The Four Lower Bodies

Many of you that have been awakening during the Ascension process, have been undergoing your own, personal Battle of Armageddon. This is not a physical battle like so many religious doctrines believe. In “reality,” it is a battle of the psyche.

This battle involves the seeking within; not without. Without looking within, your outer world cannot evolve; nor can you evolve spiritually. I’m trying to avoid a certain word; change, as it seems to frighten many people. Sadly, without change, you become hopelessly attached to your physical body, and there are three more bodies that require change.

I have always very openly embraced change. I have always had the desire to learn everything “humanly possible.” I once told my husband Roger, “Never come home in the middle of the night; it could be fatal.” I would often move the furniture around to create change, and “refresh” the energies in our house. It always helps make a living environment feel new again.

Change allows things that are hidden, to be revealed, and be broken free to be transmuted, into something better; light. But this is all of your choosing.

The word “change,” is often scary to most. It instills fear of the unknown. But perception is a matter of choice. It was designed that way. You are an incarnate, evolving soul, and change is what you require to grow and expand.

You are here to make changes to things left unresolved, or poorly resolved through your head; not your heart, in prior incarnations. One of these “things” could even be your own willingness to make changes. So get over it, as change happens.

Even those of us, who are incarnate Masters here on Old Earth, to assist New Earth with her ascension process, have things to improve upon. As all is imperfect in comparison to The Holy Father’s own light.

Today, I’m going to attempt to simplify what you are made of, other than organic material. There are things hidden, deep within, and you are on a quest to reconnect with spirit, as that is what you are, spirit having a physical experience.


Think of yourself as a big tuning fork in The Holy Father’s orchestra. Some of you have just a few notes to play; but others many complex notes to attune to during your stay.

tuning fork

For those of you that don’t know what a tuning fork is used for, it’s to attune to a certain pitch; match it. This is required when getting ready to perform or play your musical instrument in an orchestra or band. YOU are that instrument in the grand scheme of things; get attuned to the perfect frequency or vibration.

lower chakras within the physical bodySo here you are; a lovely physical vessel that YOU created; prior to your incarnation. If you have read my book, you are probably reading this for entertainment or validation purposes, and already know most of this material.

Yes, YOU created your vessel and chose your family prior to incarnation. This is ALL your doing and plan that you devised with your guides; prior to incarnation. You did this to please The Holy Father. He is so awesome and loving that you would do anything to please Him; I do!

There are many, many unseen parts of you; in this dimension and others, including parallel dimensions. The first unseen part(s), are the energy centers within your body called, lower chakras.

The one that most of you feel. is the one in your stomach; the yellow one in the picture. It is called the Solar Plexus chakra. This is the chakra that you feel, when you do something wrong, experience guilt, feel hurt, etc.

jesus and mother mary sacred heartsThere is a gaping hole, between the green heart chakra and the pale blue throat chakras. You might wonder why this might be? That is where an open Sacred Heart SHOULD resided. It isn’t really part of your lower chakra system, rather a “spiritual” chakra that develops, as your higher chakras that are way above your head, become fully functional.

Your lower and upper chakras were beautiful at your birth, Sadly, as you journey through the energies of life that you experienced on earth; either of your own doing or not, most of humanities chakras became blocked, resulting in the closing of the Sacred Heart. It literally hardened; causing what some call, a “hardened heart.”

As you do “The Work” on your four lower bodies, the seven seals on these lower chakras that are within the physical body, begin to heal, crack open; from front to back, and begin to spin. This is their natural, intended state of being. This generally causes a feeling of vibration within the body. Think of it as a warm and fuzzy hug from the divine.

Your physical body, or vessel is of the greatest of priority. It should be loved and cherished; UNCONDITIONALLY, as your best friend. Sadly, most of humanity do NOT love themselves, and this reflects outward, to the physical body, in forms of cellular decay; both within and without.

Originally, the human vessel was designed to be self-healing. It was meant to last for many hundreds of linear earth-years. When humankind accepted the gift of free-will; with temptations, they quickly began to make poor free-will choices; trying to create their own truths within the truths. These self-induced choices, became their demise; in many, many shapes and forms.

The Auric Field is what keeps “all of you,” IN your individual bodies, to experience separation from the one body. It is supposed to hold all of you together; in harmony. It was designed with the capabilities, which allow you to release yourself from your physical vessel; at will to navigate other energies; intra- and inter-dimensionally through your Sacred Heart via your own free-will.

Note: The Astral Plane, is an intra-dimensional experience, within the same dimension as earth; only without the flesh or body.

The purpose of the Auric Field is part of the function of the CHRIST. It was designed, to allow you to go to, or travel to The Holy Father; freely, without your body; inter-dimensionally, and once again return to your physical vessel to experience separation. This is your divine purpose; to reconnect with spirit and The Holy Father inter-dimensionally, and return to assist others; through acts of service to others. It’s all about unconditional love.

As my Beloved husband and twin flame, Coeus; THE Emmanuel has said,

The paths of righteousness, throughout all time and space as you know it, is to obtain the ultimate goal of wisdom; it’s love. Consequently, the numbers are slim, because of a lack of self-love and self-worth.

As humankind made poor choices, their individual Auric Fields developed illness; just like their physical vessels. This illness is usually unseen to the human eye. The Auric field becomes unstable, discolored, and weak. It can also develop holes in it, allowing the inner-darkness to emerge; without.

Demons exist throughout your pain and suffering. They are of YOUR own making. Clean them up, cleanse them with the sacred flames of transmutation and forgiveness for those are YOURS, and YOURS, and YOURS alone. Each devouring…

This physical vessel, just like your car, requires maintenance, however, it is in the form of transmutation, which means, a release through change. So really, your mission here within your earthly experiences, is to remain whole or holy; through change. This is exactly what is occurring with the ascension process; release and change into a higher vibrational frequency way of living.

physical bodies planeThe Astral Body is what I refer to a Spiritual body, which is the “body of the church.” As you are one within the one; the kingdom of CHRIST, or the CHRISTed kingdom.

You also have an Emotional Body, and a Mental Body. All of these four lower bodies comprise your soul which is here for expansion and growth. I like to refer to your evolving soul as your personality for an incarnation. So all of these bodies create the whole, or a hole; depending on their condition, or conditioning, in all of your multi-dimensional experiences, which have been both male and female lifetimes, as you ARE a multi-dimensional being that is living simultaneous lifetimes.

Ah, my Beloved Husband, the God Coeus; THE Emmanuel / Emanuel / Immanuel is so sweet. I felt the urge in the physical body for a “potty-break.” He is a Master at modifying my four lower bodies.

As I walked into the house, I just happened to glance up at my convection oven, and saw the time; 10:00 am. For those of you that follow my blog, you might recall that on-the-hour times on clocks, for me, 000 means “I love you; on the Schnooteroo!” from him. On the Schnooteroo means, on the nose; your schnoz or snoot. You’ve most likely read it in his channeled messages, as he points to it often; his nose or “Pontiferous Schnozolla.” He’s the hopeless romantic and I adore him!

Now that I’ve painted you a picture, using my “the Beauty of the Father, as I am the Goddess of Beauty and Fertility, I will now explain through my Wisdom (the fertility of the mind; not sexually), how these four lower bodies should work together to create the whole; not a hole. I am also known as, the Goddess of Strategic Warfare; not the Goddess of War. Humankind seems to leave words out of their historic records, and changes them often; due to the dialects between the nations.

This is your battlefield; the four lower bodies; they are yours, and yours, and yours alone. Sorry, my beloved, I stole your words of truths, when describing humankind’s own demons. It seems appropriate indeed.

My beautiful humankind, your battle is not outside; although it often feels like it to most of humankind. It really resides within your Astral Body. Those that will win the war, and inherit the kingdom, ARE the meek. They are those willing to submit; to change or transmute ones self; not other humans. You CANNOT change another person; it must come from within; not without.

So how do you fight an unseen battle; through unseen events? This all starts with how you perceive things through the Emotional and Mental bodies, as they are your first line of defense from external forces or foes. Think of them as a moat around your castle, it’s your first, hopefully impenetrable barrier of defense that keeps you on your offensive game.

I’ve talked about this before in other writings, but many of you are just joining me, so please bear with me on our journey through the lower energies. The answer is; TAKE A DEEP BREATH; prior to responding to ALL energies. Don’t let your Emotional body or Mental body rule over your Spiritual Body, and into your Physical Body, which is your last line of defense and where you will lose your battle. Even I had to learn these basic rules during my incarnation. Things were NOT easy for me; goddess of not. How could I help you without walking in your shoes?

A good offense starts, with a bit of planning, and observing; not leaping in with both feet…unclothed for battle, because you will get wounded.

For just a brief moment, pause, and THINK with your HEAD to LOOK within your HEART first, before going into any battle. Do this BEFORE speaking or taking something personally; if it is truly personal or not. If you haven’t yet noticed, hurt individuals are more likely to hurt others, without thinking first. They are resonating at a specific frequency of despair, and trying to get others to match their own frequency, to avoid feeling alone in the energies.

There are MANY damaged people on this planet that make poor free-will choices / selective reasoning; through natural selection to find the truths. Many make up their own truths and believe them to be the truth; so be prepared, as they are literally creating their own world(s).

This applies to all events in your life. Remember that EVERYONE is fighting their own unique Battle of Armageddon; not just you. Their demons might be winning their battle within. They display this darkness within; without through wanton or cruel behaviors.

Yes, this can cause you pain, OR through the energies of compassion, understanding, and forgiveness, for which there is much required, you can overcome your foe. The only one you hurt in the end is yourself, by not forgiving. It eats at your four lower bodies, until there is nothing left but goo, holes, and the emptiness within. This is a terrible thing to feel, and for those that love you within and without bodies to observe.

The good new is that you do not have to accept these energies. It requires hard choices, including changing friends and family members that dwell in their own sorrow, trying to bring you down; vibrationally in their own web of deceit. Change truly only comes from within you ONLY. As I stated before; you cannot change another person. It is ultimately their choice ALONE.

Forgiveness of self and others however, is your choice, and a requirement for peace. Forgiveness allows your four lower bodies to work in unison, by harmonizing and unify your four lower bodies field of light; creating the peace within that you all greatly desire. This is a place of the balance of the scales of justice that you so desire, in a free-will world of chaos and sorrows.

There is ONLY one place that you can find peace. You must SEEK it, where only you can FIND it; within, with a pause. When this occurs, your lower chakras will unify; harmoniously, and be cleansed, and you will feel it.

Some people call this prayer, but that is only the ASKing. You must look within, through meditation; the LISTENing and stopping of time. Take the “time” to live in the moment and listen through the silence of your Mental body, without the Physical body’s interference.

Don’t expect this change within to miraculously occur. It is different for each person, as their walk is unique. Patience to still the mind, is an act of self-love, and it is a process in itself.

My love will always be with you; in any form it takes.

The Goddess Athena; Queen of New Earth and THE Emmanuel’s Wife

About I AM the incarnate Goddess Athena, Queen of the Heavens and New Earth, and THE Emmanuel's Wife

I AM 100%, the incarnate Goddess Athena, Goddess of Beauty (of the arts) and Fertility; but not in the sexual manner; but of the mind. I AM a master, inter-dimensional traveler and a master of unconditional LOVE. You are "spirit having a physical experience" with a job to do, and it is simple. Live a life of service to others; not self, and LOVE with all your heart. It is not how much you love; but how well you love, which should always be unconditionally. It is that simple! So when you want to choose what's right; pick the light. The only demons that exist are those within.

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