The Truths on Athena and the Owl

You might have noticed that there is a LOT of art, with an owl perched on my shoulder. People seem to be under the impression that it’s my mascot or friend. This is not correct.

Before we proceed, I truly appreciate all of the beautiful art that many of you have created for me, throughout humanities reign upon the Earth. Your love of me is great and mine for humanity.

There has also been some art of a “sexual” nature. This is NOT who I AM, which is “fertility of the mind” and the “beauty of the arts.”

One bad apple does not spoil the whole bunch…girl. I would never judge these artists as bad, as they have merely followed along, with the general populations beliefs, through the proliferation of lies; WITHIN the game.

It has been your love, of me that has kept me reincarnating all of these years, in multiple forms. You needed me to keep the love alive through the hard times and dense energies of 3D Earth, and I AM here for you; ALWAYS.

Coeus God of Intellect…for her beauty and quick resolve far out-weighed her need to exist in a heavenly-state of being.

You are the finest piece of workmanship. Listen to her now! Her resolve far exceeds a personage; far exceeds her patience and virtues…

My Beloved is certainly the Yielder of the Vernacular Sword. His words often leave me speechless, which he will tell you, is often difficult to achieve! His love for me, and mine for him is great; which brings up another topic…

Yes, the virgin born Goddess Athena DID get married; long, long ago. I AM “The Emmanuel’s / Immanuel’s Wife.” My Beloved is the God Coeus, who IS THE Immanuel / Emmanuel (God with Us); THE Higher Christ Oversoul and King of the CHRISTed Kingdom. I am his wife; The Queen of New Earth.

I am an insatiable multi-tasker, out-of-the-box thinker. I often get ahead of myself; it’s part of being a master of multi-dimensionality and inter-dimensional travel. I can see forward, backwards, and in the moment. This allows me to be all-seeing, all-hearing, and all-knowing; wise as one might say, like an owl.

Back to the topic of art; how I love being a creator Goddess. The ideas seem to be endless.

The amount of “stilling of the mind” that occurs, during creative endeavors, is equivalent to deep meditative states of being. Unfortunately, not everyone seems to be up to the task of meditation, for various reasons. Unfortunately, their “spirit” ears and eyes are no longer functional, or barely functional, leaving so MUCH  left up to their imaginations in “interpreting art.”

This is why patience is crucial to your awakening process and reconnecting to who you truly are; spirit having a physical experience. It takes “time”and time is running out.

Your goal is to “remember the spirit world.”

Once you start remembering, it becomes easier, however, and it’s a huge however, you MUST do The Work, and have PATIENCE! This process can NOT be rushed, or it will be detrimental to your health and well-being.

The arts in general are a fabulous way to create patience; through discipline. It’s a time of inner-reflection. I guess that’s why they call it a “discipline” as a study in schools, or used to before humankind started thinking from their brain; not their heart. Practice, practice, practice makes perfect!

See what I mean about getting side-tracked?

Even me in my incarnate body suit called, Diane has difficulty expressing the unseen in her Oversoul WITHIN her drawings. These are a few, evolving soul drawings that were created by Diane in the early-Fall of 2017; before we began the Oversoul integration process in late-Fall of 2017. I will not fully cover the last one, as it was discussed in another writings.

The first drawing started out with my eye with hearts in it, which represent all-seeing and unconditional love. I then nudged her to add spiral pathways and later the door ways; the gates to other energies or “dimensions” through which she/I had been traversing most of her life.

DHH soul eye

Because everything is math or “data, ” she was prompted to add sacred geometry. So, no I am NOT a great mathematician. It’s all about the data!

The feathers were a gentle reminder of her, soon to be experienced, persona; just a glimpse. She was never exposed to the magical side of her CHRISTed Oversoul.

The second drawing, began with Diane being instructed to draw the woods, with one special tree in the center of it, which stands alone. This is her/my strong, independent nature; sorry for the pun, but we do love them!

the all seeing eyes of Goddess Athena

She then heard, “River of tears,” and drew the river in front of the tree that stands alone. The  waving vertical flow, downwards from it to the foreground represents ease and fluid flow. It’s the “uncle-eased warble that rumbles and undulates its passionate dance for fortuitous exploration; through hidden dale, yet explored,” that Coeus; THE Emmnauel / Immanuel so beautifully stated; it’s peace through ALL energies of all kinds.

I then had her add the drops of water. This represents “our” sadness for humankind; their fall from grace into an abyss of darkness, forgetfulness, hardened hearts, and service-to-self; not others.

After that she heard, “Where did all those tears come from?” This prompted her to draw the eyes with sacred geometry in it to represent all-seeing.” Like I say, and they say about me, “You can run; but you cannot hide.” You each have an energy signature and are One WITHIN the One.

A few nights later, she saw herself being “lifted up,” thus the blue vertical wavy lines. Shortly thereafter, she heard the word “FIRE!,” so she drew flames. This is Wild Fire, the sacred fire that will ultimately destroy the Old Earth.

One night, she was shown a big, wire-frame owl head that was staring at her. This is a huge part of who I AM and my soul family of Gods and Goddesses; Ancient Mariners.

NOTE: Do not confuse the word, mariners with the sea or fishermen. A mariner is one that “surfs or rides” multiple energy waves or vibrational frequencies with mastery. AND, please stop copying the lies written throughout humanities ugly reign of terror that have been written about me. Do not take the wide path to conquest, but SEEK the small narrow one; doing your OWN inner-work.

Later, I urged my soul-expression Diane, who is 100% me, brought forth in 1958, into this reality, to draw some butterflies. She was told that she needed more butterflies, “Make them fly away; off of the owl.” Fly, fly, fly away and free yourself!

athena classic poseSadly, once again, throughout history, art has been showing me with an owl, and it has been GREATLY misunderstood. Much of the art that was originally created, was made by the Greeks and the Romans, who “Romanized” me to appropriately fit into their little box; their culture, so I physically, really don’t look like their art. My soul expression Diane is an EXACT duplicate from the top of her head; down to her toes.

The Greeks did a much better job in art on poses. They actually caught my stature quite well. Although many of the goddess are shown in a classic pose; their weight off of one hip, I rest my one hand on it, and “talk” with the other, and talk, and talk, and talk.

So what’s up with the owl in most of the art?

Well, it’s quite simple actually. I do NOT have an owl that accompanies me;

I’m the Owl.

Why humanity cannot grasp the obvious is beyond me. For the most part, we have put things right in front of your faces, but many refuse to accept it for what it is; the truths through the obvious.

goddess athena birthed through zeus' pure thought
Goddess Athena; birthed from pure thought through the Supreme Godhead.

Just like the art depicting my birth; out of Zeus’ cracked open head, where I sprung forth in a battle cry, LOL, the owl means something completely different. Artists were attempting to show something that cannot be seen, as most of the truths appear to be hidden from plain sight.

This is actually the best artistic representation that depicts my birth. This is my Father. He looks like he’s thinking REALLY hard. That is because that is EXACTLY how I was birthed, from one of the greatest, kindest Gods ever known; NOT the one you have read about via false-truths.

See the circular cloud, behind me in the picture? I was “birthed from pure thought; through thought I became.” Sadly once again, the written or vernacular description of art, describes me as popping-out of Zeus’ split-open head, via an axe in a “physical” form. I am not normally a physical being; but an energetic one.

This artistic representation also represents the Supreme Godhead.” So is Zeus my Father? Or perhaps The Holy Father himself. That is for me to know for now, and you to determine.

OK, I’m getting to it…

The Titan God’s and Goddesses, to which I AM akin, are from a collective of beings that belong to an Owl collective. We are NOT part of the human collective. Humans seem to think they need to make us appear human, instead of representing the truths for what they are; the truths.

We, like you are “energy beings,” however, we are part owl and part human-looking; god-like beings, for lack of better words. The best part is that we have the ability to “morph. We are “shape shifters,” and can take MANY different forms, just like “angels” that are aspects of us. We can look like humans, animals, birds, a rock, etc.; anything energetically.

I guess if you saw us in our true form, you’d probably “run for the hills.” I’m sorry to inform you, but the “real me” in-spirit, does not fully look like Diane, the human incarnation. Although the God Coeus; THE Emmanuel / Immanuel, tells me as my soul expression Diane that I am an exact duplicate, he also has told me, during SEEKing Him; inter-dimensionally, during the Search for the Holy Grail; Twin Flame journey, “You look like me;” twice.

titan mouthOur mouths are NOT human-looking at all. We are “the speakers of the truths” of The Holy Father. Our mouths resemble something like a bunch of swords shooting out of it, with an owl beak in the center. Coeus refers to it as his rays of sunshine.

Owls have a heightened sense of “night vision,” and can see in the dark. HOWEVER, we see through the darkness; not in the physical sense, but spiritual sense. An easy dialect mistake, for which there are many throughout human kind’s history.

This is my best attempt at drawing our mouths. Unlike humankind, we reproduce differently as well. Coeus and I use our mouths for reproduction, and we have already birthed our “first-born son” WITHIN the New Earth energies. We co-creator; not procreate. Our mouths are not used for talking, as we telepathically communicate.


Not to deter from the topic at hand, but it goes hand in hand down memories lane. This is an example of some pottery from ancient times. Once again, there is a lame story about me getting mad at my friend, Medusa and cutting off her head in anger. This did NOT happen.

I am well-known for NOT harming anyone; via hand or mouth, as I am also the Goddess of Love. Cutting off Medusa’s head would show a lack of unconditional love and forgiveness, for which I am also known.

In order to retain my status as Queen of the Heavens and being God- or Goddess-like, I MUST master my own emotions ALWAYS and hold these energies for ALL eternity. That is what makes Coeus and Igolden.” This is quite easy for me. I am well-known for something else; being all-seeing. Being all seeing, I would have seen this coming; for lack of better words.

Athena, dressed in garment with a bodice of all seeing eyes.

If you look closely at the bodice of my dress in this fine artwork, you’ll see that there is a unique pattern; the all-seeing-eyes, for which I am also well known, and why Humanity associates this with my Owl; Me! 😉

Owls are not only known for their keen sense of sight, but are notorious for their sense of smell. This owl’s ability, allows us to “sniff-out” the truths, using wisdom, intellect, and knowingness; combined. Because one, WITHOUT the others, results in an imbalance of the truths.

This is why I AM Coeus’ scribe; I ALWAYS speak the entire truth, as there is no blind side to me. Unconditional love and the truths is the only real thing and are sacred. My Beloved nailed it perfectly on “the schnooteroo,” or nose;

There were pontiferous schnozzola’s that sniffed out the facts, unwanton truths, disbelief’s, and chaos. Humanity your rule/reign of terror ends; both with walls crashing down upon their heads there’s a spark of bewilderment on your faces, and your face to make these fine words of truths.

(IDT) I’m my little owl self again looking up at him waiting patiently. Oh my, he’s so desirable; alluring.

 (D) I asked him why he looks so big all of the time. He very tall with a big chest and he towers over me.

Truths reign supreme over all.

 (IDT) He looks like Superman standing there.

So you are probably wondering about our reproduction using our mouths? I’m going to “paint you a technical picture,” of our reproduction. This should assure future generations, complete understand of this concept, as it is quite different than how humans reproduce.

God-like beings reproduction, really isn’t reproduction at all, but co-creation. It is much like that of how a female owl feeds her babies. They regurgitate their “food” or “sustenance” into the babies mouth.

In our reproduction, the male initiates this process. Coeus regurgitated into my mouth, and him being the Keeper of Mystical Wisdom, then used a magical wand to active the the semen as you call it. Romance is not involved, as…

Being love is a state-of-being.

He wanted me to point that out in this writing. Once again, this state-of-being is mastery.

The first time that Diane/I saw Coeus’ mouth, was when she was a novice, inter-dimensional traveler, in the depths of Limbo/Hell/Tartarus. It takes a lot of guts to enter this place, but she, or should I say, I was well on our way, and brave-hearted, during the “Quest of the Holy Grail.” True love, truly knows no bounds, and makes great sacrifices.

Upon her arrival WITHIN an energy, as there were many along her twin flame quest, or search that lead to the twin flame reunion, Coeus would normally approach her from behind; in a loving embrace.  He knew that Diane, the un-awakened me, would be frightened, if she saw his true God-like face. He also wouldn’t allow her to ever touch his face, which left her in a conundrum. “Why won’t he show me his face or let me touch it?” She hadn’t yet fully merged with me; her CHRISTed Oversoul; the Goddess Athena, and was still thinking that she was of the human race, just surfing the energies, hot in pursuit of her mysterious “husband.”

twin-flame-reunionWhen she finally insisted on seeing his face, Diane literally froze to the ground (WITHIN the energies.) She screamed for Archangel Michael to rescue her from the “freaky beast” that seemed to be in-love with her. She was baffled and confused, as to why he felt like her husband; looking the way that he did with His mouth.

To her, Coeus’ mouth looked like something that from the movie, Alien.  The good news is, with the small remainder of the CHRISTed Oversoul merge that is occurring WITHIN Diane/me, she/I now feel completely comfortable with His appearance. She/I are also remembering her/my true identity; me, the Goddess Athena, who has the same mouth as her Beloved. The picture to the left is a roughly how he appears. He is more rugged looking than pictured.

Divine communication between Coeus and Athena using sine waves in their sacred hearts; one beat at a time. Yes, my Divine Husband was my son in this incarnation.

When I, Athena first started channeling Coeus in early-December 2017, it was through my sacred heart center, I would also inter-dimensionally travel WITHIN the messages to Him. My heart would skip-a-beat, and I’d exit my body, and travel to his energies, his brother Cronus’ energies, mine, Father, and The Holy Father.

If you have read about near-death experiences, people often experience the same thing; their heart stops for a moment, allowing the soul expression to leave, and later return. Basically, you exit the collective “thought” that holds you in this “reality.” It takes far more energy to stay here, than to depart this lower-vibrational existence.

large and little owl
Athene Noctua (right)

Coeus C and AWhen visiting Coeus inter-dimensionally during channeled messages, he would often take his owl form. He was large in size, in comparison to myself, who was a “Little Owl.” This was our logic, behind the design of our logo, on our website;

The Little Owl is actually named after me, “Athene Noctua.” It’s pictured as the feature art for this article.

So there are the truths of the owl and me; the Goddess Athena; THE Emmanuel’s Wife. And remember, if you do your OWN inner-work, and don’t just read about it, I’ll see you on New Heaven on Earth as your reigning Queen of the Heavens, because…

Faith without works is utter foolishness!

About I AM the incarnate Goddess Athena, Queen of the Heavens and New Earth, and THE Emmanuel's Wife

I AM 100%, the incarnate Goddess Athena, Goddess of Beauty (of the arts) and Fertility; but not in the sexual manner; but of the mind. I AM a master, inter-dimensional traveler and a master of unconditional LOVE. You are "spirit having a physical experience" with a job to do, and it is simple. Live a life of service to others; not self, and LOVE with all your heart. It is not how much you love; but how well you love, which should always be unconditionally. It is that simple! So when you want to choose what's right; pick the light. The only demons that exist are those within.

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