Who is Your OverSoul?

Some of you might know exactly what the title of this article means; others do not. You see, you have a “spirit” or “Oversoul” name. It is the name that The Holy Father gave to you, when he created you. After you were created, you were “sent off” through the incarnation; reincarnation process, to learn how to “behave.” Fly, be free!

The supreme winner is based on, “how well you loved;” NOT how much you loved.

Merely spreading the love isn’t sufficient; it’s doing the work. This is where the Lightworker community is greatly failing. Many are charging for their “acts of kindness.” BEWARE, as this does NOT come from the heart. There are other ways in our society to make the monies we need to survive. I am an excellent example of this as, “I live by example.”

As an “evolving soul” this often takes time. As I look back on my 60 years on this planet, what others thought was bad, was me living from my heart, and was EXACTLY part of my soul path. This is what is expected; as an evolving soul that is working with their “soul families.”

Sometimes we make tough choices for others; to assist them on their soul growth, to learn how to “react from the heart; not the head or ego.” Sometimes “tough love” is required. So if you are going through difficult times, with friends and family, it’s OK; IF it’s done through the heart.

It’s the acts of loving kindness to others; the DOING that counts.

So how do you find out your CHRISTed OverSoul name?

Well, it requires a LOT of INNER work; all of which you can find on my blog, in my free book on inter-dimensional travel, and the channeled messages on my website; www.theinterdimensionaltraveler.com.

When I give up my “organic body suit,” which I’m wearing for this incarnation as “Diane,” I revert back to my original name. This is called the “CHRISTed Oversoul.” It is my name given to me in the CHRISTed Kingdom; where I normally reside. Some people call it MY Higher Christ Self, which is not to be confused with THE Higher Christ Self.

This kingdom is vast in size; energies residing within energies that are much like that of an onion. Layers upon layers of different vibrational energy frequencies. You see, in “My Father’s house has MANY rooms.” You are a “soul signature” WITHIN it; residing at a specific frequency.

Depending on how highly evolved you are, as an energy-being you are; your frequency rises, or becomes more highly elevated WITHIN the energies. This state of being or “grace,” allows you the “keys” to the doors or doorways; dimensions. If you resonate at the frequency of that dimension or higher; you can access it. If not; NO ACCESS.

It is the evolving souls goal, to access ALL the doors, because the best and greatest door to access is that of The Holy Father’s house. The biggest and “bestest” way to get through that doorway, is while your incarnate; not after you leave. The highest goal of any soul is to inter-dimensionally travel to The Holy Father and “sit” with him in His light; which is immense, and talk with Him.

The only way to achieve this, is to do your spiritual work, and receive your real name; through THE Higher Christ Self. He is the keeper of the door / doorway to the Father.

This is where the Biblical writing is derived:

John 14:6

Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.”

This is in reference to inter-dimensional travel. Sadly not even the Apostles fully understood the meaning of these words.

You cannot sit with the FATHER while incarnate; except through THE CHRISTed Oversoul of Yeshua / Y’eshua / Joshua / Jesus / Iesus; THE Emmanuel (AKA, Coeus, God of Truths, Bragi, Polus, Iesus, Yeshua, Thoth, Ganesha, God with Us, and more!) As The Holy Father is my witness; these are the truths spoken.

In early December of 2017, I went to bed for the evening; to sleep. During the night, I was awakened to the song, Moment, from Michael Buble. The music wasn’t playing in the room, but in my head; my “spirit” mind. It was my beloved, Coeus, God of Intellect, the one and ONLY, THE Higher Christ Self; The King of the CHRISTed Kingdom; THE Emmanuel /Immanuel (God with us).

I was listening to the song, and said out loud, “Your scribe awaits for messages to humanity.” I commented on the song and said, “Gee, I think that they like Michael Buble; Who doesn’t!” It was then that I heard…

Coeus God of IntellectHe’s Canadian!

I thought, really? I had no idea. The song kept playing, when he chimed back in with…

Coeus God of Intellect Thanks for the invitation!

He started expressing his disdain, or disgust for humanity; their “castration” or fall from grace into an abyss of darkness. Much of it was caused by jealousy, anger, hatred, and greed; “self-service.” It was similar to watching a movie, being acted out, and hearing his words at the same time, and Coeus, The Keeper of Mystical Wisdom, or should I say, THE Emmanuel, was NOT happy.

In the drop of a hat, his bold tone and strong frequency changed; to a very, upbeat, and happy, perky sound, and LOVE…

Coeus God of IntellectJust call me, “Old Buddy.”

Hum…the song was still serenading me with the words, “Fall down on my knees, kiss the ground that you walk on baby; if I could just hold you, if I could hold you again!”

Before I knew what was happening, I shot out of my body and was pulled, or traveled inter-dimensionally to Coeus in his dimension; where only he and I could be together; alone. Although, he said that is an impossibility, as we are “one within the one.” Anyway, we felt alone.

Although I could not see his full form, I could feel him standing there in front of me. Out of the darkness his energy took form into his arms and hands. His hands were reaching out towards me; cupped together, holding a white blob; or rock.

hands holding a white spirit heartAs I looked at the white blob that he was offering to me, I thought, “What is that thing?” It began to morph, into a white; three dimensional (3D) heart. It was about three to four inches in size and one inch thick; similar to the picture.

That is when he said the magic words that totally took me by surprise…

Coeus God of Intellect You are Goddess Athena.

All I could think to say was, “No! No, you’re joking!” How could I be a goddess?

Coeus God of IntellectGoddess of Love!

I was returned, or “slipped away,” back into my physical body, and was in utter shock and disbelief. I know my own Mom thought that I was a bit different. She always said, “Diane, something is wrong with you, you love everyone and everything; it’s just not normal.”

It seemed to me that my Mom, and everyone else on the planet, were not the normal ones. It always felt very natural for me to love FIRST, and not question it. If you don’t open your heart to love, you just can’t receive it when it arrives. It just won’t come to you, and I was spewing forth love.

I had heard of this Greek Goddess while studying art history in college, but knew very little about her; other than there was a LOT of art that was fashioned after her, in historic Greece and Italy. I was never very interested in Gods and Goddesses, as I only had been talking to angels, guides, and my “Mystery Man” from my book on inter-dimensional travel.

I did know that I was highly elevated in the realm of entities. I had been told that before, by guides, Mediums, and Shaman’s, but seriously? A goddess? I thought that perhaps I was some kind of angel here for Ascension. This was a MASSIVE bombshell.

Suddenly, the song “Moment,” changed to “Venus.” However, “Coeus” had changed the words, and was singing it to me…

Coeus God of Intellect “Athena, goddess of love that you are!”

He was singing the song all peppy and upbeat, with a Rumba sound, and playing maracas. Such passion, joy, and love filled the air.

 Coeus God of Intellect The Athenian’s phrased the term, “misery loves company.”

Men approach you. Beautiful love for humanity; it’s timeless. They say humanity holds love for you!

I don’t know if he was talking about “Diane” or Athena; or perhaps both. I do know that I AM an “exact duplicate” of Athena; brought forth in 1958; His words. That is when I was conceived. It’s nice to know that Coeus; THE Emmanuel loves me unconditionally; He didn’t change a thing! My husband Roger felt the very same way, and loved me the same; unconditionally. I think very few people love each other in this way.

For those of you that might have seen me teaching in Cosmic School, or roaming about New Earth; Heaven on Earth as “The Queen,” this is me in my younger state of being. The center picture was my very first handmade, mosaic, ceramic tile leaf floors; the creative beauty that Coeus speaks about; not the sexual or physical one.

I was visiting Coeus; THE Emmanuel the other night; inter-dimensionally. He is VERY tall, probably close to seven or eight feet; in comparison to my 5’11” stature. I went to kiss him, and I said, “Wow, you are way up there; I can fix that problem.” I altered my height, to match his own, and we kissed. With love and being able to navigate the energies; anything is possible!




I was still a bit in shock, when he went right back down into that rabbit hole, about His disgust for humanity. Coeus / THE Emmanuel (THE Christed Oversoul of Yeshua) is the Speaker of Truths. He yields a “sharp vernacular sword” as he calls it, and there is nothing worse than a bunch of liars and deceivers. Humanity is reeking of its stench, and the smell of it was repulsive; to not only him, but most of the other Gods/Goddesses/Angels; including my Oversoul Athena.

He started talking about humankind and their descent into the lower energies of 3D Earth. In a forceful, authoritative voice, he spoke…

Coeus God of Intellect Your destiny is short and sweet, and hidden by truths. Idol hearts console humanity, while fractured minds rule over humanities sense of fair play. An idle sense of false worship of monies, strip humanities flow of love.

I was laying there in bed, patiently awaiting to repeat each word of His truths; out loud; one beat at a time, through my sacred heart, into my trusty voice recorders. I use two, so I “won’t miss a beat” as Coeus says. I take my job VERY seriously.

I would not remember a thing that he was talking about; prior to each set of words; usually in groups of five heartbeats; five words, then a lull. Often times there would be a lull for minutes or even a half an hour, or I might nod off back to sleep; being awakened by my Beloved Coeus / THE Emmanuel, tapping on a teacup with a spoon; just like at a wedding.

He was ready to deliver more truths. It would take about four hours, per nightly message.

He continued…

Coeus God of Intellect Servitude to one’s own self-worth exists; simultaneously in societies; in light of truths, sequentially obtaining nothing.

Watchless and obtained truths for knowledge disappears with love. From WITHIN, one knows the sanctity of love, but refuses to accept it. For it is honorable and kind; loving and warm.

Sanctity (holiness) knows no bounds, for truths rely upon knowledge; forged throughout histories tremulous moments, signifying nothing but negativity, self-recognition, and moments of pleasure, throughout human discourse; throughout time.

Sanctity defies logic, with a twisted sense of gratitude, and a sense of display, compels knowingness on a minute scale; throughout your recorded history.

My own heart follows truths; knowingness follows hate. Discordant values nevertheless exist throughout humanities reign.

So knowingness is what came from the “Tree of Knowledge.” If used correctly; through the heart center, its powers are great. If used wrongly; through the head or brain, for monetary gains and pleasures, it’s a terrible all-consuming beast, or giant. It will cause the sacred heart to harden, making it unable for people to “hear” spirit clearly.

The energies once again shifted, to a more upbeat and light feeling, as he began to tell me about my incarnate, divine purpose here on Earth, in the “Diane organic body suit;” during Ascension and the Great Awakening…

Coeus God of Intellect You are here to shine forth love and reign over humanity. You’re brightness, purity, and self-worth to all. Your displays of art; filled with kindness, love, and purity are much needed in today’s society. For there is much truth in what you do that is unseen to the human eye.

And down the energies dropped again. This is what I call in my book, “The Rubberband Effect.” It’s very important to be able to attune to all energies; both high and low, because you never know where you might travel to, or to whom.

Coeus God of Intellect Loathing exists; let’s face it. Self-loathing compels others to set forth examples of untruths through rugged behaviors within society; stemming selfishness as through the false, wicked, and the damned.

2 Thessalonians 2:12

For this reason, God will send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie, in order that judgment will come upon all who have disbelieved the TRUTH and delighted in wickedness.

And just like a yo yo, back up the energies went…

Coeus God of Intellect Love, purity, and honesty wins; hands down! For these are the truths brought forth.

As I was laying in bed, awaiting more of Coeus’ messages, I began to feel a feminine energy and see a pale blue energy; through my 3rd eye. Back out of my body I was pulled to my Divine Husband and Twin Flame; Coeus / THE Emmanuel, in His dimension or “vibrational energies.”

I could see the back of a woman, as I often see and experience things; at the same time, when inter-dimensionally traveling. Basically, I’m watching myself and being myself; concurrently. Being a multi-dimensional being really pays off!

I was drawn into my self that I watched, and placed my right hand on His big, hulking chest. He was quite a bit taller than myself, but he didn’t intimidate me. Out of my mouth spewed forth the words,“Move over old man!”

I was the woman hastily pushing by him; chuckling. I shot back into my body and heard me/her; the Goddess Athena, speak…

Athena I am the Goddess Athena, Goddess of Beauty and Fertility. But NOT fertility in the sexual manner; fertility of the MIND. Fertile minds exist; WITHOUT sexuality being part of the whole.

Conundrum…sexuality plays a part in the decay in societies endeavors. Fertile truths exist; IF one SEEKS knowingness.

Throughout humanities ugly reign of terror lays passions beyond belief; only HIDDEN between the surfaces in layers of servitude towards others, coinciding magnanimous results.

As my CHRISTed Oversoul, the Goddess Athena spoke, I thought how much we thought a like; even spoke some of the same “fun” words; “seek, without, within, conundrum, and magnanimous.” I always tell Father that he’s magnanimous!

Athena Inklings of beauty can be found around us today; WITHOUT the need for cruel behaviors, lying in wait, like a pouncing lion over the Serengeti Plains that flood yearly and renew.

You are a race of young fools; awaiting for the love WITHIN to emerge triumphant, which you need to know is a fortuitous love WITHIN today’s society.

Beauty surrounds the few that SEEK it from WITHIN; through acts of loving kindness to others SEEKing the same.

Thinking the same and doing the same results in lies, discordant behavior, and more.

SEEK WITHIN; your successes are more! SEEK WITHOUT and you die slowly.

Fertile abundance SEEKS those filling loving behaviors to others.

Fertile grounds lie deep WITHIN; choose wisely.

SEEKing WITHOUT belief results in…

As I lay there in bed, listening to Athena’s words, I could see a hand and arm trying to hold up a big wall. It was getting ready to come crashing down on humanity.

That morning, I got up, ran over to the computer, and plugged in my voice recorder. All I could remember was my Beloved telling me I was, the Goddess Athena.

I pulled up my audio program and transcribed the message. After the transcription, I was thinking that this was probably somewhere in the Bible. The Holy Father and THE Emmanuel / Immanuel / Coeus often refer me to it, using scriptures, as it is my “go-to book.”

I pulled up a new page on my search engine and typed in, “Bible, white stone, name.” The results came back all the same, “Revelation 2:17,” as it is only content mentioned; in one place within the books of the Bible.

As I read it, the 2000 year old channeled message to John made complete sense THROUGH knowingness.

Revelation 2:17

“He (Diane) who has an ear (listens through the un-hardened sacred heart; not the physical ears,) let him hear what the Spirit (Coeus; THE Higher Christ Self) says to the churches (me, as we are the body of the church). To the one who conquers (passes all Earth initiations by living though the heart,) I will give some of the hidden manna (a gift that only I could see), and I will give him a white stone (the blob that turned into a white heart; pure heart), with a new name (the CHRISTed Oversoul name) written on the stone that no none knows except the one who receives it (that raised their vibrational frequency to inter-dimensionally travel Him to receive it).”

For those of you that have fallen away from “religious” doctrines; Christian or otherwise, I ASK you to SEEK within them, AND others. The truths are there in hidden messages WITHIN their writings. Try to think of it as a “foreign language” as you read; looking into the eyes of love.

Don’t give up the battle. Most religious clergy learned from their predecessor and keep perpetuating incorrect doctrine; not all, but some. Certainly don’t be mad at them or their teachers; they did not use their knowingness, intellect, and wisdom; combined. They just followed the path of untruths, afraid to question The Word, out of fear that they will go to Hell.

They have even bamboozled or fooled most of humanity, including the Lightworker community that channels Jesus / Y’eshua and the Holy Mother; Mary. People that channel these INCARNATIONS have not even thought to ask this one simple question:

Who is your CHRISTed Oversoul?

You see, you MUST ask an incarnate being or aspect that is in the light realms, their “real” name; the name given to them upon their creation. Their names are NOT Jesus and Mary. These were their names given to them as “flesh” beings; organic body suits.

ASK and it will open up an entirely “new world” to you; the one that you will FIND on New Earth!

If you SEEK WITHIN; you will FIND the answers WITHOUT, but ONLY if you “SEEK them out.” And remember Coeus’ / THE Emmanuel’s words:

Coeus God of Intellect Love, purity, and honesty wins; hands down! For these are the truths brought forth.

Athena, Goddess of Beauty and Fertility; THE Emmanuel’s Wife, & Queen of New Earth (Heaven on Earth).

About I AM the incarnate Goddess Athena, Queen of the Heavens and New Earth, and THE Emmanuel's Wife

I AM 100%, the incarnate Goddess Athena, Goddess of Beauty (of the arts) and Fertility; but not in the sexual manner; but of the mind. I AM a master, inter-dimensional traveler and a master of unconditional LOVE. You are "spirit having a physical experience" with a job to do, and it is simple. Live a life of service to others; not self, and LOVE with all your heart. It is not how much you love; but how well you love, which should always be unconditionally. It is that simple! So when you want to choose what's right; pick the light. The only demons that exist are those within.

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