Being “Lifted Up” into Lightbody 10

I’m not certain how much longer I will be able to function within the confines of the “game” on Old Earth. I’m starting to experience Lightbody 10 and I have literally; physically moved into the 5th dimension, which is the lower entry-level of the New Earth vibrational frequency. This means that I have “ascended.”

Yes that is correct. I have ascended, yet you can currently still “see,” “hear,” and “touch” me in 3D & 4D. How is this possible?

Well, as usual, there has been a LOT of dialect issues on the internet, in books, etc.

Ascension is the process of moving from one dimension to another. Tranfiguration is actually the correct word. When you are transfigured, you literally change your complete form or appearance, and move permanently into a dimension. This is a daunting task indeed. Those of us that have ascended have been given our names and have begun our New Life; in two dimensional frequencies; the old and the new.

Nothing has changed on Old Earth. People are still not doing their work to ascend. They are reading about it and waiting to ascend. It just doesn’t work that way.

I hate to tell you, but the first-wave has already ascended. Did you really think it would be that simple to just “follow” blindly others and ascend? No. You must do “the work.” It’s the “inner work” to raise your vibrational frequency, through acts of service to others, unconditional love for ALL; including yourself, & a LOT more.

This is an excerpt from one of my channeled messages, when Coeus (Immanuel) gave me the “white stone,” with my name on it: Goddess Athena. I came “out-of-the-box” that day for the world to experience. There is only ONE of me; no aspects or copies; I AM a “one and only; virgin soul.” This is who I AM.

After I was presented my name from Coeus, I put my spirit-hand on Coeus chest, and said, “Move over old man!” and began to speak.

athena logo owl I am the Goddess Athena, Goddess of beauty and fertility; but not fertility in the sexual manner; fertility of the mind. Fertile minds exist without sexuality being a part of the whole.

athena logo owl Conundrum…sexuality plays a part in the decay in societies endeavors. Fertile truths exist if one seeks knowingness.

athena logo owl Throughout humanities ugly reign of terror, lays passions beyond belief, only hidden between the surfaces in layers of servitude towards others, coinciding magnanimous results.

athena logo owl Inklings of beauty can be found around us today, without the need for cruel behaviors, lying in wait like a pouncing lion, over the Serengeti Plains that flood yearly and renew.

athena logo owl You are a young race of fools, waiting for the love within to emerge triumphant, which you need to know is a fortuitous love (by accident) within today’s society.

athena logo owl Beauty surrounds the few that seek it from within, through acts of loving kindness to others seeking the same. Thinking the same and doing the same, results in lies, discordant behavior, and more.

athena logo owl Seek within; your successes are more. Seek without and you die slowly.

athena logo owl Fertile abundance seeks those filling loving behaviors to others. Fertile grounds lie deeper within; CHOOSE WISELY!

athena logo owl Seeking without belief, results in …

(D) It looks like there is a hand holding up a wall that is going to come crashing down.

Why am I telling you this? It’s my job. I am here to assist those that were lead astray by so-called Lightworkers. Stop watching others tell you what you need to do to ascend. This is YOUR awakening; NOT theirs.

If you have read my FREE book on inter-dimensional travel, you should fully understand this concept. When I met my “twin” on Earth, I was freaked out and thought that I needed to do something, to help him awaken. Father said to me, “Diane, this isn’t about you. It’s about Dave’s awakening.” You can point people in the general direction, but it is their responsibility to awaken.

Look WITHIN. Your instruction manual is inside of you; not someone else; YOU WROTE IT. You are unique and your walk is NOTHING like that of another being. You need to follow the “trail of breadcrumbs” that Coeus, Cronus, and I have left you; NOT become the breadcrumb.

diplopiaThis is what I and a couple other people that have “moved” to New Earth are currently experiencing as “ascension symptoms” that are associated with unifying our field of light and moving up one dimension higher into the 5th dimension. It’s a form of Diplopia. It only happens to me, upon leaving the marina where I live, and driving to the farm where my studio is located. I seem to shift back to the Old Earth dimension at the farm and back up to the New Earth dimension at the marina.

Because I inter-dimensionally travel quite often, I’m starting to be able to see two different dimensions overlapping with my physical eyes; as I mentioned this in an earlier article on my website. This seems to be getting stronger as the days progress. What I’m seeing appears to be a vertical, double-vision of sorts. It actually makes sense when you think about it. One dimension is stacked upon the other; “lifting up,” thus the term.

new earthing being lifted upI believe that when these two dimension separate or pull apart, or when planetary “separation” occurs, it will be straight up or vertical; thus the term, “lifted up.” The energies are of a vertical nature; not a horizontal one. So the pictures people are seeing of New Earth and old earth side-by-side are incorrect. It’s a linear way of looking at things, as most of the people on the planet read from left to right. In reality, it will be like the picture that I show here; to the right.

I have completed the DNA change for Lightbody 9, which has to do with “unifying my energy fields,” joining with my CHRISTed Oversoul; Athena, and my I AM presence. I AM moving into Lightbody 10.

Lightbody 10 is the first phase of the “Spiritual Levels,” of ascension, which consist of Lightbodies 10, 11, & 12. This is were massive changes are made, including teleportation WITH your body. I already do this out of my body and have for many years, so when it occurs in my body, it should be a breeze for me. The thing to remember is not to get excited which causes you to get drawn back to your originating location.

This phase of lightbody is also where your highest guide has to “lay low” for a while and not assist you. Your CHRISTed Oversoul will be doing most of the work; YOU. This is a very sad moment where you feel a bit abandoned. I’m very blessed to at least awaken in the mornings to a song, or see Coeus’ energies.

Ezekiel and Daniels merkaba wheel chariotSo at this point, I’m operating in my Unified Field and have moved from a 2-strand DNA to a 3-strand DNA strand. This is where the Merkaba develops.

Merkaba is the Hebrew word for “chariot.” It is also referred to as the “wheel” that Ezekiel and Daniel talked about in the Bible. It was ablaze, gleaming, or appeared to be on fire; WILD FIRE as Coeus calls it, and this is what I’ll “ride” on when I am transfigured and I take Coeus’ hand to depart Old Earth; permanently. I just heard my CHRISTed Oversoul say, “Good Ridden.”

The picture to the left shows a three-dimensional wheel, it could however literally be a flat wheel within a wheel. Time will tell; or the lack there of.

In lightbody 10, this is where many volunteers will depart. They will be transfigured and molecularly teleport with the planet in their lightbody form, or go into “pure energy,” in order to help Gaia to continually raising of her frequency, or they will go home to their home planetary system, which happens at lightbody 11. Their job is finished assisting the planet in her initial ascension.

NOTE: Nobody’s role is any more important than the other, it’s all a matter of choice as “spirit;” not the physical.

One really annoying thing about working from this new energy field is time is literally stopping and you’re still trying to work in it. Computers, phones, electronics are ceasing to function within the lack of time as you know it. You’ll be doing a LOT of waiting for these devices to catch up to you, or they just have white screens; no data.

You’ll also start going “off-grid.” There will not be any data, digital, or radio signals within your field of light, or they will appear to be very poor indeed. Patience is required if you are still trying to navigate “out of the now.” So old earth is still working within time, for now, but you are not, although it appears you are still in it. Just breathe and release. You’ll need to ground to YOU; not the old or new planet.

I’ll try to keep you updated on my progress; IF I am able.

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