Grounding with the Four Elements

You are much more important than you possibly know. Your very thoughts and actions, influence not only those around you; but our planet (Gaia) as a whole.

Grounding to our planetary and God consciousness, requires our ability to connect to the four elementals of air, fire, water, and earth.

I didn’t realize how important it is to ground to the four elements, until 2 years after I wrote this post. It’s now August of 2017 and the New Earth planetary changes are increasing via a large amount of energies bombarding the earth.

I’ve NEVER been affected by the energies shifts until the last one. Today is the Lion’s Gate 888; August 8, 2017. I’ve heard it being called, “The Great Equalizer.” I feel fabulous, but it took a little nudge from my higher Christ self; Ed, to feel this wonderful.

I have molded my life, and followed my divine purpose / soul path to incorporate the four elements of earth, water, air, and fire, perfectly for this important time on our planet. I purchased a houseboat when I moved to Tennessee in 2016, to be on the water. I have a mini-farm for my studio/winter home, where I can work in my many herb, vegetable, & perennial gardens.

Finished front and side
Un-planted spiral garden with meditation bench

The combination of these two places, for which I am VERY blessed to have indeed, have made integrating the new 5D earth energies a breeze. When I’m not creating my handmade ceramic tiles in my studio, I’m in my gardens. I’m blessed to have them all magically located in shaded and sunny locations. Not all shade and not all sun, but times during the day where there is both shade and sun in them. This allows me to perfectly plan the amount of grounding that I do with the earth; earth elementals, while working with the fire elementals; the sun.

upper meditation garden 8817

The air, well, if you’ve done any digging, and I do a lot of it here on the farm, you’ll understand completely. It’s fabulous exercise for working with the air elementals through heavy breathing.

spiral garden in progress 8817
There is about 600 linear feet of spiral garden planted with day lilies. The center area will have an infinity garden; a figure 8 perennial garden.

The water you ask? While I work, I’m taking LOTS of water within me. When I finish? I either go to my houseboat and go swimming, or I take a nice long bath/shower, in my cowgirl bathtub at the farm in spring water.

Most people pick one or two ways to “ground” themselves, but if you choose to ground yourself to all four elements, you’ll be able to stay grounded into a higher vibrational frequency. You will be able to not only ground in 3D and 4D; but 5D — New Earth.

Our planet shares her life force with four main elements and so do we.

We can create unity and harmony within our bodies that will result in a 5th dimensional expression of self, by bringing “person” and “planet” together as “One.” The planet can helps us shift into our 5th dimensional state of consciousness through this union. Once this happens, we release the illusion of time and separation, allowing us to “shift” into a new state of consciousness. We are then One, functional being assisting the planet to return us back to 5D.

We are a microcosm of earth and we have a job to do.

Just as we share our spirit with our earth vessel, these 4th dimensional elementals share themselves with us. That means we have these four elements within us, just as the planetary body contains the same four elements. These “elementals,” being 4th dimensional, instantly share all experiences with one another; in concert, unlike our 3rd dimensional experience.

Can you image if we could get these elementals within us to work in concert within our bodies, what we would be capable of doing?

Within our vessels, our thoughts and emotions effect these four elements within. In turn, that means what goes in; comes out in our outer reality. Similar to what you put out to the universe will be returned. That is why, it is so important, to ground ourselves and stay ground. Otherwise, it can create instability in our planet as a whole.

Fire Elementals

fire elementAs our inter-elementals are clear and kind, they attract outer, fire elementals; Salamanders that are of like kind. When you are positive, these positive thoughts and actions directly effect others fire elementals on the planet and the planet’s fire elementals themselves. When thoughts are not positive, and “fiery,” they magnetize others with “like” negative thought patterns.

Negative emotions often feel “hot.” When we are angry, we get red-in-the-face. This causes our fire elementals to be disrupted and unbalanced; not flowing smoothly. This affects the planet as a whole, and can result in destructive weather patterns and environmental changes.

Animals work very closely with fire elementals. That is why they are so savvy at knowing who is good, and who is not. If your fire elementals are not grounded and balanced animals will not like you either.

Earth Elementals

earth elementEarth elementals or Gnomes, are neuro-transmitters. When thoughts are chaotic, earth elements have a problem stabilizing. This can cause geological instability. Where you tread/walk, leaves negative energy residual. It’s absorbed under your feet and in your walls and general environment.

When you ground yourself via the earth, find the most “virgin” soil possible; one that is untainted and stable. You don’t want to walk in the footsteps of others, because their energies can be psychically transmitted to you.

Air Elementals

sylph elementAir elementals or Sylphs, assist the flow of life giving oxygen; consciousness. Adamantine particles or what I refer to as “diamond light” particles, are the smallest indivisible particles that assemble the atoms of all original substances like oxygen, nitrogen, iron; all that is, in our bodies.

An adequate flow of oxygen is crucial to not only the physical, but thoughts, so an adequate flow of oxygen is vital to clear thinking.

The Sylths will help you with the breathing and the blending of your thoughts with others via the unity consciousness.

Breathe in Adamantine particles into your sacred heart to cleanse the thoughts of others. Exhale out unconditional love and positive thoughts throughout the world via your Sylph elementals. Then these thoughts will flow into the collective and planetary consciousness.

  • Collective consciousness; combined all humans
  • Planetary consciousness is combined consciousness of all inhabitants in all dimensions; much more expansive.

Because we are becoming more “crystalline” in our body design, it’s important to work with the Adamantine particles and the Sylph elementals. The “magnetic” power of unconditional love is the only thing that is real and holds everything in our universe together. It is the most powerful thing that we can possess; ground yourself in it.

The Sylphs live in our aura, the earths aura, the atmosphere, earth, and sky. All thoughts breathed out are felt by the Sylphs. Sorrow and fear are breathed out for Sylphs to clear from our atmosphere.

Sylphs are vital to the lives of all beings. So during your groundings, breathe out as much love and violet fire as possible to the Sylphs.

NOTE: Those of you that have a built-in “navigation system” in nature, are very in touch with the Sylph’s. Animals and birds operate on this elemental, vibrational nav-system. It’s found in their form of migration patterns.

Water Elementals
water elementWater elementals or Undines are associated with our bodily fluids; blood that is associated with our heart and emotions. The Undines serve as the director of our bodily fluids and emotions. These are the basis of our consciousness.

Because our bodies and the earth are predominantly water-based, Undines are extremely important to our very survival. It’s extremely important to keep water in our thoughts during our groundings; we use so much of it in our daily lives.

Send unconditional love to the water you drink and bathe in, for it’s a template for life.

waterfall showerheadIn the morning, when I take my shower, I always give thanks for the clean, fresh water running over me. I tell it, how much I appreciate it, and love it. I tell it how much it means to me, to feel it run over my body; lending me a peaceful, pleasant start to my day.

Water is the force for all life; ground yourself in it with gratitude.

When you drink water; pause, ground, and send the Undines unconditional love and light. Ask them to purify the water for your highest good. This will aid you in the Ascension process and it will increase the frequency of the water molecules throughout the world.

Walking with Earth Elementals

Just the movement of your body walking, is a completely natural way to ground yourself with the earth. As you place each foot on the ground, make a conscious connection with each step to connect with Gaia. Pull up her energy through your body with your right foot, returning unconditional love to Gaia with your left foot.

As you walk, pay attention to your breathing. Breath in the collective and planetary consciousness by utilizing the Sylph elementals. Exhale loving thoughts. You want to obtain clear, concise, positive thinking:

Isn’t it a beautiful, peaceful day? The air smells so wonderful! Listen to the sound of that brook! It’s like she’s singing just to me. 🙂

Walking with Water Elementals and Sylphs

Animals have the right idea!

As you breathe, feel your blood pumping through your heart and body; feel your pulse throughout. Work with the Undines, the water elements within YOU; work with them outside of you.

Find a creek, pond, lake, or ocean. Take your shoes off and stand in the water. If you’re in a creek, feel the energy of the water as it pushes against your feet. If you’re in a lake, feel the water’s subtle motion. Take in the sounds of the water as it trickles over rocks. Smell the air. It smells different around water, does it not? It’s heavily concentrated with Undines.

My guides tell me I’m an expert at grounding myself. Sometimes I even over-ground myself up to my knees. I love to pause and literally “suck” up Gaia’s energies through my body and become one with her. I push out my gratitude and love for her through my crown chakra, then I ask Archangel Uriel to wash peace over me, from the top down.

FireWaterEarthAirGlobesSo, next time you need to get grounded, make a conscious decision to ground yourself not only with the ground (earth), but with the sky, water, and fire elements as well. You’ll find it quite the sensation.
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