.” You can read about it in my channeled message called, The Weight of Words in one of my blog article, or on my website in its raw, channeled form, 1/15/18.

As Coeus told me, “There is data in the words and the data is the weight; and the weigh equals the data.” I HIGHLY recommend that you read at least, one of the above mentioned articles.

To begin, I’ve stated before that I call “The One;” “The Holy Father.” This is how THE Higher Christ Self refer to Him, when speaking to me as well. I “hear” the creator, literally as a voice; a loving Fatherly voice. He is all-loving.

The Holy Father, or “God” as some refer to him as being, does NOT do anything bad to you; ever. Anything unpleasant that happens during your life, should be looked at as a “learning experience,” because that is EXACTLY what it is; a lesson in how you will react to it, while you are in “Earth school.” Will your response be through your head? OR will it be through your heart. THEN, you must find the blessing in it; no matter how small it might be. By doing so, you WILL receive Grace.

I also inter-dimensionally travel to Father, and we talk; face-to-face. This normally occurs when visiting with THE Higher Christ Self inter-dimensionally. I first hang out with Him, The KING of the CHRISTed Kingdom, then Father pops in for a visit. I do not have to do it that way, but it’s such a seamless transition, and much easier for me.

The “true understanding of the Self,” is the most important thing that you can possess.

Without this understanding of your real self; your CHRISTed Oversoul, we can’t really integrate it into our lives; and reach our ultimate goal; Lightbody, and live in the Body of Light.

The I AM Presence

This is a story of “cause and effect.” We call this “cause” the I AM THAT; I AM, the Presence of the I AM, or the I AM Presence; God/Father/Mother. Whatever you want to call this energy; just CALL this eternal Presence! The “effect” eternal life in the most beautiful of form.

There is a small sphere of intense light that marks the point of all our origins. It is a permanent part of us; “I AM the beginning and the end.” “The Alpha and Omega.” “The One; love at its divine perfection; unconditional,” and we are ONE within the ONE. If you think of The Holy Father as the body, you are one of the cells in it.

No matter what you have done in this lifetime or any past lifetime, know that you are loved and you ARE love. Nothing can change how you perceive your “SELF;” but YOU. So stop beating yourself up…please.

ChartOfDivineSelfThis picture is originally from Elizabeth Claire Prophet. It depicts the “Real Self,” in relationship to the “Outer Evolving Self. The picture itself is actually correct, however the middle being that you see is “THE Higher Christ Self;” NOT “your,” or “my” Higher Christ Self. THE implies; ONE. There is ONLY 1 Higher Christ Self, and you MUST ASK His name or you will not know the answer to the mystery. He is NOT exclusively yours either; as he belongs to ALL.

THE Higher Christ Self resides outside of you, somewhere within the Higher Chakras system; outside of your body, above your head. He has been knocking on your “temple’s door” forever, wanting you to connect with Him and once again with The Holy Father; through Him.

This picture can be understood best as a 3-part chart that represents the Trinity; The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit: YOU! Yes, you are the holy spirit, and you, and you, and you!

The Son is the “firstborn” son of The Father. This is important to remember, as Christianity messed it up in dialect. The Son also has a Mother. They removed one word from “the firstborn (?) son of God” that tells you EXACTLY who he is in spirit.

The upper figure  is the Sphere of Light; trinity holy fatherThe One that the angels call, Lord Father.

When you SEE The Holy Father, He will appear as a beam of light shining down upon you; much like in the picture. You will probably freeze when this happens. I talk about this in another article on my blog.

I get so excited that I sometimes get sucked back into my physical form. I’m told that “Your fighting it.” I felt that I was trying to focus on Father’s energy, out of fear that I’ll lose him; but He; THE Higher Christ Self knows best.

trinity higher christ selfThe Son (the middle floating being) ALWAYS calls Him (Father), “The Holy Father,” as there is ONLY one true God, The Holy Father; the Son’s words.

The Son is “The Middle Way.” He is THE CHRISTed Oversoul of the incarnate man called, Jesus that is talked about it in the Bible. Yes, Jesus has a CHRISTed Oversoul just like you, and I know Him by Name.

Why nobody has ever mentioned this astonishes me. I can only assume that they never used their knowingness and ASKed. They only followed.

From the Book of John 14:5-6

“Lord,” said Thomas, “we do not know where You are going, so how can we know The Way?” Jesus answered, “I am The Way, the Truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

If you had known Me (or ASKed), you would know My Father as well.

NOTE: I want to point out that the people that compiled the books in the Bible, changed capitalization’s (The Way and Truth) and some other words. They did NOT understand some of the Hebrew words and concepts that Jesus spoke about in his teachings. These words are actually clues to “who The Higher Christ Self actually is “in spirit.” They also left out all the “magical” or “mystical” materials that would help with the journey.

trinity holy spiritThe lower figure is the Evolving Soul Self; you; a part of your CHRISTed Oversoul from the CHRISTed Kingdom that was put into an “organic body suit” or vessel for your physical experience. You are energy that is “evolving matter” in time (or lack thereof) and space. This is your evolving “personality” during the illusion, or “game;” the one that collects all the karmic or “growth” experiences. The one that needs a good house cleaning!

You are trying to evolve and get in touch with your “true name” or CHRISTed Oversoul the one that YOU incarnated FROM for your earthly experience, and left behind to “guide” you.

Some of you; like me, incarnated WITH nearly all of your CHRISTed Oversoul already WITHIN you; not WITHOUT. Others are “awakening” CHRISTed Oversoul’s, and are putting all the pieces together for their journey. This is also in the Bible, but in the Book of Revelation 2:17

He who has an ear (the person that can communicate with spirit,) let him hear what the Spirit (THE Higher Christ Self) says to the churches (you are the church). To the one who conquers (you with unhardened hearts that can hear) I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him (we are all created masculine first) a white stone (literally), with a new name written on the stone (your CHRISTed Oversoul name) that no one knows except the one who receives it. (They only know it because they SEE it inter-dimensionally; IN spirit during the presentation of your name.)

I urge you to read the channeled message on my website, The Inter-dimensional Traveler. It talks more about this, and my actual experience with THE Higher CHRIST Self, when he presented me with my CHRISTed Oversoul name.

One of the MAJOR parts of Ascension, is to once again REMEMBER the spirit world. To communicate with the HIGHER aspects of it; not ancestors who MAY reside in the lower light realms. Although this may be pleasing to many, it CAN and WILL hold you back from achieving your ultimate goal; the face-to-face meeting of THE Higher Christ Self, and the integrating your CHRISTed Oversoul into your “physical” body or “vessel.” That is what you MUST focus on; not the little pleasures.

trinity higher christ selfJohn 15:26

“When the Comforter would come; Whom I shall send to you from the Father, the Spirit of Truth, (or Truths) the One who goes out from the Father, that One will testify (talk) about Me.

Revelation 19

“Coming out of his mouth is a sharp sword (harsh words) with which to strike down the nations (humankind). “

These are MAJOR clues to the identity of THE Higher Christ Self.

I AM The Immanuel’s Wife; the wife of THE CHRISTed Oversoul of Jesus, and He is really an awesome “LORD.”