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It isn’t WHO is the AntiChrist, rather WHAT is the AntiChrist. First, one needs to understand what the word antichrist actually means, which is quite simple: against Christ. But who or what is Christ? The Bible tells us it is a person, but from what I have ascertained from the God Coeus, THE Emmanuel, CHRIST is the Kingdom; not a person.

In the God Coeus’; THE Emmanuel’s (The God with Us) messages, he talks exclusively about “the truths,” and how the changes in written materials and dialects, has greatly effected doctrines and historical information. Things are just plain wrong.

Leaving out a simple word, or modifying another can drastically change the meaning of words. This is one of the reasons that he has me act out his words, by experiencing them in my physical organic body suit.

For example, in the Bible it states “end times.” This is incorrect, as it is the end of time.  “the” and “of” were removedThe Mayans understood the concept of the end of time, and that is why their calendar ended in 2012; Ascension. Time is literally ending.

So who is the liar or antichrist that John speaks about in the Bible, in his channeled message?

Simply it is someone that does not tell the truth; or walk in the truths. That would be denying what Yeshua / Joshua / Jeshua (original Hebrew names) / Iesous (Greek name) / Jesus (English name); the fleshly incarnation of THE Emmanuel; The King of the CHRISTed Kingdom, and what he taught.

If you lie, you deny The Holy Father and the Son. Deny means to go against / anti- against.

1 John 2:22

Who is the liar? Whoever denies that Jesus is the CHRIST. Whoever denies the Father and the Son, this is the antichrist.

They left out the word of in the sentence. It should have been, Jesus is OF the Christ. This all has to do with the dialects. Here is an example in English to Spanish:

Handmade ceramic tiles (English) converted to Spanish, is this:

Azulejos de ceramica hechos a mano

However, if you read it as one word, after the other word, things get out of order, and the words don’t mean the same thing as in English:

Tiles from ceramic acts to hand.


Recently, I was thinking back of when my husband, Roger Holycross and I did some genealogy on the name Holycross. We were curious where the name originally was derived; the country and place or “realm” within it. After a bit of research, we discovered the origin of our name.

The name Holycross came from Holy Cross, which is one of five hamlets in village of Clent, in the county or realm of Worchestershire, in the kingdom or nation of England. In this part or realm of the kingdom, were numerous churches. The people from the realm of Holy Cross, took the name Holycross as their last name.

So, if I lived there long ago, people would have referred to me as, Diane of Holycross in the realm of Worchestershire, England; (the kingdom). It’s similar to Robin Hood; Robin of Sherwood (the forest) in Nottingham, England.

Knowing now that the name Jesus is an English name for the Messiah (the anointed one), one can determine that Jesus is of the realm of CHRIST; in the heavenly kingdom or light realms. It really isn’t that much of a stretch; think about it. Old dialects converted to anew.

Now that you can see how just taking out “a,” “of,” “the,” etc., can greatly change a sentence, and dialects can completely alter meanings of sentences, lets’ take a look at the antichrist, or should I say, those against the CHRISTed Kingdom.

As most of you know, there are MANY liars in the world, those that do not follow the truths of the CHRISTed Kingdom. I am probably much more aware of this than many, as my art is constantly being stolen and publicized as other’s artwork, for ill-gotten gains.

2 John 1:7

Many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh; such is the deceitful one and the antichrist.

The deceivers and deceitful one applies to liars; those spreading false-truths.

If you have read THE Emmanuel’s channeled messages, the foundation of the CHRISTed kingdom was formed, based on the truths, unconditional love, and a life of service to others. Knowing these simple rules will identify all that is NOT of the CHRIST, and there are many.

So where are all the lies coming from, and why are there so many?

First, so many people are very gullible. They believe everything they hear and see in the news and other places. Be observant around you and identify the major cause of the antichrist in today’s societies. How are all the lies being spread?

What is it that nearly all “civilized” nations, and I’m using the term loosely, have in common? I want you to think about this a bit, because it is literally destroying families and friends; or should I say, Friends and Family.

radio wave antenna send receive

It’s quite obvious from THE Emmanuel’s channeled messages; radio waves.

Emmanuel E LGPulsing energies; radio frequencies inhibit the growth structure and promote cellular decay through means of energy transference…

(D) He says that I’m mad and getting angry.

Emmanuel E LG…resulting in the decay of the humans ability to accurately receive the truths through the pineal cortex, resulting in calcification of crystalline structures; receptors to divine messages of the truths. Logically,…

(D) He has his finger up in the air.

 Emmanuel E LG…one would think the decay was from the decay of the receptors, rather it was from poor, free-will choices, made by the human collective to conform to the heightened states…

(D) Sorry, I’m distracted by an imaging coming in.

 Emmanuel E LG…of awareness.

how divine channeled messages sine waves work 1

Now, I want you to look at this picture again, because this is EXACTLY what these radio waves are inhibiting; another frequency of vibration. Your receptors or antenna are corroded or calcified, and unable to receive the signal. If you have read my article on How to Channel Through the Sacred Heart, Light Language, & Kundalini Energy, you will completely understand this diagram. The majority of humanities hearts have hardened, because of these radio waves, and poor free-will choices. The divine can no longer communicate.

girls on cell phones at a restarauntDoes your dinner table look like this? This is a FREE WILL choice through willingness, or just a lack of willpower.

I often wonder why anyone even bothers going out to dinner with friends and family members. They are all addicted or glued to their radioactive, handheld device. Some people actually text each other across the table instead of speaking to each other.

You can see it everywhere you go; walking or driving, or waiting for an appointment. Perhaps you are on your first date, and lo and behold, your date is using their electronic radio device across the dinner table. They are self-absorbed in themselves; not you. This is called a life of service to self. They are either texting someone else, or surfing the WorldWide Web.

You all know what I’m talking about. This is the mark of the beast that identifies the antichrist; WWW



What if what John saw in the Book of Revelation, which he describe as the mark of the beast on the forehead and hand of humankind; 666, were the letters www on a cell phone screen? I’m quite certain they didn’t have cell phones over 2000 years ago. It would be quite difficult to describe what he sees.

The number 6 in Hebrew converts to the letter V or W. Being Hebrew, he probably converted the numeric to the alpha.


In all truth, the Web is full of lies and deceitful information, and it is the most efficient and expedient way to spread it around. It is truly a plague on humanity when used incorrectly.

Much of humankind, especially our youths, have become unable to function, without this hand-held device. It has become an addiction and illness in more ways than one.

Something to think about…cell phones emit radio frequency energy (radio waves), a form of non-ionizing radiation, from their antennas. Tissues nearest to the antenna can absorb this energy.

The specific absorption rate that these handheld devices puts out, actually has a name; SAR. There are charts that tell you the radiation level of your cell phone. The higher the radiation, the better the reception from the signal sent. Radiation is known to cause sores in high-levels over a period time.

The government says that cellphones and cell boosters are safe, however, they want to keep humanity sick and weak; to keep them under their control. They also tell you that the foods we eat are safe, assuming you don’t misuse food and get obese, which causes illness in the body.

Remember Coeus; THE Emmanuel’s words:

Emmanuel E LGPulsing energies; radio frequencies inhibit the growth structure and promote cellular decay through means of energy transference resulting in the decay of the humans ability to accurately receive the truths through the pineal cortex, resulting in calcification of crystalline structures; the receptors to divine messages of the truths. Logically, one would think the decay was from the decay of the receptors, rather it was from poor free-will choices; made by the human collective to conform to the heightened states of awareness.

Use knowingness with wisdom and intellect. It is up to you and you alone, using your own free-will choices, whether you and your family are affected by the antichrist. Choose wisely.

The Goddess Athena; Queen of New Earth and Divine Wife of THE Emmanuel, the King of the CHRISTed Kingdom.

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