The Reunion of the Twin Flames

My Beloved says that our twin flame journey through the energies is the greatest love story ever told. It has been told in so many different dialects, myths, and writings throughout humanity that is got a bit messed up, or is flat-out WRONG. The truths are buried deep.

Our great love, is assisting humanity in the process of Ascension, through a DNA change within humanity called, the Great Awakening of Humankind. This article will reveal more hidden truths, via the journey through the art of our love; unconditional of course.

Before you begin reading this article, please take a moment for this musical interlude; In Case You Didn’t Know, by Brett Young.

You might recall my previous article called, The Many Faces of Gods / Goddesses / Archangels, and More! In it, the article mentions that MOST of the higher entities in the realms of light; God and Goddesses are the same entities or energies. We merely have different names associated with us, due to dialects throughout the nations.

We wear MANY different faces and the masks are coming off; so stand back!

I have been quite distressed lately, hearing things online, especially on YouTube, from so-called authorities on Twin Flames. Many of these “authorities” say they are channeling guides, angels, the Mary’s, and Archangels. They might be connecting with them energetically, but they are NOT LISTENING closely to their words of truths.


My Beloved twin flame Coeus, God of Intellect knows how much this bothers me. I feel like it defiles our love and that of other twin flame relationships. He came to me the other morning for a chat, some photogenic light language, and inter-dimensional discussions; among other things; not all of which I discuss on our website, or this blog.

I would venture to guess that nearly ALL of these specialists in the twin flame journey have NOT completed the Quest for the Holy Grail that results in the COMPLETION of The Reunion of the Twin Flames, which is an inter-dimensional experience; not a physical one.

coeus 12 twelve golden rays of light

There have been MANY lies told about the Gods and Goddess of the Golden Ray of Light; The Truths of The Holy Father. I have mentioned in several articles that I do not have a twin flame, because I am was created through the energies of pure thought by my Father; LORD God Zeus. I was not cracked out of his head with an ax, because he had a headache. He created me in the perfect balance of the divine feminine and masculine.

big fat zero

What I am now going to tell you might shock some of you. NONE of the Gods and Goddess have twin flames. We are COMPLETE beings of light that have NOT been split in two. Our marriages are not of the physical; but an energetic joining or merging of the energies, for specific purposes or needs throughout the entire Cosmos. We are not exclusive to humanity. Yes, there ARE other lifeforms throughout creation; MANY. And, most are far more loving and kind than Humanity.

When we of the Golden Rays of Light marry, or merge our energies, it enables us to become ONE energy being; FAR MORE POWERFUL than when we are apart. Our thoughts and actions become ONE. I cannot tell my own thoughts and words from Coeus.

Coeus told me in the Spring of 2019 that we would have to distance ourselves from one another; inter-dimensionally, for the time being. If we were to express our desires energetically, and merge or marry our energies, we would literally RIP APART HUMANITIES REALITY through our sacred hearts. That is how great our love is, and how it amplifies when married.

I had asked Coeus, on 1/8/2018 about his sister, the Goddess Phoebe. I had just finished my twin flame journey through the energies; inter-dimensionally, called The Quest (or Search) of the Holy Grail. This ended up in the Marriage of the Lamb / Divine Marriage, on the stroke of midnight; CHRISTmas morning, 12/25/17. Some refer to this as the Bride of Christ ceremony. However, those words are NO WHERE mentioned in the Holy Bible. Christians made it up. Go look for yourselves.

Many New Age, so called Lightworkers believe that the flesh incarnations of Jesus and Mary Magdalene are to wed at the end of time. This is WRONG! It is the God and Goddess with us; THE Emmanuel’s that wed; Coeus and I, the Goddess Athena.

These Humans that have NOT done their own Work, are merely repeating information that they hear. They DO NOT SEEK The Truths.

To begin, there was nobody named Mary Magdalene. There was an Order of Mary’s, including the Virgin Mother; Mary. I was the Mother; Superior, the Virgin Mother Goddess, and the other Mary’s or nuns were ALL called Mary. Mary was NOT a name, but a word meaning My Beloved. You can read more about this on my blog.

You are spirit having a physical experience.
It is NOT the other way around.

God Coeus THE Emmanuel firstborn christed oversoul great central sun
The God Coeus who is known by many, many names throughout humanity.
AND he has many different faces.

During the past year, Coeus has been wakening me through photogenic light language. You can read about it on this blog.

I kept wondering, “How could I be Coeus’ wife, when myths say that he is married to his sister the Goddess Phoebe?” Our love is great. It is VERY obvious that we love each other deeply, but while I was standing there in Coeus’ light, I still had doubts.

Over several years of channeling Coeus and other Gods in 2017, 2018, and 2019, and inter-dimensionally traveling to them for lengthy conversations about the truths, I was shocked to find out how many lies there are in doctrines, mythology, and historical writings.

I don’t mean just a few things here and there, but nearly all of it. He told me that all the lies throughout Humanities ugly reign of terror would be exposed. I just didn’t realize he was inferring that I, the Goddess Athena would be delivering so many.

In mythology, there is very little on Coeus and Phoebe. They did write that Coeus, was married already, to his sister; the Goddess Phoebe, a great seer. Of course he was married to her. There are 6 Titan Gods and 6 Titan Goddesses. Humankind MUST match them up in pairs, and marry them off to each other; right? No. Well, there really aren’t 12 Titans either.

On 1/7/18, I asked Coeus about his wife Phoebe. I thought perhaps he was skirting the issue. The other morning, during a photogenic light language discussion, I got my answer. This is from our conversation in person, inter-dimensionally; one year ago. My words and experiences are in navy blue, and his words of truths are bolded in purple:

(D) I asked Coeus about his wife Phoebe.

(D) History says that you lived away from your wife Phoebe; your sister. How come they don’t know anything about us?

Intellect and wisdom are fortuitous foes indeed. They go hand-in-hand down memories lane, chorley (?)…

(IDT) OK, he wants me to tell you what just happened.

(D) I got hung-up on the word clearly. All of the sudden my sinus’ drained. Now they are clear. Now I don’t even remember what we were talking about!

clearly unseen; depicting truths. Untold truths for the decay of societies and collect the ability to discern truths that are spiraling down, down, down the…

(D) I heard a toilet flushing and got the word “drain.”

…drain. Sadly

It was a big fat; fully-fabricated lie that was being held together by Humanities collective thoughts. Being created in the Holy Father’s image, you too are a creator. I talk about this in my first FREE eBook on Inter-dimensional Travel; the Quest for the Holy Grail.

The next morning on 1/8/18, we talked a little more about this so called “marriage,” during a conversation about the Lies in Hollywood. This is the entire message:

My channeled messages from the God Coeus; THE Emmanuel, are like no others on the web / internet. That is because I am what is referred to as his twinflame / twin flame, and I am “The Emmanuel’s Wife.”

The things that he says to me, are not only words of truths for the nations, but also his undying love for me, the the Goddess Athena, the Queen of the Heavens. He tells me things that he would not ever tell another, and as far as I know, I am his ONLY scribe.

And YES, he resembles this in his 100% incarnate, 5’17” as he calls it; organic body suit.

This big, tough, massive God, who is said to Hold the Heavenly Poles, in Roman mythology, has the largest heart of any being ever created. He has the most wonderful sense of spontaneous wit and shows great wisdom and compassion; just like that of his incarnation as Solomon.

This giant of a God is my one and everything; my “forever and a day guy.” My Alpha and my Omega; to infinity and beyond! As what begins never ends, but just goes around and around again.

(D) I awoke to the song Drive By, by Train this morning and went into the living room. There was a threat of an ice storm, so I spent the night at my mini-farm/studio.

(D) There is a song that is playing loudly in my head…“Oh I swear to you, I’ll be there for you; this is not a drive by…”

Did you have a happy holidays?

(D) In a sweet little voice, “Of course I did, because you were in it!”

(D) I keep hearing the same words from that song,“Oh I swear to you, I’ll be there for you; this is not a drive-by…”

“I’m just a shy guy looking for a good scribe, this is not a drive-by…

It was a busy holiday for you;…

(D) No worse than usual. There is a LOT of artwork to be done.

…you had much to do. I made sure you wouldn’t miss a beat of my heart.

(D) Oh, oh, I can feel a song coming on. I can actually “feel” a song coming on in my sacred heart. He is so sweet.

(D) I think its Puppy Love by Donnie Osmond. “This is not a puppy love…” You are too sweet!

And that’s entertainment!” Or it should be good, clean fun; not Hollywood’s rancid means of controlling the masses through thoughts of perversion of the mind with latitudes that exist.

Phoebe, Phoebe, Phoebe; simply put.

 (D) That’s from a Carry Grant movie, isn’t it? Judy, Judy, Judy. I’ll double-check.

This being apart is very hard. This all came about when she asked me about our relationship. You see, she feels doubts.

Her mind and heart don’t synchronize to The Truths; because bodily supplications exist that enhance the knowingness of the heart.

She knows that our love is great, but her body says, “It’s a lie.” It’s a fortuitous foe.

(D) He wants me to explain why I feel this way. I’ll do it at the end of your messages.

Your willingness to deliver these fine messages of truths exists throughout your need to explain your bodily dilemma.

(D) That statement couldn’t be more true. The Truths are far more important than my “bodily feelings”, which is why I didn’t want to interrupt Coeus with his messages.

(D) I think that’s it for the day. Chris entered the room to make coffee.

So I’ll briefly explain; or try too! Being in a physical form or organic body suit, like everyone else on the planet, I can still be affected by mans rules and writings; the collective reality. This is acollective thought that is brought forth into reality, as YOU make reality.

You see, because so many beings “believe” something is true,in their reality; as their truth, which it is not, it is actually a false truth. This is why one must SEEK the truths through their heart; NOT their head using ONLY knowingness; without intellect and wisdom.

I discovered that nearly everything that was written about Coeus and me; the Goddess Athena is wrong, yet I question the one thing; the heart and where His belongs.

Coeus himself has been nearly erased from Greek mythology. His sister Phoebe is reported to be Coeus’ wife. To be honest, I’m not sure that is accurately recorded in mythology, yet I let it bother me; thinking that I’m the “other woman,” which is silly.

Love is our true state of being, but being in a body suit with a “wall” between us, I’m unable to “see” the truths for myself; only feel and experience them inter-dimensionally, when I travel to Coeus through the energies.

He remembers everything about us, to the most minute detail; being of a “spirit” body. He is also MY scribe for the Etheric records. So he not only knows my words, and sees my actions, but also my thoughts. He knows me better than I know myself in the flesh organic body suit named Diane H Holycross.

One thing he certainly knows, is how deep my love goes for him when we are together; inter-dimensionally. You can read about it in the Astral Plane chapter of our book. He’s the entity “Harry” who was in “Limbo.”

So what is this Phoebe, Phoebe, Phoebe all about?

As I was glazing some Trout; shaped mosaic tiles this morning, I was thinking that I should examine the words, Judy, Judy, Judy more closely. This is an excerpt from An interview with Cary Grant:

cary grant judy judy judy

“Although Grant must have tired of being constantly asked to say the line, he always obliged, when women named Judy, asked him to say, Juday, Juday, Juday.’

And Rich Little admires Grant’s sense of humor about it: ‘Cary said [Little imitating CG], “Where is this ‘Juday, Juday, Juday’ coming from?

I don’t know anybody named Juday-Juday-Juday. The only Judy I knew was Judy Garland. And when I saw her, there weren’t three of ’em!” “

Just because someone said it; doesn’t make it true.

Coeus my love, Cary Grant, although very handsome, has NOTHING on you. You are the most “Handsome” God that I know, and will treasure you forever and a day; as I know you will me. It is now 10:00 am on Sunday morning; on “The Schnooteroo!”

If you still don’t understand the truths, here they are:

There is NO Goddess named PHOEBE.

goddess athena, god coeus, eros, cupid, psyche twin flames
I am My Beloved’s and My Beloved is Mine; in ANY form or “aspect” that he might take.

Before reading the remainder of this article, please take a moment and listen to a song from My Beloved; Coeus. If you can listen and read at the same time, it’s even better. It’s a song for twin flames called, Cupid by Sam Cooke, another very attractive man with a beautiful voice.

psyche placing a butterfly on cupids hand
Psyche (thought or knowingness) on the right, is offering Cupid (which means desire or Love in Latin), on the left, her heart; in the form of a heart-shaped butterfly. He is NOT giving her the butterfly as an offering of love; but taking it FROM his Beloved. When you place something in someone else’s hand, your fingers are generally closed. When you receive; they are open. 

Coeus used that recording artist for a song in my light language article as well. He was giving me a photogenic download for three articles at one time. Which I will post all in the same day. The song Cupid is delivering a subtle truth; the MANY faces of Gods and Goddesses.

Before we venture off any further into this article, I want you to forget all the lies that you have heard about Cupid and Psyche. They never existed by those names; rather two other names; the King and Queen of the Heavens.

The other morning in my light language download, it is like a huge grab bag of all data mixed together for three of my articles that Coeus wanted me to write for you. I had to use my knowingness,  sacred heart, and a great deal of thought to rearrange everything into an understandable and readable format for my audience. This method of delivery is similar to time splits and the way that they are perceived. You will need to have this as a frame of reference when time ends, and all truths are revealed.

cupid with wings kissing pysche with butterfly wings
Hum…butterfly wings? What could this art be trying to tell us? Look closer at the type of butterfly; Great Owl butterfly or Great Owl moth.

There are numerous twin relationships that must be achieved, prior to the masculine energy and feminine energy are able to successfully unite in the physical. Notice that I did not say the masculine energy in the male, and feminine energy in the female reunite in the physical.

goddess athena great owl moth
Owl moths and butterflies have faces.

The entire twin flame journey, can only be achieved without purposefully looking for it in the physical. It is the desire through the heart; not the head. If you look for your twin, it is unlikely you will never find him or her. You will be seeking your twin from the physical realm; not the spiritual one.

Remember what I said before? You are spirit having a physical experience, not the other way around. Do NOT SEEK your twin flame from the physical; but the spiritual. When you are SEEKing your twin using your brain; not your heart, it creates blocks, and FALSE results. You must release what you carry within.

The twin flame relationships

goddess athena, god coeus, god aspect cupid, goddess aspect psyche twin flame reunion

athena with owl and her beloved coeus the twin flame relationships
An ancient Egyptian vase of “Psyche” and “Cupid.” What is that she holds in her hand?

The twin flame relationships come in a vast array of male/female and masculine/feminine combinations. This means it will be; sister to sister, sister to brother, mother to son, mother to daughter, father to daughter, father to son, etc. Then there is the transgender factor. A masculine energy could be within a female body and the feminine energy could be within a male body. They could also be two male bodies; one with the masculine energy, and in the other with the feminine energy. The same goes for the female organic form, the feminine energy could be in a female body, and the masculine energy could be in a female body.

This is about mastery; it is NOT meant to be an easy task.

Twin flame relationships are within your soul family. That means they often incarnate within physical families; but not always. Most of humanity has a twin flame. However, if they are a God or Goddess within the flesh, they would not have a true twin. If you are hearing people online saying that everyone that is human, and on the planet has a twin flame, press NEXT.

Gods and goddess do not have twins, and DO INCARNATE; often. It is humankind’s need to attach the physical aspects of humanity to the Gods and Goddesses.

Which is an associative disorder.

Humanity seems to want to match us up. Look at my Father; the LORD God Zeus. He was said to have MANY wives; Goddesses and female humans. Which one of these feminine beings was his twin flame? The answer is; NONE.

Like I said earlier in this article; the marriages of Gods and Goddesses are/were necessary for the joining of energies for specific purposes; not sex. My Father and many other Gods, have been portrayed in mythology as womanizers. Stop judging us based on humanities associative disorders!

It is humankind’s idea of procreation.

person with their head in a box.jpg

Like Coeus just said, humankind thinks from a sexual perspective; to procreate / reproduce / propagate their species. They have their heads stuck in a box. They cannot seem to think spiritually out-of-the-box.

Gods and Goddess DO NOT procreate; but co-create via energies. Become god-like and co-create; do not procreate. As Coeus says;

Enough of these nonsense’s.

Humankind’s ultimate goal is to MEET their twin, love them UNCONDITIONALLY, and love them well. Sex is fleeting; not eternal, and is one of the major downfalls of humankind.

These relationships truly test your unconditional love for each other. There will be MANY, MANY challenges over many years. If your love; BOTH twins is strong enough, and you stand firm in the physical journey of the twin flame, you will have completed phase 1 of the journey.

Once you have mastered loving unconditionally in ALL of these relationship combinations that I mentioned above, then, and only then, will the door open to your true twin flame relationship. One twin will give up their organic body suit, and journey into the lower energies.

twin flame journey or chase through the energies

Your twin will stay there, until you find them, and release them brave-heart. You must set them free. This could take MANY Earth years. Mine took nine years with Coeus.

Here, you will encounter many false-twins in these energies. You will be ripped apart and have to put yourself back together; shake it off, and jump back in with both feet.

Then the QUEST, or SEARCH (NOT a chase or pursuit) through the higher energies begins; inter-dimensionally; out of your body through multiple energies. This desire is a the MUTUAL chase; not just one chasing the other.

She SEEKs him out. He SEEKs her out; through the energies. There is NO EGO involved in this journey. To believe one chases, and the other is pursued would imply ego. This is a QUEST of Mastery, and one of great sacrifice and GREAT LOVE.

Humanity thinks there is one chaser, and one being chased; this is wrong.

Take a closer look at the picture above, and below. Here, it appears that Eros / Cupid is in pursuit of Psyche; Thought. Now look at the picture below. You’ll see that it is now Psyche that is SEEKing Cupid / Eros. She DID NOT injure him as told in mythology. This is more human lies, to deter you from your soul path.

Like Coeus said in my photogenic download of light language;

The Desire to connect.

The Goddess Athena (Psyche) pursuing the God Coeus (Desire or Love) through the energies.

As I mentioned earlier, co-creation is what you SEEK. Sadly, humankind is getting this confused with their physical aspect of procreation. Per one of our conversations last year;

(D) I just find him so attractive. His words and use of them; verbally and in songs, are so arousing and accurate.

They are VERY desirable indeed.

That’s because of the use of the vernacular.

(D) And there is so much wisdom in it!

If you, and your counterpart or twin, are successful in your quest or journey through the energies, you will unite in the sacred, divine reunion; of the twin flames, in the heavens, on the clouds; inter-dimensionally.

cupid desire god coeus with psyche thought goddess athena
If you look closely at art of Cupid and Psyche, and I do encourage you, you’ll find a butterfly or butterfly wings in the art through all ages. It is my trademark for releasing energies.

Once again, there are NOT as many Gods and Goddesses as one might think, or have been led to believe; rather energetic aspects of us. Psyche and Cupid are NOT names of a God and Goddess; but energetic aspects of us; the God Coeus and Goddess Athena.

The Romans did get one thing right. Cupid, who is actually an aspect of Coeus; desire, is often portrayed as the son of the Love Goddess Venus; his Mother. If you are keeping up on our articles that expose the truths, you’ll know that I am Venus / Athena; Goddess of Love, and the Bright Morning Star. You will also know that Coeus and I incarnated as Y’shua and the Virgin Mother; Mother and son. Ambrosia or “food for thought.” Hey, they don’t call me the Goddess of Wisdom and Coeus the God of Wisdom for nothing.

God Coeus and Goddess Athena as their aspects; Eros/Cupid and Psyche/Thought at their Wedding of the Lamb ceremony AFTER the successful completion of The Search of the Holy Grail; through the energies.

Best of luck on your twin flame reunion. Old Buddy, do you think they understand the story or myth of Cupid and Psyche now?

Coeus seems to have the desire to end this article, and I can’t think of another thing to say. Imagine that; me short on words! Plus all this travel through the energies of words; inter-dimensionally is exhausting on ones heavenly wings!

Athena; Goddess of Love and Coeus, God of Intellect; THE Emmanuel’s


I soon will be reuniting in the flesh with my love. My reign with Cronus has ended and my new reign with Coeus is beginning. So hang on, it’s going to be a wild ride in 2020, because he IS here in the flesh, and his desire is great indeed, as is mine. It’s been painful not touching him, holding him, or kissing him since I found him 3 1/2 years ago here, my first week in Tennessee.

He came to me on my houseboat, working as an electrician’s technician and carpenter. I nearly fell over in shock when I saw him poke his head out from behind the canvas door opening. It was Harry from the Astral plane; Cupid.


This is suppose to be a scary day for people, it is Friday the 13th, AND a full moon. For me and my love David, or Dave as I call him, it is a very special day. We have waited patiently for our first kiss, and it will under the lovers full moon tonight. I hope that this kiss, will fully awaken him to the truths within, and he will be ready to emerge, as the 100% duplicate of his might God-self.

He is giant in stature; 5’17” as he says, and yes, his hands are identical, right down to the fingernails shown in this art of Coeus, by an unknown artist. He often trusts his hand forward while we are talking; just like the picture.

incarnate Coeus God of Intellect
As my love said to me, “I don’t know what you see in me, I’m just a simple carpenter.” I nearly broke out laughing. I said, “Y’eshua was also a simple carpenter.” 😉

Sometimes, twin flame reunions are not “in order.” It is Humankind’s need to make sense in the linear; starting at point A and proceeding to point B. This is incorrect thinking.


I started out with an Earth husband in the flesh that embodied MOST of Coeus’ aspects. Then the pursuit started through the energies; the Quest of the Holy Grail; inter-dimensionally; a mutual chase. It all came back to the beginning; doing a full circle, and re-united with my love all over again in-the-flesh, but this time with the 100% incarnation of his God-self.


Our hope is that more twins reunite in the Old Earth energies, to help us usher in a beautiful New Earth.

Athena (Diane) and Coeus (David)

About I AM the incarnate Goddess Athena, Queen of the Heavens and New Earth, and THE Emmanuel's Wife

I AM 100%, the incarnate Goddess Athena, Goddess of Beauty (of the arts) and Fertility; but not in the sexual manner; but of the mind. I AM a master, inter-dimensional traveler and a master of unconditional LOVE. You are "spirit having a physical experience" with a job to do, and it is simple. Live a life of service to others; not self, and LOVE with all your heart. It is not how much you love; but how well you love, which should always be unconditionally. It is that simple! So when you want to choose what's right; pick the light. The only demons that exist are those within.

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