Goddess of Love

Throughout humanities ugly reign of terror, lies passions beyond belief, HOWEVER it is not in the sexual sense. I am the Goddess Athena; incarnate here to shed some light on the truths that were lost, with humanities downfall into an abyss of forgetfulness.

My Beloved twin flame and divine husband; Coeus, God of Intellect; THE Emmanuel or God with us, was nearly erased by Roman ruling powers in both Greek and Roman beliefs. The Romans desecrated the Greek religion, along with that of Christianity; changing names and MUCH more; including mine. They changed the rules of the game to that of conquest. They are a fine example of what happens, when you don’t have love, the truths, and worship false-gods or idols.

You have been told, through false doctrines that Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love; this is NOT true. The Romans fell away from true love in the light, to that of Earthly love of “stuff,” and the physical. They prayed to the wrong Goddess for the thing that they desired the most; LOVE. Instead, they got LUST, and it began to run throughout their society, at an amazing rate.

Like every flip-side of a coin, each side is quite different. The Roman took my half-sister’s name; Aphrodite and changed it to the Goddess Venus. This is another lie. Venus is NOT the Goddess of Love.

As for my half-sister, Aphrodite, she is the Goddess of Sexual Beauty and Fertility; the physical aspects of what humankind, has sadly come to know as love. They are looking for love in ALL the wrong places”; outwardly. Then they wonder, “Why me?” when everything falls apart.

I, Athena am the Goddess of Beauty. Beauty ALWAYS comes from within, and shines without like the bright morning star through the dusky sky. Why do you think that the other Gods and Goddesses follow me around? Unconditional love and the truths are highly regarded in the realms of light; they are irresistible.

Because My Beloved and I always speaks the truths of The Holy Father, and I visit The Holy Father; inter-dimensionally or in-person, I know the truths of who is the Goddess of Love.

When I was given my name on thewhite stone,” from the Book of Revelation, prior to my divine marriage to Coeus, my twin flame in the CHRISTed Kingdom, inter-dimensionally through the energies, Coeus said…

You are Goddess Athena;

Goddess of love.

He also reiterated this in another message, when he was talking about radio wave frequencies, and their affect on humankind’s 3rd and 4th eye development; or lack thereof throughout humanity.

The Goddess of LOVE that YOU are!

NOTE: These are the words from the song, also incorrectly named; Venus that was released one month after my birth in 1959, by Frankie Avalon (this name is taken from Arthurian legend.) The clues are abound; IF you SEEK them, as there are NO coincidences!

Beauty and fertility are your game.

(D) That’s like that song. You changed the words from, “won’t you tell me your name” to “beauty and fertility are your game.” You are so sweet and creative.

Fertile minds and truths, coincide together within the matrix of realities; making us able to reveal…

Here on Earth, unconditional love is wanted by all; but rarely found. Humankind felt like they left the unconditional love of The Holy Father; the one true God, when they incarnated into an organic body suit from their spirit or energy form. This vessel or cocoon that they wear, leaves them feeling alone and empty. This is unnecessary, IF you can find the love within.

The paths of righteousness, throughout all time and space as you know it, is to obtain the ultimate goal of wisdom; it’s love. Consequently, the numbers are slim; because of a lack of self-love and self-worth.

Integrity dwindles like the dusty star-lit sky at the morning sunrise; it fades.

I want all of you reading this, to get up every morning for one month and look in the mirror. Look yourself in the eyes, and say, “I love myself as much as The Holy Father.” At first it will be difficult, because you will see Him in you; he will looking back at you.

Try it, and don’t ever give up on the love of your life; YOU!

Athena, Goddess of Love and a whole lot more!



About I AM the incarnate Goddess Athena, Queen of the Heavens and New Earth, and THE Emmanuel's Wife

I AM 100%, the incarnate Goddess Athena, Goddess of Beauty (of the arts) and Fertility; but not in the sexual manner; but of the mind. I AM a master, inter-dimensional traveler and a master of unconditional LOVE. You are "spirit having a physical experience" with a job to do, and it is simple. Live a life of service to others; not self, and LOVE with all your heart. It is not how much you love; but how well you love, which should always be unconditionally. It is that simple! So when you want to choose what's right; pick the light. The only demons that exist are those within.

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