Mediumship and Earthbound Entities

Updated on 11/11/18

I wrote this article some time ago, so I’m updating it to be a bit more current. I want to talk to the “Newly” Awakening Mediums, and even some of the Advanced ones, about earthbound entities, They are capable of many things.

I’ve been “out-of-the-closet” spiritually for quite some time and have embraced many “unusual” experiences. There are some basic topics that need to be discussed that you all have “in common.” I put the words, “in common” in quotes because it is significant.

Many of you are hearing voices. Many of these voices have “an opinion.” These are most likely earthbound entities. These earthbound entities HAVE NOT cross-over to higher “dimensions” of Light; they are in your dimension; without an organic body suit. They still have free-will, not being in the divine light of The Holy Father; the one true God.

Many of these earthbound entities appear as a dark shadow, a white “mist”, or even a full apparition; it all depends on their energy field and abilities. The reason that they often disappear when you turn to look directly at one is not them; but you! Your conscious brain kicks in, and over-rides your “spirit body.” The spirit body is one of four lower bodies in your auric field.

A “dimension” is basically another “living space,” let’s say, a building; or a skyscraper.  A “realm,” could be thought of as a floor in a skyscraper. So, in each dimension, there are realms.

The realms of “light,” is where an “evolving soul;” now “spirit” should be. This is a place where you get “fixed;” or spiritually “repaired” from the damage of your “incarnations.” An incarnation is what you are currently experiencing NOW in the flesh or human vessel.

You see, while you are here on Earth, your evolving soul, or part of your CHRISTed Oversoul that is here for a physical experience, gets damaged. That is why it’s important to daily “ground” and “cleanse” YOU, with Violet Fire. (See my Twin Flame/Violet Flame posting.)

Some “spirit” requires a lot of fixing; depending on their experiences and the way they were handled “lessons” while in their Earth vessels. Many had addictions which they take along with them to the Astral plane. MANY are not pleasant experiences for those entering the Astral Plane.

ALL lessons should be learned through the heart; not the head.

Many evolving souls, take a very long time in the healing process. In the light realms, these CHRISTed Oversouls have to follow “rules.” They are NOT allowed to interfere with our divine purpose; here on earth, merely make suggestions. IF you are hearing a voice telling to do something specific, these beings are NOT of the light realms.

Earthbound entities have NOT been “fixed.” They are in a “hell” of their own making; a dimension of their own making.  I usually call it “Limbo;” a holding area that they made themselves! Most of these beings are on the Astral Plane, referred to in the Bible as “The Valley of Death.” This is where Archangel Azrael or “The Shadow, in the Valley of Death” spends a great deal of his/her time. This archangel is known as the Angel of Death, and is instrumental in the cleansing process, as you literally can’t take ANYTHING with you.

Earthbound entities DO NOT follow the rules of “Heaven” or “light realms:” but their own rules. They are completely cut off from the higher realms. They are “afraid” they will be punished for their actions and do not understand the “cosmic law” of unconditional LOVE and forgiveness; probably because they never experienced it themselves.

Earthbound entities have UNFINISHED business. They are still “living” in their world of their own making. Nearly all of them have issues. Some just wander, doing what it was they did in their earthly existence; some have figured it out they can do more by manipulating the “energies.”  Some have evolved; most HAVE NOT!

An Earthbound entity usually “attaches” to someone, based on things that they have “in common.”

For example, I had an earthbound entity; Harry. Harry died suddenly from bleeding out from a farm accident and didn’t crossover. It wasn’t because Archangel Azrael didn’t come for him, but because Harry didn’t want to go; he had unfinished business. It took me 9 years to cross Harry over, or push him out of my energy field; or so I thought.

When I moved home to Western New York in 2006, Harry, who was with me as a small child, was still here. He had been “exorcised” numerous times from surrounding houses. Oh, yes, a Medium asked him to cross into the Light and thought she did her job; NOT. He just moved next door.

Harry wasn’t a bad spirit, but quite the opposite; nice, charming, romantic, caring, and extremely good looking. However, Harry, after knowing me, began to evolve or change. Later, I found out that he was my twin flame and divine husband. I was clueless at the time that I was on The Quest for the Holy Grail, which I discuss at great length in my FREE book on inter-dimensional travel.

Harry wasn’t the only spirit that I encountered when moving home. I had to battle nine in one night; intra-dimensionally. Many of these were “false twins.” Entities trying to disguise themselves as my twin flame; Harry.

I’m a bit different in how I interact with earthbound entities than most Mediums. Most “new” Mediums and experienced ones, have spirit come to them; usually during the night when we are vulnerable; relaxed. This can cause a “sleep paralysis” in newer Mediums. Some new Mediums can sense these entities around during the day.

Before my awakening, I would catch “spirit” out of the corner of my eye during the day, but at night, I would go to them; leave my body and enter their “space;” intra-dimensionally onto the Astral Plane. Intra means within our own dimension, just without an organic body suit.

Sounds a little freaky doesn’t it? That is just the way that I AM spiritually designed. Yes, instead of them coming to me; I go to them. It even works that way with the “Heavenly” dimensions and realms. I also meet my guides this way. It’s a beautiful gift indeed.

A spirit would reach through what you probably call “the veil” and touch me. In reality, this is more of a wall. As I would reach out, I would see a hand and wrist, and then I would grab it. You see, I AM fearless; also designed that way for a purpose, by my Father; the God Zeus.

My spirit would literally get “sucked out of my body” and enter their realm of energy, where I would be not only groped; but sometimes raped. It was a terrible experience. An earthbound entity CAN grope and rape us; and they like it. They are no different than a dark soul or ones own “demons within”that inhabits an “earth vessel;” the body. These demons within are of ones OWN making and no others!

These entities on the Astral Plane, can literally hold your physical body down in bed, and have their way with you in MANY different forms. Some of you probably have experienced this event and are SEEKing answers. My experiences never involved paralysis; rather traveling to these souls on the Astral Plane.

Here is the really scary thing; these entities have something “in common” with you. Hard to believe, isn’t it? But it is true.

Harry was a Widower; I was a widow. Harry was a farmer; I was a hardcore gardener. Harry was creative; I AM creative. Harry was a loner; I AM a loner. Harry loved his horse Buffalo; I love my horses. Harry was loving and kind; I am loving and kind. See the “commonalities?”

The entities bothering you at this time in your life, are attracted to you because of the things that you have “in common” with them. They “see” us differently than we see others. Just like our guides and angels, see EVERYTHING they see everything and hear everything. They know your deepest darkest secrets and will use them to their advantage. They are truly crafty. Oh yes, they are very creative, and some deceitful.

YOU as a Medium, look different to spirit. You also “vibrate” at a different frequency and THEY KNOW IT; they sense it. You are a BIG ELECRO-MAGNET for spirit. This makes you EXTREMELY vulnerable. You might as well tattoo a target on your back and there is no getting rid of this tattoo. Once you enter the Astral Plane, you leave an “energy signature,” which makes you easily identifiable to all.

These entities know your EVERY “coming and going.” That is why when a Medium is driving to someone’s house, to do a reading, all of spirit shows up; earthbound and otherwise. Many Mediums get jumped on their way to your location, as they travel to you.

Because of this anomaly, you MUST protect yourself! These entities can make you do things by “getting in your head.” They will posses you if necessary, and torment you. Make you think terrible things you ordinarily would not.

There are several ways to remove spirits. I have found “smudging” is only useful to “cover up” the problem, however, this is much like a band aid. Instead, you want to eradicate the problem, not just slap a patch on it temporarily. The only way to do this is through “ASKING;” prayer.

I want you all to start saying a prayer of protection IMMEDIATELY. This is the one I say, but depending on what resonates with you, you might want to say another.

“Father, please watch over me and keep me safe.
Only let the highest entities of the Light influence me.”

Once you ASK, OUT LOUD for protection, open a window and smudge. DO NOT forget to open a door or window, you can trap them in your home. Ah, the things we learn from our errors.

Then, call upon Archangel Michael for protection. ASK him to place and angel at every door and window; every corner of your property. That way they cannot re-enter or bother your family and pets.

You only need to ASK Archangel Michael once for protection. There is no need to keep asking; he and his Legion of Light are there for you. He is wonderful. Just say, “THANKS!!!” Asking over and over again only shows a lack of faith. Confidence and trust is everything.

Occasionally an earthbound entity gets tapped in your house, or refuses to leave, but usually by the second night, he/she is escorted out; allowing you for a wonderful night sleep. There are several people in this group that now use this prayer and are thrilled with the results!

I highly recommend that you say the prayer of protection, EVERY NIGHT, prior to falling asleep. You are ONLY protecting your “earthly” plane of existence. I used to leave my body at night often, and “wander around” our property, or elsewhere, I was “spirit having a very physical experience” and clueless who I really was; my CHRISTed Oversoul, Athena. This left me very vulnerable. I like you, had to go through the process of Ascension. This is a process and NOT an overnight event; despite what you might have heard online.

One night, years ago, I was out of my body wandering around my basement. I was grabbed from behind by a dark entity. I was shocked that this happened; I thought I was protected.  I started to say my prayer, but its grasp was tight. I got all of my prayer out, except for the last word, “me,” when I realized that its grasp wasn’t on my “physical body,” rather my spirit body. Then, the word, “me” came out and the entity departed and has never returned.

This has happened to several of my friends as well; it could happen to you too, as you spiritually advance. The dark is VERY sneaky. Every one of my friends did the same thing when they were grabbed; prayed to “The One.” Lori said, “I AM of God!,” Andy another, and Kelley something different; all with the same results.

When your Light shines bright for all to see, EVERYONE sees it. So, “protect, protect, protect.” And, have a good night sleep!

About I AM the incarnate Goddess Athena, Queen of the Heavens and New Earth, and THE Emmanuel's Wife

I AM 100%, the incarnate Goddess Athena, Goddess of Beauty (of the arts) and Fertility; but not in the sexual manner; but of the mind. I AM a master, inter-dimensional traveler and a master of unconditional LOVE. You are "spirit having a physical experience" with a job to do, and it is simple. Live a life of service to others; not self, and LOVE with all your heart. It is not how much you love; but how well you love, which should always be unconditionally. It is that simple! So when you want to choose what's right; pick the light. The only demons that exist are those within.

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  1. Tara Davis

    Hi there! Thank you SO MUCH for this article! You’re the first I have found that talks about being pulled out of body into the entities energetic relam. I have been experiencing this a lot lately, though it’s really been going in for years. It is one scary experience! When I am in their space, I instinctively try to get them to cross over. I was able to help a little girl entity do so. But I am dealing with one right now who doesn’t want to go, so I will be trying your prayers tonight!
    Also, you took my breath away when you talked about Zeus, your father. I just encountered who I think was Zeus yesterday as I was trying to get this entity I am currently dealing with to cross over. I couldn’t believe it! I never expected him!
    Thanks again!

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