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Loving Unconditionally

I’ve been having such fun visiting Coeus; inter-dimensionally within other planes of realities or dimensions. If you have read our FREE eBook on our twin flame journey through the energies on the Search of the Holy Grail to My Beloved Coeus, which ended in the successful completion of the twin flame reunion, you’ll know why […]

The Truths on Athena and the Owl

You might have noticed that there is a LOT of art, with an owl perched on my shoulder. People seem to be under the impression that it’s my mascot or friend. This is not correct. Before we proceed, I truly appreciate all of the beautiful art that many of you have created for me, throughout […]

Time Slips / Slippage, Splits, Shifts, & Loops

Updated on 4/7/18 Time Slips/Slippage, Splits, & Shifts Different types of time-related events are “currently” happening on Earth, which is a conundrum in itself, as there is NO TIME. These events are caused by time ending on Old Earth and the emergence of the higher vibrational New Earth. There is not going to be any […]

A SOUL Saved by Grace!

Love is a powerful tool; unconditional love is our saving grace. Every word you are about to read is true. It’s an amazing story of a Dad, his daughter, and his daughters “spirit team.” I can never emphasis enough that we are “spirit,” having a “physical” experience. No, you are not a physical being with a […]

Walking on New Earth

Get ready to be “lifted up.” All of the pictures of old earth and new earth have been wrong. They are shown horizontally. It will be VERTICALLY; lifted up!