Balancing, Cleansing, and Spinning Your Chakras

UPDATED on 7/5/18 Many of you have expressed an interest in how to expand your energy field. This can’t be accomplished without achieving several states of being; one of which is aligning or “balancing” your major Chakras. These Chakras are an energy vortex within your body. It’s like a giant corkscrew. Like any internal part of us, […]

Kundalini Yoga — Awakening Your Kundalini!

First, it’s important to mention that doing Kundalini Yoga will NOT awaken the Kundalini snake energies within you. There is MUCH to do prior to awakening these energies. You can read about them on my blog under the How to Channel Through the Sacred Heart, Light Language, & Kundalini Energy. I wanted to talk to […]