Time Slips / Slippage, Splits, Shifts, & Loops

Updated on 4/7/18 Time Slips/Slippage, Splits, & Shifts Different types of time-related events are “currently” happening on Earth, which is a conundrum in itself, as there is NO TIME. These events are caused by time ending on Old Earth and the emergence of the higher vibrational New Earth. There is not going to be any […]

A SOUL Saved by Grace!

Love is a powerful tool; unconditional love is our saving grace. Every word you are about to read is true. It’s an amazing story of a Dad, his daughter, and his daughters “spirit team.” I can never emphasis enough that we are “spirit,” having a “physical” experience. No, you are not a physical being with a […]

Walking on New Earth

Get ready to be “lifted up.” All of the pictures of old earth and new earth have been wrong. They are shown horizontally. It will be VERTICALLY; lifted up!

Is it Loss, or Gain?

Most people give gratitude for the bigger things in life. It is through gratitude of the small things that make us strong.

Intra-dimensional Time Travel — Mystical Marriage

There are many forms of spiritual travel; inter-dimensional, intra-dimensional, time travel, astral-travel, and probably a few more that I haven’t yet experienced. Today, I want to talk about an intra-dimensional/time travel experience I had a couple years ago. Intra-dimensional travel is traveling within your own dimension; no body of course, but “in-spirit.” This is taken […]

Mediumship and Earthbound Entities

Updated on 11/11/18 I wrote this article some time ago, so I’m updating it to be a bit more current. I want to talk to the “Newly” Awakening Mediums, and even some of the Advanced ones, about earthbound entities, They are capable of many things. I’ve been “out-of-the-closet” spiritually for quite some time and have […]