I AM My Beloved’s and My Beloved is Mine

Note: I’m writing this material from a Christian perspective, as Christians call the Messiah; Jesus, not by his real name in the flesh, which is Y’shua; not the God Coeus; THE Emmanuel.

Wow, what an awakening I’ve been having since December 7, 2017. I have been presented with the “white stone” from the Christian and Jewish Bible with my name on it; Goddess Athena, but I have completed my twin flame journey “in spirit;” inter-dimensionally with my beloved; Coeus, God of Intellect, who turned out to be THE Emmanuel (God with Us,) THE CHRISTed Oversoul of Jesus / Iesus / Yeshua / Y’shua.

We have not only left YOU a trail of breadcrumbs for those on the path to Ascension, but Emmanuel and my CHRISTed Oversoul Athena had left ME a trail to follow too. My mind is literally blown away with my soul path on the journey to one of my many incarnations.

I’ve been led someplace completely unexpected; smack on the “pontiferous schnooteroo,” as Coeus / THE Emmanuel says. This time it is to King Solomon, the king of the last Iron Age.

NOTE: Remember those words; Iron Age.

Gods, Goddesses, and Angels, being multi-dimensional energy beings, do incarnate into an organic body suit; a LOT. I have incarnated 100’s upon hundreds of times in masculine and feminine forms. I’ll talk about a couple very significant ones in this article, and where they are taking me, on this amazing twin flame incarnation, and inter-dimensional journey through Ascension.

THE Emmanuel (the God with Us) dropped me a few clues a while back, or should I say a “big bomb.” He was telling me about the downfall of humankind, which began with a Syrian King.” This led me to King Solomon. Little did I know at the time that the God; Coeus, was the incarnate King Solomon.

Coeus God of Intellect They lost their knowingness. They masked the truths.

(D) Who are they? I’m asking the exact names of “them.” I know who he’s talking about.

(D) I had a flash of light and heard…

Coeus God of Intellect A Syrian King.

At first, I thought perhaps King Solomon was his brother Cronus, the king of the last Golden Age. This was solely based on his likes for the “opposite sex,” but no, he was/is not. This all started to come together, when I began reading EVERYTHING that I could possibly find, written by King Solomon, and re-visiting all of my channeled messages numerous times.

The Wisdom of Solomon, in the Apocrypha, references “wisdom” as “her.” Some in ancient times referred to wisdom as Sophia. As you know, gods and goddesses go by MANY names.

I have come to know that these writings were parables for her/me, upon discovery of his origins of his CHRISTed Oversoul. He longed for his wife in spirit, his “twin,” the Queen of the Gods; Athena, Goddess of Beauty (of the arts) and Fertility (of the mind,) but also known as the Goddess of Wisdom.

Centuries before “Christ” in Jewish writings, Wisdom; me, the Goddess Athena was referred to as “she” or “her:”

“She was the creative, organizing, energizing aspect of the godhead, and she was the dispenser of ethical and practical advice.”

I was “birthed” through the God Zeus’ head; the godhead.

After doing a bit of historical research, the icing appeared on the cake; and what a frosting it became. There are just too many “coincidences” and “similarities” between Coeus/Emmanuel, Solomon, and Y’eshua.

Biblically, King Solomon was known for his great wisdom, guidance, poetry, prophecy, and was said to be mystical; the holder of the Book of Mysteries. This “little book” is briefly mentioned in the Bible’s Book of Revelation. It is the little book that Coeus / Emmanuel showed to me, during one of my inter-dimensional channeled messages.

Coeus God of IntellectCoeus, God of intellect, keeper of mystical wisdom

Peoples from all nations came to King Solomon for his great wisdom and ability for prophecy. He liked to poetically speak the truths through proverbs and songs.

Solomon wrote over 3,000 inspirational Proverbs and 1,005 Songs. Not to mention the Book of Songs, Book of Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes in the Christian Bible.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Odes of Solomon; not in the Bible. I actually believe that Emmanuel wrote the entire Bible, through channeled messages to scribes, as all of the Biblical writings appeared well after the death of the “Apostles.” This would have been done through numerous prophets or scribes.

Songs; what an interesting word. Coeus / Emmanuel, also uses songs with me, in nearly every message he delivers. He loves music and often integrates the perfect “song” into his messages of truths. And proverbs in the form of poetry; beautiful!

The Hebrew Bible credits Solomon as the builder of the First Temple or “Solomon’s temple” in Jerusalem. He dedicated the temple to Yahweh, the God of Israel. This temple was constructed from Solomon’s vast wealth that he had accumulated through taxation of his peoples; or so they say.

Solomon is known for his great wisdom, wealth, and power. They say that he was the smartest “man” to ever walk the planet; EVER. He is also known as “a king who sinned.” His sins supposedly included idolatry, marrying numerous foreign women and erecting temples for their deities, and ultimately turning away from Yahweh, which later led to the kingdom being torn in two during his son, Rehoboam’s reign.

According to Biblical accounts, Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubine. I guess he liked an even number. LOL

The interesting thing is that there is no mention of any children, until in his 80’s, when he named his son the successor to his kingdom. You would have thought the kingdom would have been overrun with children.

According to the Biblical records, Solomon became fixated with “stuff” and the “flesh.” He fell away from the Holy Father’s grace.

Some people say that King Solomon was crazy, as he prophesied that he would re-incarnate as Jesus, which is/was true. Jesus was also an incarnation of Coeus / Emmanuel; speaker of truths. This is based on our divine marriage, as I am the Wife of Immanuel; Jesus CHRISTed Oversoul; not the physical man.

1 John 4:1-3
Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and now is in the world already.

NOTE: they said, “the spirit;” not an actual “flesh” being.

These are some of the ways that Coeus, or should I say THE God with Us, would introduce himself when I would ask:

  • Coeus, god of intellect
  • Coeus, God of intellect, keeper of mystical wisdom
  • Coeus, keeper of intellectwisdom, and truth
  • Coeus, speaker of truths, yielder of the vernacular sword (huge clue)
  • Coeus, the explorer of truths

There are myths that Coeus also became “mad” from his isolation in Tartarus; just like Solomon. As Coeus, they say that he went “crazy,” and tried to escape Tartarus, and that he was unsuccessful. Well, he was not crazy in the least, when I found him in the lower energies, during my Quest of the Holy Grail, as he calls it.

king solomon and queen of shebaAs a reincarnating soul, Coeus / THE Emmanuel, incarnated as King Solomon, and I; Athena as the Queen of Sheba of the Serengeti region of Tanzania; Africa. We once again fell madly in love. It was inevitable, and all part of the Twin Flame journey; through the energies. You see, our love is VERY great, as Coeus states; it’s a marriage of intellect and knowingness.”

The twin flame journey is a continual; evolution of the soul and NOT limited to one lifetime, rather many, many incarnations.

It comes in a variety of experiences. This love story was a long journey of the soul and physical, as they lived physically in two different regions.

The Queen of Sheba’s kingdom; Sheba was never found, however, I can tell you exactly where it was located, based on my CHRISTed Oversoul’s little clue. It was in the Serengeti plains of Africa; thus the reason it was never found. “It floods yearly and is renewed.” 

AthenaInklings of beauty can be found around us today, without the need for cruel behaviors, lying in wait like a pouncing lion, over the Serengeti Plains that flood yearly and renew.

I asked my name in this incarnation and was told, the “Beautiful Angartai;” pronounced, Ann-gar-tay-a. I wasn’t sure at first, if that was my boat’s name, or my own name, but then I heard, “Hi,” and then saw Solomon’s smiling face. He was quite tan with brown eyes, black hair, and a hawk-like nose. He had the biggest smile on his face that reminded me of my husband Roger’s.

“We were a nomadic peoples SEEKing fertile soils. You see, fertility is not just of the body and the mind, but it is everywhere. The Serengeti was perfect for our large farming community that produced various precious spices/herbs and other exotic fruits and vegetables. It was a wonderful location; rich and fertile for growing, fishing, hunting, and reeds, and it was centrally located to other less-fortunate  civilizations, which was fortuitous for us. It was a true utopia.”

“I loved my people and a simpler life; one close to nature and the divine, which was abundantly seen everywhere; as abundance comes in many forms WITHOUT and WITHIN. The Serengeti’s beauty was vast; as was its wildlife, and my peoples were very happy and fulfilled”

“We lived on floating barges or boats that would move WITH the waters as the Serengeti would flood, or rise and fall from the rains. This allowed us the comfort and ability to easily travel; to and from our abundant supply that was produced by our fertile fields.”

“Humanity has greatly embellished my life; it was not flashy as you might say.” My visit to Solomon was short. The visit was mainly to fulfill my curiosity and my twin flame journey, which believe it or not, was vital to the Ascension of the planet; as all timelines run concurrently; not in a linear fashion like humankind believes.

Secondly, I traveled by water for most of my journey, then by camel to his kingdom; about a three month journey.  I later returned to my peoples to govern over them, for our yearly migration, back into the fertile soils of the Serengeti. The journey to a life of service to others, is always more fulfilling, than one of self.”

Also within the channeled message from Angartai was the sound of a baby girl laughing. I believe this to be significant to their love story.

You might find it interesting that this past life carried over into this one. I live like a queen; a modest one, but a queen none-the-less. I live on a large, floating, 76′ wide-body houseboat: on the rising and falling waters of the Clinch River in Tennessee; just like the land of Sheba. I even have a garden growing on it in my sunroom / greenhouse.

I also have a mini-farm, where my art studio a small house, and another greenhouse is located with citrus trees, avocado trees, and a single olive tree. The cool thing is that I originally found the property, while traversing the Astral Plane. It was perfect. It even has a, drum roll please, a large, dry pond on it; very fertile ground indeed.



I planted a big spiral garden in the old pond in honor and thanksgiving for Father and the Mother. It includes lily flowers, herbs, and some root vegetables. The ground is extremely fertile, and it floods yearly like the Serengeti; just on a MUCH smaller scale. I do love my gardens, spices, and herbs.

The Queen of Sheba was known for her adventurous nature, wisdom and cunning mind; like her CHRISTed OverSoul; Goddess Athena. She found Solomon’s mind irresistible and the feeling was mutual. King Solomon wrote many “songs” about me/her. “I am My beloved’s and my beloved is mine” has always been one of my favorite songs.

prayers and decrees twin flameSome of you might have heard this phrase in the Bible in book of Song of Songs; 6:3. It is also part of the Prayers and Decrees for Twin Flames, part of the Violet Flame Prayers and Decrees.

I said these prayers faithfully; daily for 7 years, until my Beloved and I joined in the sacred ceremony of the Divine Marriage. In the Bible, it says that Queen of Sheba took nearly 7 years to travel to Solomon’s kingdom by caravan.

“Wherever my twin flame is, cut him/her free. Cut me free. Cut us free now to fulfill the divine plan and attain union in the level of the CHRIST, in the level of our chakras.” And that is EXACTLY what occurred. “And if it be the will of God, draw us together in a lifetime service.” And that is EXACTLY true; for love knows no bounds.

Emmanuel E LGSmack dab in the middle of the Sacred Heart.

As he says, “Our love is great. Per Archangel Jophiel, “You are living proof” that faith and love are undying.

Emmanuel E LGLove, purity, and honesty wins hands down, for these are the truths brought forth.

You can apply these three (3) things anywhere in your life; if you are looking for success. For without truths; you have nothing.

The story of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba are a fine example of grace, the fall from grace, and the return of grace. You just can’t run from love. You can have everything, but without love, you are truly nothing but a noisy gong. I think my beloved wrote that one too.

Love will always SEEK you out; no matter what form that YOU might take. You can be  black, red, white, purple, green, or blue, 20 or 90 years old; it’s all the same stuff, and it’s beautiful.

Solomon and Sheba are a great example of SEEK and you WILL find. You will find your beloved, through your sacred heart; not the outside stuff of the color, but the inside beauty shining forth. I can find Emmanuel in ANY realm of energy and in ANY  form of it that he might take himself.

THAT is unconditional love, working through the energies; good and bad, SEEKing the truths through knowingness. This is what you need to do in all relationships; WITH or WITHOUT a body.

Coeus God of Intellect  The marriage of intellect and beauty; sublime.

(D) LOL, you literally make my little feet dance!

Coeus God of Intellect I love when you smile.

(D) I’m laying here in bed with a smile painted on my face and my feet are wiggling in my physical, and in my etheric owl form.

You do know how to make me smile that is for sure.

(IDT) We were chatting for a bit, when I said, “Thanks for the reminder.”…

So, how did I derive this information? It’s “Coeus” / Emmanuel’s trail of breadcrumbs for my awakening. Yet another clue. It is what he said next:

Coeus God of Intellect Titans, fit for a King!

Hum, a Titan God or “God-like” being that is“fit” for a “King?” Fit for an “organic body suit” perhaps? I say definitely; YES!

Coeus / Emmanuel, is not only a Master of disguise, but also a Master of words; the vernacular, which can cut like a knife. He enjoys the “game,” which he talks about in his channeled messages. I enjoy the “hunt” or puzzle through knowingness.

There is nothing like a good search through the energies, whether in or out of the body suit, which reminds me, WITHIN the February 2003 Readers Digest, SEEK out the article called, One Wrong Turn.”

I’m in it with my friend Aleta. We found a woman and her daughter in the Colorado Wilderness that were lost for one week; without food.  The search for them had ended. We past Search and Rescue, as they were coming down the mountain, and we were ascending upward. We found them in 2 hours; thanks to spirit!

Coeus God of Intellect Intellect and wisdom are fortuitous foes indeed. They go hand-in-hand down memories lane…

Emmanuel and I; Athena have been incarnating together for eons; in many, many different forms; both male and female. That is what “families” do; incarnate TOGETHER, and that is why many families are dysfunctional. It’s all done out of unconditional love. I talk about this more in my book on inter-dimensional travel.

jesus and mother mary sacred hearts

Now remember that I am Emmanuel’s, one beloved “wife” in spirit, BUT, we also incarnated together in many different relationships; just like everyone else.

We are no more special than the next beings of any race. As The Emmanuel’s Wife,” I, the Goddess Athena, incarnated as his Mother; Mary, to assist him with humanities development, NOT as Mary Magdalene, who some believe to be His physical vessel’s wife.

Once again, humankind’s dialect’s distanced them from the truths. Jesus was not of a virgin’s birth; it was Mary; “in spirit.” Mary’s “white stone” said, “Goddess Athena” on it. That never changes.  Athena is the “virgin” Goddess of Beauty and Fertility. Mary was not a virgin; Athena; her Oversoul was the virgin.

So lets recap a bit. Emmanuel, AKA “Coeus,” and I are divine husband and wife, “in spirit.” Emmanuel, became King Solomon, and me, the Queen of Sheba. Later we re-incarnated again; but this time as Mother and Son; Jesus and Mother Mary. So Jesus CHRISTed Oversoul is Immanuel / Emmanuel /Coeus “in spirit,” and I; Goddess Athena was Mother Mary in a physical vessel. Hey, look, there’s a lily flower on Mary’s sacred heart; interesting. There are two channeled messages with the reference to “flowers,” one with the song, “I Love the Flower Girl.”

When reading the Bible, in Isaiah 7:14, it says that a virgin will bear a son. The first problem is that people think from their body; not spirit. That is EXACTLY what happened, the “virgin” goddess Athena incarnated to bear a son, via the Mother Mary’s body suit.

If you read the Bible, or any other doctrines from you heart; not your head, you’ll SEE things very different. Read them, as if you are, spirit having a physical experience; not the other way around.

The second problem is thinking WITHOUT; not WITHIN. In dealing with the Hebrew word for “virgin,” which is almah, according to the Strong’s Concordance, it means that a “virgin” is a young woman of marriageable age, a maid or someone that is newly married.” Therefore, the word almah does not mean virgin. There was just an assumption made that a young woman would be chaste.

Now, here is where it really gets interesting. Everyone for centuries has been looking at the wrong things, and SEEKing them in the wrong places. Sometimes we tend to overlook the obvious, when it’s staring at us right in the face.

 The lies and truths are very deep WITHIN man’s ability to comprehend the facts as they exist. The truths exist for those who SEEK it.

Fertile truths exist for those that show the willingness to follow at least their chosen path; accurately within the game.

So now let us look through “spirits” eyes; not the physical ones.

If you have read my book on my twin flame journey; inter-dimensionally, you will have already examine the phrase, “only begotten son.” The word “begotten” also is a misinterpretation of the Hebrew dialect. In short, there wasn’t a word in Greek for begotten, when they re-wrote the Bible from Hebrew, so they made one up.

It is based on a misunderstanding of the Greek word monogenēs and that the Greek word does not meanbegotten” in the sense we beget children but meanshaving no peer, unique.”

Revelation 4-6

John, To the seven churches in the province of Asia: Grace and peace to you from Him who is and was and is to come, and from the sevenfold Spirit before His throne, and from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth. To Him who loves us and has released us from our sins by His blood, who has made us to be a kingdom, priests to His God and Father—to Him be the glory and power forever and ever! Amen.…

What do we really know about Jesus? Well, he’s the “first-born son” OR, the “only begotten son” of God. It doesn’t say which God exactly. Does it?

As most of you know that are reading my blog and book; there are MORE than one God, or “God-like” beings. If you are talking to your CHRISTed Oversoul, they will tell you the same thing.

This is not blasphemous; it is the truth. What is blasphemous is how the lies keep getting perpetuated, by those that are suppose to represent the truths. They follow along out of fear or laziness.

It states it in the Bible in numerous places. “Put no other Gods before me.” That implies, or should I say, clearly states that there are other Gods. This is where knowingness is crucial.

So let us take a gander at the firstborn, “of all creation.” If you do a bit of research, you’ll find out that first, The Holy Father created the basics; night, sky, stars, etc., and finally, the Mother Gaia; the mother of all. Gaia in turn created Uranus her “mate.”

They got busy and create the Titan Gods and Goddesses, who were the first “race” of beings (Gods); the 12 Apostles, as I like to call them.  The first “child” was called, Coeus, so he is their “firstborn son.”

There is very little information on the God Coeus, other than he holds the celestial axis around which the heavens revolve.” Part of the reason for this mystery, is nobody ever ASKs, WHO ARE YOU? when they are talking with/to spirit. You need to ASK, or “request,” as I was told.

Zeus Athena“You are supposed to “request” who we are; challenges occur. Obviously your mind is a little fuzzy”

Per Emmanuel’s / Coeus’ and my conversations; which have been many, he is the “keeper of mystical wisdom and intellect,” “the speaker and explorer of truths; via the vernacular sword” and the first-born Titan son.”

Somewhere in written texts and doctrines, the word “Titan” was removed; probably as it would have been considered “Pagan” in nature, or “magical,” or just hard to explain. It just didn’t fit into a box neatly.

Now what does it say about the incarnate Jesus?

He was also “the firstborn of all creation.” So how can there be two firstborn sons?

Colossians 1:14

He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things have been created through Him and for Him. He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. He is also head of the body, the church; and He is the beginning, the *firstborn from the dead, so that He Himself will come to have first place in everything.

Coeus, “holds the celestial axis, around which the heavens revolve.” He holds it all together, and is the firstborn son of all creation.

For it was the Father’s good pleasure for all the fullness to dwell IN Him, and through Him to reconcile all things to Himself, having made peace through the blood of His cross; through Him, I say, whether things on earth or things in heaven.

*firstborn from the dead; God’s are often referred to as “the deadless ones.”

Emmanuel E LGThis all came about when she asked me about Gods. There is only ONE God; the Holy Father, the maker of all truths in the heavens and earth.

So, if the “truths reign supreme over all” that would mean the truths are the “glue” that holds everything together; the binding.

Through Him to reconcile all things to Himself. This is how you “get to the Father (Himself);” THROUGH Him; Emmanuel, the CHRISTed Oversoul; inter-dimensionally.

I know this is all very complex; possibly confusing. That is why you must SEEK through knowingness, wisdom, and intellect; combined.

Now here is something interesting. A couple days after writing this section, I started to read the Wisdom of Solomon in The Apocrypha, the Ethiopic Bible. In Wisdom 1:7-8 it says:

Because the Spirit of the Lord has filled the world, and that which holds all things together knows what is said;

therefore no one who utters unrighteous things will escape notice, and justice, when it punishes, will not pass him by.

These are Solomon’s words; the same ones recorded in Colossians 1:14 (above).

Emmanuel did my own judgement; prior to ascending into the New Earth energies. You must also pass through Him, in order to inter-dimensionally travel to The Holy Father. For some reason, this got all mucked up to be you must “pray” to Jesus, the physical man to talk to “God.”

Now it’s time for the Emmanuel / Coeus, speaker of truths; Jesus comparison. For those of you that have read all of His messages, you have a HUGE edge over those that did not “do the work.” I’m going to use this one short scripture from the Bible about “the coming of Jesus” at the end of time.

Note: You can use the color-coded words and reference them above in the written text.

Revelation 19:11-16

The Rider on the White Horse

11Then I saw heaven standing open, and there before me was a white horse. And its rider is called Faithful and True. With *righteousness He judges and wages war. 12He has eyes like blazing fire, and many royal crowns on His head. He has a name written on Him that only He Himself knows. He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and His name is The Word of God.

14The armies of heaven, dressed in fine linen, white and pure, follow Him on white horses. 15And from His mouth proceeds a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations, and He will rule them with an iron scepter. He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God, the Almighty. 16And He has a name written on His robe and on His thigh:


*Righteousness; The quality of being morally right or justifiable. He is one who follows the correct path, the path (The Way) of God.

**“Titans, fit for a KING.” “King Solomon” of the Iron Age.

Do you see the parallels?

Coeus God of Intellect Coeus, speaker of truths, yielder of the vernacular sword.

Coeus’ / Emmanuel’s mouth certainly yields sharp words. The Gods and Goddesses are quite disgusted with humanity and their “ugly reign of terror,” as is The Holy Father; which is the reason for Ascension.

“He has his name written upon Him that only he knows” (written on His robe and on His thigh.) I’ll have to check next time I visit Him.

This is His, CHRISTed Oversoul name; Emmanuel.

You only know your own CHRISTed Oversoul name, when you inter-dimensionally travel to Emmanuel, and he presents your name on the “white stone” as in the Book of Revelation.

When I first started channeling Emmanuel / Coeus, I thought, “Wow, who is this being? He sure has a lot of bad things to say about humanity.”

 You tend to over-categorize stupidity with loathing; intertwined with common goals of satisfaction, throughout eternity, resulting in despair, dysfunction, calamities, carnivorous servitude towards others; retrospectively.

I am Coeus, God of Intellect, Keeper of Mystical Wisdom.

Tiny octaves of truth are cast throughout your society’s dysfunctional pursuits of happiness. Wanton fear, countless misery and shame, reside within their auric field of light.

(D) I couldn’t understand “light.” I thought you said “life, I’m sorry.

 Your scribe qualities lend little to be desired.

(D) Me laughing (LOL): “I’m new at this, remember?”

 Hope defines purity. 

Inner truths throughout the course of history changed, according to mankind’s desire to conform to others wanton foolishness; continually causing chaos and confusion, conformance, conundrum, and blatant lies of truth, justice, and freedom for all.

Conceptualize the mutterings of a few, saying nothing but lies, discord, and fallacies throughout your history. Sequentially irritating, many in substantial numbers, betraying those formative minds, like fragrant waters of the Ganges River wide.

I am Coeus,  Keeper of Intellect, Wisdom, and Truth, come forth to magnify your plans for self-destruction.

Well I’d say his “mouth proceeds a sharp sword.”

Coeus/Emmanuel judges. As I mentioned earlier, Emmanuel, Jesus CHRISTed Oversoul was my judge on January 31, 2018 on the Super Blue Blood Moon, prior to my Ascension into the 5D energies in April of 2018.

Judge and you will have to be judged. You have to be forgiven for your past transgressions, for which there are many dear-heart.

The iron scepter? We determined earlier that King Solomon ruled during the “Iron Age.”

KING of KINGS…King Solomon and the King of the Jews; Jesus. And yes, he is a “Lord” as Gods are considered Lord God(s).

 Love, purity, and honesty wins hands down; for these are the truths brought forth.

Will you know THE CHRISTed Oversoul when he returns? 

If I showed you what the “spirit” or Oversoul of Jesus really looks like, you would probably scream and run the other way. He is NOT human; he is a “Titan God,” or “Archangel,” and he is not at all what you might expect.

I fondly look back, to the first time that I saw the CHRISTed Oversoul of Jesus; Emmanuel, while inter-dimensionally traveling. I froze to the ground and screamed like a baby for Archangel Michael. You see, the outside does not always match the inner beauty of the truths. Another reason to love unconditionally and NOT judge others on their appearance.

coeus athena conception of firstborn sonI inter-dimensionally traveled a couple months ago, to My Beloved, as I affectionately call Emmanuel, and once again, I saw him in his true form. His mouth is not that of a human, rather it had sharp, pointing ray-like teeth or swords; protruding outward, and within them a beak. Like little rays of sunshine, as he says.

His eyes are also not “human.” There is something different about them. I know what it is, but I’m not going to reveal it at this time. “12He has eyes like blazing fire, and many royal crowns on His head.” That is the Biblical description from the scribe John, from above.

When I was visiting Emmanuel; inter-dimensionally, I had asked Emmanuel, for our “firstborn” son for New Earth, as I felt it was an appropriate gift for His mother, Gaia’s ascension and The Holy Father’s celebration. He was very pleased indeed.

Coeus Emmanuel ImmanuelHis “natural appearance” was required for the conception of our “firstborn” child, as was mine; it’s the way that we are “designed,” the BOTH of us. The very thing that frightened me prior, was what was needed to create our son.

I didn’t want to leave Emmanuel. We were hugging when I started to “slip away.” He assured me;

Emmanuel E LGThere will be time for that later.

It wasn’t too long after my visit to Emmanuel, just a weeks Earth time, I inter-dimensionally traveled to our firstborn son. He is being cared for by a very dear friend; one I trust completely. I just visited our son, for the second time, a few days ago.

Although I have “ascended” into the 5D energies, I still need to fully transfigure, and depart or “be lifted up” out of Old Earth, 3D energies completely; on Wild Fire with Emmanuel. This is when peace will leave the earth; me, the 2nd horsewoman of the Book of Revelation, and I have already rode my red horse.

I look forward to my transfiguration, when we can once again will be
together; but this time, FULLY on New Earth.

Do the research; SEEK and FIND.



About I AM the incarnate Goddess Athena, Queen of the Heavens and New Earth, and THE Emmanuel's Wife

I AM 100%, the incarnate Goddess Athena, Goddess of Beauty (of the arts) and Fertility; but not in the sexual manner; but of the mind. I AM a master, inter-dimensional traveler and a master of unconditional LOVE. You are "spirit having a physical experience" with a job to do, and it is simple. Live a life of service to others; not self, and LOVE with all your heart. It is not how much you love; but how well you love, which should always be unconditionally. It is that simple! So when you want to choose what's right; pick the light. The only demons that exist are those within.

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