Author: the inter-dimensional traveler

I am a Lightworker and spiritual teacher. I'm 57 years. My guides want me to write a book on inter-dimensional travel. I created this blog not only for this purpose, but for a magnitude of other spiritual experiences; many that you have never heard about. I write from a different viewpoint than most spiritual writers. I don't just talk about a topic, but I tell you how it "feels, sounds, sees, and tastes." This is NOT your usual blog; so enjoy and learn! My book when finished will be at: in the form of web pages. I wanted to be certain that it is easily attainable to all in need. "When you want to choose what's right; pick the "light."
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Great Awakening Pains?

Are you awakening to the real truth. Christians and other “religious” people are confused about what is happening to them everywhere. Are you one of them?