Goddess Athena on Butterflies


For those of you diligently following my website, my WordPress articles, and reading my FREE book on inter-dimensional travel, you probably already know the spiritual significance of the butterfly or butterflies from reading the Channeled messages from my Beloved Immanuel; Coeus, his brother Cronus, and me; Athena.

The truths have been hidden for so long; especially about me; the Goddess Athena, Goddess of Beauty and Fertility. There have been a LOT of untruths spread about me on the Internet that require clarification.

I have written a little about these errors, and will have a series of articles coming out on this blog. I always say that it is easier to do the wrong thing than the right. Humanity just keeps copying the lies, instead of SEEKing the truths.

Today, we will talk about butterflies. Coeus and I often use butterflies in our proverbs; stories, or parables. For some reason humanity has been clueless about my friends; the butterfly.

butterfly mosaic ceramic tilesThe butterfly has always been important to my vessel, Diane; even as a small child. Most of her life, her outlook on the physical, has been compared to that of the butterfly; awaiting to emerge from its sleep in its cocoon into its CHRISTed Oversoul; me.

Even Medium’s would ask her about the butterflies that they were seeing around her. In total honesty, she couldn’t answer them to their satisfaction; they were seeing her Oversoul, and were a bit confused by her light. They even told her about my rape as a child; they thought that she was raped and she was not; it was me.

Let’s take a look at the creation of a butterfly. It is nearly as wonderful, as what humankind is attempting, with their own DNA that is evolving.

WITHIN, the developing cocoon, the butterfly is going through a truly amazing metamorphosis. It starts out as a basic caterpillar that is completely stripped of it’s self. Over time, it transforms into a pulpa or goo that later magically morphs into a beautiful butterfly; as true beauty is found WITHIN.

SEEKing the day that it will know freedom, it struggles to emerge from its cocoon. With persistence, it wins the battle, and spreads its wings; into a magnificent work of art.

butterfly emerging

Upon it’s emergence from it’s sleeping state of amnesia, the butterfly stretches its wings to fly. It flutters by, from here to there, SEEKing the sweet nectar’s of life; wherever it may FIND it. Obviously, it prefers the sweeter flowers, over the not-so-sweet flowers that leave a bitter taste in its mouth. Upon a bad tasting, it just moves on to another flower, not thinking of the one that wasn’t as appealing.

Nothing seems to deter a butterfly from its course, it is a Master of peace. Peace comes from WITHIN; not WITHOUT and the butterfly lives in the moment. It doesn’t look to the other butterflies to find peace, it has mastered how to find that sweet flower WITHIN; period.

Your mission, is to become a “Peace Ambassador,” and emerge triumphant; like the butterfly. Become a thing of beauty that emanates outward. Become the light for others to see through your beauty that you create WITHIN and WITHOUT.

Coeus God of IntellectFloating effortlessly on the breeze like a butterfly WITHIN existence.

That is exactly how our lives should be, effortless; WITHIN existence. Not letting it affect our peace. It’s amazing how writing “effortless within existence” as “effortless; WITHIN existence, can change the meaning of something.

Finding peace, is finding the blessings in the discordant energies WITHIN society; within the smallest of places. There is ALWAYS a blessing in ALL lessons; if you SEEK it out. Let your flowers not be bitter; but sweet optimism.

Coeus God of Intellect The human vessel surrounds itself with decay, solitude, solidity, and loathing.

Stop letting others influence the truths. TURN OFF the radio, computer devices, and TV, and get back into nature, where you are One WITHIN the One.

Coeus God of Intellect Let us consider the butterfly here. It floats out, uninterested in worldly events. In its solitude is settling.

Coeus God of IntellectEffortlessly and fruitful that sequentially abounds in joy, as it flutters about and abounds in an effortless dance of solitude, satisfaction, and servitude; figuratively speaking.

It resides bounding here and there, over hill and dale, gliding freely and effortlessly; through rugged terrains, hillsides, and mountains.

Now remember, this is  a parable. Life is not going to be easy. There are obstacles that you will encounter, as you try to effortless glide, over hill and dale freely. It’s how you deal with the terrain that matters.

So how do we make our lives effortless WITHIN existence, in a chaotic world that is SEEKING self-service? Well, I already mentioned turning off electronic devices.

If you have children, turn off their electronic devices as well. You are the parent and must lead by example. Take those little sponges outside into nature to absorb all its glory. At first, they will think you are punishing them, but if you make their “outings” fun and creative, they will quickly adapt to the change, and want to go outside.

Coeus God of Intellect Flowers are fragrant; yet they smell. But what’s their sense of purpose, for bees that pollinate them? Then, they take their sweet nectar back to the hives for production of honey.

Brick-like gold exists for those who find it in nature. It’s here, it’s there; it’s everywhere. Without effort it (gold) floats in the waters, like an uncle-eased low warble, it rumbles and undulates its passionate dance for fortuitous exploration, throughout hidden dale; yet explored.

Bee adventurous and of service to others, for the survival and benefit of the hive.  You too can make “gold float.”

The butterfly doesn’t have a “purpose of its own” as it does its dance. It is a service to others by pollinating the flower; spreading the love around. So DO IT! Go out and spread a little pollen around, and show off your beauty, as beauty comes in MANY forms.

Butterflies are wonderful teachers in living in the now. As Athena, I use butterflies to release anything that does not serve my highest-good . Because, you must release what you carry, in order to ascend into higher dimensions. You can’t have ANY baggage of any kind; no matter how small. So…

Coeus God of Intellect Be prepared to release what it is you carry.

That means EVERYTHING. All the little debris that sticks on you daily. Anything that “feels” wrong or uncomfortable, must be release through forgiveness, and transmuted into light.

If you don’t already meditate, start a meditation practice at least twice a day; NO EXCUSES. I have found the best time of day to start, is during the night when everyone is sleeping. That way you will not be distracted. You can stay right in bed in a comfortable position. No worries if you fall asleep.

blue butterfliesI have an article on my WordPress blog, Balancing, Cleansing, Spinning your Chakras. It’s a simple way to get on the right flight plan.

Once you get the hang of meditation, you’ll want to implement this simple practice of release. Picture yourself sitting in a beautiful place, of your choosing; a place in nature where you feel happy.

Breath deep breaths and on the exhale, breathe out a swarm of little butterflies, of your color choice. You’ll be releasing anything that you might carry with your butterfly friends.

Recite the Violet Flame Decree of Transfiguration

I AM changing all my garments,
Old ones for a brand new day;
With the sun of understanding,
I AM shining all the way.

I AM light is all about.
Fill me, free me, glorify me!
Seal me, heal me, purify me!

Until transfigured they describe me;
I AM shining like the Son,
I AM shining like the sun!

Try to make this a daily practice; because EVERYTHING, including meditation takes practice to make perfect. Just stick a few little butterfly pictures someplace; as a gentle reminder to meditated and release.

May you SEEK peace WITHIN and FIND it WITHOUT, for “true love is only in the light.”



About I AM the incarnate Goddess Athena, Queen of the Heavens and New Earth, and THE Emmanuel's Wife

I AM 100%, the incarnate Goddess Athena, Goddess of Beauty (of the arts) and Fertility; but not in the sexual manner; but of the mind. I AM a master, inter-dimensional traveler and a master of unconditional LOVE. You are "spirit having a physical experience" with a job to do, and it is simple. Live a life of service to others; not self, and LOVE with all your heart. It is not how much you love; but how well you love, which should always be unconditionally. It is that simple! So when you want to choose what's right; pick the light. The only demons that exist are those within.

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