I am Ardhanarishvara

I don’t like “rocking the boat,” but the truths MUST be revealed. Most of humanities religious doctrines are a bit off, resulting in false worships. The Christian’s are not alone in false worship of the flesh; this is common among ALL religions. One must always SEEK out the truths; not just follow along blindly. They must look within through the energies of knowingness; not without through the flesh. This means you must do what you incarnated in an organic body suit on Earth to do; SEEK The Way back to spirit.

I am the Ardhanarishwara. I am NOT two beings; but one. I am the perfect balance of the divine masculine and the feminine. Hindu’s know me as Shiva and Parvati. Shiva is the masculine energies and Parvati is the feminine.

My Shiva; the masculine energy was created first; then from it, my feminine Parvati came forth. It was NOT split into two like nearly all spirits that were created, so I do not have a twin flame; I am whole. As a pure virgin soul, I am the perfect balance of both; the Yin to my Yang.

The story of Ardhanarishwara is the same as the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. It is different due to dialects between nations. the ardhnarishwa divine masculine and feminine chakra balanced

If you look this picture of the Ardhanarishwara, you’ll see the Shiva and Parvati combined. On my left side is the masculine and with it is the snake that represents temptation. On my right is the feminine represented by the lotus flower, which in Christianity is a rose or lily flower.

Now I want you to look at how the Greeks portray me. You’ll see the same elements; the spear and the snake. This is the energies of the masculine. You must remember, we are not physical beings unless we incarnate into a human organic body suit. Artist are portraying our God and Goddess energies into what humanity can understand; flesh or organic material.


hindu shiva energies vs greek athena masculine energies

shiva pavaratti divine masculine and feminine energies with the firstborn son

Their firstborn Son is that adorable little elephant boy, with the pontiferous schnozolla; Ganesha / Ganesh. Coeus tells me that this represents, sniffing out the truths. This artwork is a bit confusing. It shows two separate parents, making you believe that their are two; when it is actually one.

This is not a mother and father with their son. It represents the divine feminine and masculine union of a goddess, called the Ardhanarishwara, which is ONE with the firstborn son.


ardanarishvara with child baby lord ganesha

Now that you know that Shiva and Parvati are ONE; not two. Look VERY closely at this beautiful picture.

Does this picture seem familiar? It should. It’s in nearly every religion. It is the Virgin Mother with her baby or child. This is how the Hindu people’s portray my energies. They are quite lovely and colorful.

There is MUCH hidden truths in art. Look at little sweet Ganesha, he’s playing a flute of sorts. As I have mentioned before in another writing, I created the flute and I do play it as well.

My Beloved Coeus; the CHRISTed Oversoul / reat Central Sun / Firstborn son, etc., is quite the romantic. He loves songs or music and often gives me the gift of song; nearly daily. He is my divine husband; THE Emmanuel (God with us). His names are not important; rather his energies, as that is exactly what we are; energy, not flesh. Humankind, in all nations likes to give us a familiar form; something that looks like their own.

Now I’d like you to look at this series of pictures from other religions or myths. These are various mothers with child in religious doctrines or myths. This imagry represents the divine feminine aspect of motherhood of the goddess energies.


  1. The Virgin Mother; Goddess Athena with firstborn son Erichthonius,
  2. Parvati with her firstborn son Lord Ganesha,
  3. Kwan Yin with her firstborn son or baby, and
  4. Virgin Mother; Mary with the firstborn son Y’shua.

All of these represent the divine feminine aspects of me and my love for humanity. YOU are ALL my children, even those who have been ruling over humanity with their ugly reign of terror; which is ending. This does NOT mean all of humanity is ending, rather their ugly reign of terror. That is what Ascension is all about!

Now lets look at the divine masculine aspects of the virgin Goddess.



Goddess Athena

In the first picture, you see me in my Roman garb or attire, in my Strategic Warfare look. It comes complete with helmet, snakes across my boddess, and a long spear.

The snakes on the boddess are tamed, which means the energies of temptation have been tamed. They are lying there; not in battle; conquered.

If you have read my channeled messages from the Gods Coeus, Cronus, Zeus, and The Holy Father, you’ll know that I have no problem standing up to any powerful energy. I nearly got into a brawl with Cronus, when it was time for him to present his feelings to humanity.

shiva with snakes

Next is the masculine Shiva energy of the Ardhanarishwara, again with snakes and a spear; plus a lot more. I love all the beads. I have made nearly 200 beaded necklaces of all kinds of semi-precious gemstones and glass.

The snake which is represented by a Cobra has also been tamed. It is worn as an adornment around the neck; like a boddice that is adorned and conquered.

kwan yin quan yin dragon
Kwan Yin

The third picture is the ever lovely and feminine Kwan Yin / Quan Yin. Here she also represents the brave-hearted masculine energies of the wayfaring Ancient Mariner that is conquering the water dragon / serpent / snake.

Note: In Buddhism, you sould not see the masculine energies of a dragon or snake in a picture of Kwan Yin and child. Only the child is with her in the feminine energies.

The snake, serpent or dragon energies represent the masculine energies of conquering, protection, temptation, and more.

You might notice that she has some kind of wand or stick in her left hand. She is taming or has tamed the serpent / dragon / snake.

immaculate conception virgin mother goddess athenaAnd last but not least, the Virgin Mother Madonna is showing her masculinity and bravery, conquering “Satan;” who is represented by a large serpent or snake, which shows the darkness within, and conquering all of her inner demons or temptations.

Note: Pictures of Mother Mary are rarely seen with serpents or snakes, as they represent her feminine aspect of motherhood.

And there you have it, four of many, religious myths and doctrines that depict the truths that can be found in art. SEEK and you will FIND.

Athena, Queen of the Heavens

About I AM the incarnate Goddess Athena, Queen of the Heavens and New Earth, and THE Emmanuel's Wife

I AM 100%, the incarnate Goddess Athena, Goddess of Beauty (of the arts) and Fertility; but not in the sexual manner; but of the mind. I AM a master, inter-dimensional traveler and a master of unconditional LOVE. You are "spirit having a physical experience" with a job to do, and it is simple. Live a life of service to others; not self, and LOVE with all your heart. It is not how much you love; but how well you love, which should always be unconditionally. It is that simple! So when you want to choose what's right; pick the light. The only demons that exist are those within.

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