A Portrait of a Spirit Guide

I want to talk today about our Spirit Guides; once again, I’m speaking from my own personal experiences. I never go by what is said on the Intranet; we are all uniquely different and our guides and the angels communicate differently with us based on “what we are capable” of handling. Spirit connection for me […]

Why Can’t I Connect Easily with My Guides and Angels?

Many of you might wonder how I have time to create these posts with my busy schedule of taking care of my homebound Dad and running my very successful mosaic tile business. You see, I ASKED Father for some assistance from my angels and earth angels. One day, when talking to Father, I said, “If […]

Strange Dreams or are You Parsing the Veil

One of my guides wants me to talk about “parsing the veil.” The “veil” that separates our dimension and that of other dimensions, is accessed via a “veil” in YOU. It’s not a big white sheet that is going to be lifted at some date and time between heaven and earth; it’s inside each of […]