A SOUL Saved by Grace!

Love is a powerful tool; unconditional love is our saving grace.

Every word you are about to read is true. It’s an amazing story of a Dad, his daughter, and his daughters “spirit team.”

I can never emphasis enough that we are “spirit,” having a “physical” experience. No, you are not a physical being with a soul shoved in your body, you ARE spirit! Remember that when times are difficult. This information will help you get through whatever is in your way of your own happiness and salvation.

You might, or might not be aware of this, but we ultimately create our own heaven on earth or hell on earth, while we’re “in the body.” We do the same after we leave our body.

It is not by accident that you incarnated into that body you have there;
it’s divine planning at it’s finest. We have lessons to learn and many are drama’s that are NOT pleasant. It’s how we respond to the lessons that ultimately create a heaven on earth, or a hell on earth. It also determines whether or not you make the transition to what we call “heaven,” or end up in “hell.” 

Right now, I’m welled up with such appreciation to my spirit team that I’m in tears. I am filled to the brim with gratitude over the crossing-over of my Dad. You probably are wondering, “How can she be filled with gratitude over the death of her Dad?”

Messages of Azrael“Death in itself is a continuation of life. It is not that life continues after death, but life continues through death. It’s the next form that life takes; one of reunion with Lord Father, Mother, God.” 

Morgan, Catherine (2008-02-21). The Messages of Azrael: The Archangel’s Teachings on Death, Dying, and Living Well

This is a fabulous book!

I have the BEST spirit team that works truly as One; just as Lord Father has planned. YOU too have a wonderful spirit team, if you choose to listen with your heart and not your heads. That is where they reside; your Sacred Heart Chamber. I urge you to connect with it daily. 

My Dad spent most of his life living in the wake of my Mom. Nothing against my Mom, because I loved/love my Mom very much. I even cared for my Mom, at home, just like I did my Dad, until her passing in 2012.

My Mom was the “supreme ruler” of the house and Dad cowered in her presence. Dad NEVER made any decisions; PERIOD. If he did, they were wrong. So, after a short period, Dad just gave up trying. It was always, “Go see your Mother!”

Mom was a hard-core German woman. She was very efficient, organized, and smart, but it was “her way or the highway.” Sadly, this dysfunctional relationship, greatly affected my Dad’s entire life, and came out during my Dad’s, body’s dying process.

Throughout Dad’s 86 years, he was always in search of his “true spiritual nature.” He had a HUGE collection of books on different religions, psychics, mediumship, “old worlds;” nearly every “spiritual” topic he could find. I was hopeful that Dad would fully embrace spirit, when he discovered Buddhism; but alas, he just still didn’t get it.

Dad didn’t implement what he studied. My guides tell me this is quite common with many spiritual people; they “don’t do the work,” or haven’t done it in a prior incarnation. Reading about it isn’t good enough. Yes, you gain knowledge; but you do not become enlightened.

My Dad had a stroke, and due to some “unforeseen events,” Dad was dying. I guess he thought he’d always have the time he needed to make things right, but his time was up.

soul familyAre you aware that we often incarnate with our “soul family” to help them with their life lessons?  Yes, many of you have been together in multiple lifetimes; thus all the dysfunction. Ah, you wondered why your family is dysfunctional? That is why; it’s the way it was suppose to be. Scary isn’t it!

Prior to entering the body, we agree with Lord Father, to certain “life lessons.” Some of these lessons are difficult, but we can only learn them here on this “learning planet,” in our “earthly vessel.”

Here we experience all different types of trauma, in order to grow and expand our very spiritual energy. It’s how we “react” to these different lessons that define who we are as a spiritual being.

If you “evolve” spiritually, you will have to evolve to a higher state of consciousness.

This goes on for eons of time. Incarnating, learning, reincarnating, learning some more. Growing, expanding, growing some more, and expanding; just as our universe grows and expands. This cyclical event, elevates you in the realm of entities, where you can eventually become a “spirit guide.”

John C Moore; my Dad. ❤

As my Dad laid in the hospital with his body slowly dying, he was ranting about what a failure he was his entire life. This is typical of the death process if you’ve been around it; regrets.

Dad thought he had done everything WRONG! It nearly broke my heart in confusion. I didn’t see Dad that way at all. I’m not sure if it was harder on Dad, or me. Then it dawned on me; someone told him his entire adult life that he was worthless. He was emotionally beat up. Dad let another person think he was worthless; he didn’t learn the lesson he came here to resolve; self-worth.

I tried to reassure Dad of what a great man he was to me and my brother.
We never wanted for anything, because he was such a good provider. I reminded Dad of some of his accomplishments, how he designed and built a beautiful home, on the perfect piece of land. That he worked very hard, his entire life, to make sure we always had a roof over our heads, and food on the table; which he loved. The problem was that Dad was so emotionally damaged that he was frightened that he wouldn’t be acceptable in Father’s eyes.

I tried to comfort Dad, telling him that Father loves us all the same; no matter how we might see ourselves. After all, what Father would not love his own child? It’s just impossible. He loves us all unconditionally; even with our little flaws and in some cases; BIG flaws.

Freedom-From-Self-JudgementI told Dad that we are our own worst judge. Even I was my own worst enemy at one point, but I got over it. I learned to love myself as much as Father and it changed my life.

I assured Dad that there is NO judgement in “heaven;”only love, and a life-review. We were created in the Light of love; by-love,because only love is real. I thought that I had gotten through to Dad, but alas, it was just an illusion. Dad was his own worst enemy and he was about to walk down the road to redemption with Archangel Azrael through the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

My niece Sarah and friend Katie both talked to Dad; trying to reassure him that he wasn’t a huge failure, but Dad was stuck in a “limbo” of his making and was tormenting his soul. 

Dad was destined not for “heaven,” but his own hell. My guides tell me that this is a place where the divine is not present. I couldn’t imagine my Dad without the love of Lord Father; a place where he would be all alone, dwelling in his own sorrows for all eternity.

My spirit man cried out to the universe for my Dad. I was concerned he would become an earthbound entity, as many have become from addictions, lack of unconditional love for themselves and others, and self-judgement; a karma of their own making, their own “hell.”

Father, the angels, and my guides heard my cry. My spirit took a little stroll to visit my dear friend Rae; a Shaman, and also “soul family.” Dad and one of his spirit guides tagged along for the ride. Rae got back to me and validated my biggest nightmare.

“Diane, I know this is going to be very difficult for you,
but you need to start connecting with you father’s spirit to help him.
He is scared and he is dying.

His spirit doesn’t understand what’s happening to him.
He will become a “stuck earthbound spirit” if you don’t help him!

Set up a ritual to help his spirit make peace with what is going on with him.
Don’t worry about keeping your vibration high. Your father needs a connection on a lower spectrum right now.

He sees your energy as an Angelic force, but he doesn’t understand what he is seeing, when he looks at you. And it terrifies him.”

That was no news to me. I know Dad saw me in this way; just as my Great Aunt Marg saw me many years prior, and others in the living see me, when I visit them energetically; intra-dimensionally (within our own dimension.)

I had visited my Great Aunt Marge in the hospital, after a heart attack. I was standing at the foot of her bed in the ICU. I said, “Aunt Marge, it’s Diane.” When she opened her eyes, she pointed at me and said, “ANGEL! Are you here to take me home?” I said, “No. I’m just your niece.” She said, “NO! Angel!” She didn’t appear to be frightened; more surprised, or eager to go home.

Each time that I would enter Dad’s hospital room, no matter what Dad was doing, he would immediately stop it, and would look at me in utter terror. He would close his eyes, look away from me towards the wall, and wouldn’t speak to me.

I knew exactly why this was happening; Dad’s veil had thinned and he could see “spirit;” not his daughter’s vessel. Dad finally had the validation he needed, throughout his life; he knew that we ARE spirit having a physical experience!

The next morning, I took action. I left my body, like I have done so many times before. I went to my Dad in a form he would recognize; his daughter, Diane. I merely sat with him and held his hand to acclimate him to my energy. Then, I returned to my body. I thought, “That went quite well. Success!”

Later that day, I went to see Dad in the hospital. Crap! Dad was still frightened at my sight. I told him, “Look at me. Do you remember me in a dream while you slept? He said “No.” I said, “Please don’t be afraid of me; I AM love and I AM your earth daughter.”

Apparently, lowering my own vibrational frequency had failed.

The following morning, I once again left my body, but this time, I returned to my Dad in my higher-form; the one that scared him beyond words. Dad needed “tough love,” to confront his unfounded fear of his body dying.

As Rae, confirmed, Dad was TERRIFIED of me; an angel no less. It made no sense to me. He had read numerous books on angels, yet he didn’t believe, or he just didn’t want to die.

I’ve never seen a spirit energy frightened to that extent before. I could feel his lower vibrational level of fear, and it was horrifying. He looked like a contorted soul with bulging eyes and hurried movements. It was the worst connection with a lower vibrational frequency I had EVER encountered, and it was my Dad!

I shook off his energies, and with authority, I looked square into his eyes and said, “Listen VERY carefully to my words!” I paused, then said, “After you die, you’ll be greeted by Archangel Azrael; The Angel of Death. He’s dark and scary; but that’s his job, and he takes it very seriously.” Stay on the path that goes through the valley; DO NOT exit the path, or look back; only forward! Eventually, you’ll see loved ones in front of you;  Mom, Gram, Aunt Mary, Roger, and even your friend from high school; Marjorie. Take their hands; they will help you…they love you.”

I felt quite confident the higher-vibrational message would be successful; for the most part it was, at least for the first part of his journey. The second part, would still require a very powerful and gifted spirit guide to cross my Dad over, into the blinding light, of Lord Father’s unconditional love.

Just prior to Dad’s passing, my dear friend Katie was sitting with Dad by his hospital bed. Dad’s eyes opened wide and he reached in front of him. He was excited about something.

He grabbed Katie’s hand and stuck it in the place, where he was reaching into. Katie felt an opening around her hand, it felt like an energy surrounding her hand; one that she would not be allowed delve into further; not just yet.

Dad passed shortly thereafter; just minutes after Katie went home. My niece, Sarah contacted me and told me the hospital called her, they wanted us to get there ASAP. I knew that Dad’s body had died. All three of us, Katie, Sarah, and I had a terrible sensation in our Solar Plexus chakra.

I jumped in the car and headed towards the hospital. On the way there, I was sitting at a stop sign, when a car crossed my path, with the words, “Bad News” printed on it. I had validation that my Dad’s body had died.

The next few days, Katie and I received messages from Dad. I even had some “spirit knocking” on my desk when writing Dad’s eulogy. I was still concerned he hadn’t crossed over successfully.

At the memorial service for Dad, he “blew” his Buddha lamp’s light bulb; just like I asked him to do. Katie saw Dad a couple times too. Once sitting in the chapel listening to my Eulogy, later standing in front of his casket, eating a chocolate pudding, placed there for Dad by Katie. Dad never had one shirt without food stains on it, so of course he couldn’t resist slobbering some pudding on him, and wiping his hand on his shirt.

When I was done presenting Dad’s Eulogy, I stopped to say hi to my friend Richard who has Mediumship and many other beautiful spiritual gifts. He said, “They showed me your Dad’s crossing. There were two women and a man there to help him. Your Mom was not present.”

I know exactly who the guides were, because they were some family members that work with me regularly. It was my Gram and her sister; Dad’s Aunt Mary. The man; my loving husband, Roger, who I travel to see regularly. He is one of my spiritual teachers and a higher guide.

Roger O Holycross (AKA “Handsome”)

Richard explained; first, the two women tried to assist him, but he still didn’t want to go. Then, your husband, Roger appeared to your Dad, who seemed pleasantly surprised. Roger grabbed his hand and pulled him safely across.

I got to see this myself yesterday, on the way to my Dad’s burial. They showed Dad standing there, and how Roger beautifully did a rolling-motion, with his hand as he extended his arm to my Dad, and quickly pulled him across.

It was very comforting to know, how truly connected we all are; “One” big spirit team that incarnated together for our “life lessons.” It’s also nice to know that Dad, made his journey to a place of love, joy, and eternal peace; back home into Lord Father’s eternal, unconditional love energies. There he will “get fixed,” just like new again.

How beautiful is it to know that our loved ones, are just behind a thin veil with a tiny crack in it; where they can just reach out, and mingle our energies with theirs.

Thanks “Handsome” you rock! I will love you forever and a day. ❤


About I AM the incarnate Goddess Athena, Queen of the Heavens and New Earth, and THE Emmanuel's Wife

I AM 100%, the incarnate Goddess Athena, Goddess of Beauty (of the arts) and Fertility; but not in the sexual manner; but of the mind. I AM a master, inter-dimensional traveler and a master of unconditional LOVE. You are "spirit having a physical experience" with a job to do, and it is simple. Live a life of service to others; not self, and LOVE with all your heart. It is not how much you love; but how well you love, which should always be unconditionally. It is that simple! So when you want to choose what's right; pick the light. The only demons that exist are those within.

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