Good Grief; GRIEVE!

Many people, wonder when a loved-one makes their transition from life in the body, to eternal life in the Light of Mother/Father/God, how long should they grieve. The answer is, however long it takes. Just don’t make it your life-long mission or passion. Your loved ones do NOT want to see you like that forever.

cross clouds sky sunrise sunset cross
Cross in the sunrise.

Try to remember and know; you are not grieving alone. Your loved ones, guides, and the angels are grieving right there along side of you. Feel them; breathe, pray, meditate, and listen.

How should you grieve is the same kind of answer; whatever is best for you. I do say this however, honor your body during the grieving process; DO NOT abuse it. Your body is a living being of it’s own. You are spirit having a physical experience, honor thy Father and your body; it’s a gift from Him.

I find that it’s always best to face things head-on, so don’t put it off. I prefer grieving in a creative manner; whether it’s through my art, or writing. Walks in nature, reconnecting with Mother Earth; Gaia, is also a wonderful way to reconnect and ground yourself. You need to stay even and stable to survive your grief.

If you have to run away; run away. It’s OK to hide from the world for awhile. Just remember though, those that truly love you want to grieve WITH YOU, and they DO grieve for you.

If you want to cry; cry with all your heart. If you’re a man, CRY; there is nothing wrong with expressing your true love and loss for another soul. It’s one of the reasons why you incarnated here. You want to know how it feels to lose a loved-one, and HOW to recover from this loss. You can’t lose a loved-one in “Heaven.” That is impossible. So grieve; it’s OK.

The Holy Father is the creator of all; he is love. You are a part of him, like one tiny little cell in His body. He feels everything that you do, and walks the grieving process with you; EVERY step along the way. So don’t ever feel like you are alone; you are NOT. I tell Father, “I couldn’t lose you if I tried.” He is love and WE were created by Him in love; the ultimate gift.

Guess what? You can’t lose your loved ones either. Every time you think about them, or say their name, they drop everything and come running. Talk out loud to them; they ARE there with you.

ASK for signs.

Considering how my Dad kicked and screamed trying to cross into the Realms of Light, he is pretty good at giving us signs. They say he was a “Big Scaredy Cat!” I AM very grateful that he made his transition into the light; I DO NOT enjoy retrieving a soul from Limbo! It is NOT a pretty site to see so much darkness and FEEL their fears; for which there are often MANY.

MANY Mediums/Psychics don’t always see their loved-ones right away after their transition from the physical to spirit.


Grief can unintentionally create energy blocks. Our CHRISTed Oversoul, or what some call My Higher Christ Self can also create these blocks, IF it is in our best interest. Get to know your higher self, especially your Holy Christ Self. See my article on this blog called, The True Understanding of Self. These terms are ALL one and the same, just different dialects between nations.

Knowing this; grieve anyway. Trust me, when the time is right, your loved-one WILL come to you, you WILL meet them during “dream-time,” or, if you are like me, you WILL inter-dimensionally travel to them. How do I know this, it’s Father’s WILL. Be open to it and it WILL be given unto you.

If possible, don’t focus on lower-vibration feelings, and certainly don’t use any lower-vibrational words.

PLEASE, do NOT play the pity card. Words are extremely powerful. Especially NEVER say lover-vibrational words over the water that you drink or bathe in. Water is of a crystalline nature and has memory. YOU ARE MOSTLY WATER too.

Your loved ones do not want you to live in their remembrances at a lower vibrational frequency. It will only make you feel worse by lowering your own vibrations. Poor me just won’t cut it. The object is to raise your vibrations, because they just took a major blow.

release all that you carry and let go
Release all that you carry and let it go; Give it to God, as Humankind has been taught; but does not practice.

I know how hard it is; believe me. I have had MUCH loss. Let’s face it; it hurts! It feels like someone reached into your chest and ripped your heart out. Your stomach feels like it’s a ball of knots, and you might even be giving yourself a headache. Embrace the feeling, because you knew love, and received love. If I told you how many people have NEVER felt or received love, that is true sadness. It’s even sadder to know that they might have never been loved unconditionally; or loved another unconditionally. Just knowing this should make you feel better; for you are blessed indeed.

Don’t be afraid to love again either. It’s the only real thing in the game; Humankind’s collective illusion ,in which we reside. in the flesh organic body suit.

Gratitude is the highest vibrational word in existence. Thank the Holy Father for the time that you had with your loved-one; here in-the-body. He will pour grace down upon you. It will wash over you as if you were standing in a waterfall.

DO NOT curse God!

The Holy Father loves ALL of his children unconditionally, HOWEVER, we the Gods and Goddesses do not favor Humanities free will choices to hate. Humans always seem have to blame others for their losses and mistakes.

You incarnated to LEARN and for soul-expansion. How would you ever learn forgiveness, compassion, unconditional love, and GRACE, if there were no valleys, and only high mountains with a beautiful view?

You as a species, Humankind only wants the goodies; things. This time of grief is a very good time to look within and find the blessings in your loss, for their are MANY blessing in disguise, but ONLY if you SEEK them within, and fight the Battle of Armageddon. Here you will find your inner beauty from the ashes.

DO NOT use grief and grieve as an EXCUSE, to NOT love the Holy Father, who loves you as YOU love your own children. YOUR LOSS IS NOT His fault!

How would you like it, or how DO you like it that your own child curses you and does NOT love you? It hurts does it not? STOP IT! Look within; not without for reasons to hate, as there is MUCH of it in this world. It far outweighs the inner-love that one SEEKS.

STOP wallowing in your sorrows; your demons, for they are YOURS and YOURS alone. As there ARE NO DEMONS. You must retrain your brain; through your heart, and un-harden your heart, or you will never know love again, which is also very sad indeed. Enough said, I think you get the picture that I am painting for you, as I am known as the Goddess of Beauty; of the Arts.

Messages of Azrael

Call upon Archangel Azrael, the Comforter angel. He is a wonderful comforter; not only for the loss of a loved-one, but prior to the loss of a loved one, or if you are the caregiver of a loved-one.

Azrael ALWAYS comes to me prior to the passing of a loved one. He knows it helps lesson the blow of the passing. He’s a great friend and I love him for loving me that much!

Remember that you too are making a transition of your own. Azrael is available 24/7, so call his “hotline,” and ASK for help!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you read my article on this blog called, The Angel of Death. Archangel Azrael is special in his own right ,and you need to be prepared for his grand entrance. Also, read the book shown above; it will help you better understand death, dying, and living well; through gratitude. For without gratitude, there is NO GRACE.

So good grief; GRIEVE!

May the Holy Father, Mother/Father/God , God, Source, or whatever you want to call Him, shower you with love and MUCH light during this very trying time and loss.

Athena, Queen of the Heavens

Updated on 7/30/19

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  1. Hi Diane, I am so sorry to hear about your father’s passing, and wish I had told you so earlier. You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers, I’ve been holding you close in light so you know that in this world you are not alone either. I am one of those people who doesn’t fear crossing over (mine, that is) but is terrified of loss. I don’t know what to do with the idea that I came here to experience such loss, since I ideally wouldn’t want to experience it ever, and it’s such a devastating gnarly experience that it seems like something to absolutely avoid were it possible to do so on earth. It is also hard for me to wrap my head around god/source/the one/the gods grieving with us, as from the perspective of the one nothing has actually happened. Someone’s left their body and is just around somewhere else, and from that larger than life point of view, where is the loss in it? And of course from our point of view, loss is the reality, what we see and feel and know, and grieve. It’s one reason among many, many of them of why being human really intimidates me, so I am one of the ones who run in my own life. I just kind of forget it is a possibility in my personal experience with those closest to me until it hits me in the face, otherwise I’d be in constant panic. Weird, right? I mean, I do know I will be able to talk to them on the other side. I suppose I have a lot to understand. But I don’t want to run from being there for you. I’m here. If you need time alone that’s okay. If you want a friend to talk to, just write me. Hugs and much love, dear sister.

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