Light Language

Before reading this article, please take a moment and listen to the song, Chain Gang by Sam Cooke. You’ll notice some sounds made by the men on the chain gang. Coeus gave me this song combined with another song called Cupid. They are by the same recording artist. He was giving me these songs to make a point about light language and how the photogenic delivery; the songs feel, and how these songs are received through time splits.

As I’m writing this article, I first listened to the song Chain Gang. The next song queued in YouTube was Cupid. The awesome thing was that last night, prior to going to bed, I was doing the twist; dancing an old style of dance from the 1960’s. I was thinking how my husband Rog, (Coeus’ last incarnation) and I used to love to dance. He was the master of the twist. The next song in YouTube started to play. Another Sam Cooke song called, Twistin’ the Night Away. 😉

I love to hear Coeus speak to me via my sacred heart, and being able to visit him inter-dimensionally, however it is quite taxing on my physical body, and it could lead catastrophic results to humankind’s reality. To make things easier on me and for you, we often communicate using light language. There are three types of light language that I’ll discuss.

The first form of light language is a vocal or audible type. In some religions it is called tongues. Certain people speak it, and others don’t speak it, but can comprehend most of it. I don’t speak it myself, but I am able to understand some of it. This is not a method of data delivery that Coeus and I use.

pituitary and pineal gland locationsThe next type of light language is tonal. It sounds like Morse code. It is quite common with lightbody activation. The medical community has a name for it of course; tinnitus, which is a form of ear ringing that is caused by loud sounds. Sure.

Tonal light language comes from the 3rd eye chakra; the pituitary gland. As you can see from the graphic. It’s location would be near your ear, thus the confusion with the scientific community.

These tonal sounds resonate from tiny christals, or should I say crystals on the pituitary gland; if it has not hardened, resulting in spiritual deafness. These little crystals vibrate and work as a radio receiver for messages; intuitively.

This is where your 3rd eye is located; the pituitary gland. It’s a neat little gland, because not only does it allow you to hear light language, but see images as well.

If you are experiencing 3rd eye wiggling that is a good thing. They are working on your third eye.

When receiving data via tonal light language, you should feel a slight vibration in the top half of your brain. This is how I communicated with Coeus, prior to my 4th eye activation or inter-dimensionally traveling to him to talk to him in person. We still use it in combination with the next type of light language; photogenic light language.

This type of light language happens in a semi- conscious state and comes in many different shapes, colors, and movement. These light photons can flash, float, burst, or bounce around; photonic light. They don’t last too long, perhaps one minute. They contain massive amount of data that is quickly transmitted directly through the sacred heart via linguistic receptors into the brain for storage.

Often times, I’ll be listening to Coeus talk, and he’ll be downloading me with this form of light language; at the same time. I get distracted quite often by the beauty of it; which he likes to point out. Per Coeus,

The truth of the matter is that it reveals scientific data accurately within the truths, resulting in a means of deciphering these messages more accurately; quicker than your attempts to visually relay the messages.

Some light language looks like masses of energy that floats; similar to Coeus’ energy, a nebula, or universe. Some light language has hieroglyphs floating around in the energy and sparkles of light.

During my light language download last night, it contained the data within the truths for not only this article, but the next two. Then, I started hearing an orchestral song. I was trying to remember the name of it. It has ramparts in it; kettle drums; BAM! It sounded very patriotic with brass instruments and symbols.

Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa; BAM…Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa;pa pa; BAM…Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa; pa pa BAM. I asked Coeus, “What is the name of that song?” I had heard it before, but forgot the name. Then he said,


Orchestral? Orchestra? No that’s not it. Oh my gosh, this is going to drive me nuts. What is that word? Oh I’ll get up and see if I can find the name.”


I replied, “Thanks! The 1812 Overture! Yes, at the very end of it.

If you click the link above, and fast forward to 14:55 minutes, you can get a sampling of how photogenic light language can feel.

When photogenic downloads occur, there isn’t any sense of intuitiveness or knowingness. 

It has to be distributed, processed, and

I replied, “Acted upon? Here we go again…initiated, initializes, argh, which word is it…sychronized? No, it sounds like it starts with an “i” or an “a” sound, and it ends with a “ed” sound. Assimilated. That’s it.”

So the light language is distributed via photogenic light, processed, then assimilated or taken-in. It seems to get processed during the dream-state. It can then be used later for these writings.

Then there are photogenic light bursts that resemble forms of lightening. Some even take the shape of balls. All of this contains massive amounts of data.

During the download of photogenic light language, I was experiencing time slips or slippage. The three songs Chain Gang, Cupid, and the 1812 Overture were are all mixing together again. This is how time splits work. It’s like a big grab bag with puzzle pieces that have to be put together vibrationally.

I had to determined which song went with which article that Coeus wanted me to write. Two were for this article, and the Cupid song was for the one on Twin Flames.

I said to Coeus, “Wow, I don’t know how people are going to be able to work through these energies and make sense of them when time ends, and that big wall comes crashing down. They are not going to be able to process the information. They are so used to one timeline in a linear fashion from point A to point B.”

There is a tremendous amount of work to do, prior to being able to work with these types of energies. Clearing karmic issues, cleansing the lower chakras, cracking their seals, and getting their energies flowing and spinning. Then uncalcifying the pituitary and pineal if necessary, opening the sacred heart, and using knowingness to work your way through it all.

People online are talking about parallel timelines merging. In our book on our twin flame journey through the energies; inter-dimensionally, I talk about visiting these alternate dimensions or energies and how these relationships progress over time, just like here on Earth. They are like the other road not taken within these Earthly energies. There can be millions of them. Luckily, not all have to be addressed; only the significant ones.

Coeus had me stop visiting these alternate dimensions or energies, after our divine Marriage of the Lamb on 12/25/17. I had to say goodbye to those other men that I loved in those frequencies, to begin my role on New Earth as the reigning Queen. It was very painful, but they understood; especially with Coeus standing beside me! LOL

I still keep slipping back to one of these alternate lives. The love that I felt for this man is very strong, and so is his love for me. I do not intentionally visit him, but when it happens, we don’t get near each other anymore, rather we look at each other from a distance. So we are distancing ourselves energetically.

The night prior to last night’s visit with Coeus, and the light language download, we had a little talk about this topic and others. He spoke a bit about photogenic light language transmissions. I was experiencing time slips or slippage.

Photogenic synapse visualizations through which your brains capacity to assimilate words is stored /kept, sent / relayed simultaneously with these words of truth effectively; through which you can use them to convey your thoughts, wishes, and desires to the masses.

Conceptualize here the butterfly perpetually, significantly flutters by effortlessly through time and space as we know it.

All this futzing around helps you confine…

“I’m getting three or four words at the same time, which are all mixed up. I’m trying to figure out the order of things.”

…connections through simultaneous stimuli…

This method of divine message delivery, can build up energies at the base of your head; where the muscles go into your skull. Those vibrations get trapped in the muscle tissue. They will require releasing, or you will get severe headaches; cluster headaches that will last for weeks. Please read Coeus message from 1/7/18 on this topic and more.

Athena, writing to you from the confines of a timeline within reality.

About I AM the incarnate Goddess Athena, Queen of the Heavens and New Earth, and THE Emmanuel's Wife

I AM 100%, the incarnate Goddess Athena, Goddess of Beauty (of the arts) and Fertility; but not in the sexual manner; but of the mind. I AM a master, inter-dimensional traveler and a master of unconditional LOVE. You are "spirit having a physical experience" with a job to do, and it is simple. Live a life of service to others; not self, and LOVE with all your heart. It is not how much you love; but how well you love, which should always be unconditionally. It is that simple! So when you want to choose what's right; pick the light. The only demons that exist are those within.

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