How to Channel Through the Sacred Heart, Light Language, & Kundalini Energy

To begin, I need to explain what is involved exactly. When I channel Gods/Goddesses/The Holy Father, I use ALL of my “spidy powers.” I like to call them that, as they are “super-duper natural;” mystical if you will.

When I first started channeling Coeus, Cronus, and my Oversoul self; Athena in December of 2017, I honestly wondered how in the world do I do this? I would hear Coeus (THE Emmanuel), Cronus, my Father Zeus, The Holy Father, and me; in my body, then leave it, go hang out with him/her and have a complete conversation, morph back and forth between a humanoid being and an owl, experience things with them in their higher dimension, then I’d bounce back to my body and talk out loud into a voice recorder; all without “missing a beat,” as Coeus says, over and over again. This would go on for hours during the night, nearly nightly for two months.

When I was there in my spirit forms; plural, I’d be my spirit body which I call “The Diane,” an adorable “Little” owl, or my CHRISTed Oversoul, the Goddess Athena in beautiful cobalt blue; full body armor. I could also be “parts;” not an entire being. At one moment, I would only be a owl wing, a hand, human eyes, or an arm with a hand at the end. Everything else would just fade away into darkness.

What really was neat, was how Coeus could modify my body functions within this dimension to “act out” what he was conveying, so eloquently in words. He was also able to work with the elements here to create “physical” vibrations and experience those as well. It was literally “mind blowing.” Coeus said it well,

You’re perplexed by your ability to think, talk, and listen to every little phrase confining your own wants and needs to record both my words simultaneously, with transcribing messages. Don’t think!”

So how did I master this feat?

It helps being the Goddess Athena, however, I’m here to teach YOU how to become “God-like,” just like us. The first thing to remember is what I taught you in my book and to remember who created you in “his/her” image; The Holy Father.

sacred heart brainDo NOT think with your brain; but your sacred heart to LISTEN for messages; those are your “ears.” First you ASK; then you FIND.

I highly recommend that you read My Tri-Fold Heart! on this blog. This will assist you in fully understanding the opening of the sacred heart and its use.

This requires much preparation, because when working with “time- related” events and dimensions, you’ll need to use your spirit ears; sacred heart WITH your 3rd eye, and physical heart WITH your brain.

This might seem confusing, but remember we are “spirit having a physical experience” and are made up of varying components.

Prior to obtaining this ability, there are several things that must be accomplished. I’ve talked about all of these things in my book on inter-dimensional travel on this website; ASK, SEEK, KNOCK. I’ve also gone into more detail in my blog articles, and the channeled messages. It’s ALL there and available for you, IF you are willing to do the work.

You must SEEK from WITHIN, then apply what it is you learn using; discernment through KNOWINGNESS.

If you don’t succeed at first; try, try, try again. I probably created that phrase; among other ones. DO NOT give up; fortitude is required. You are more powerful than you know. You are magnanimous and glorious like The Holy Father.

For some of you, these things will come naturally. For others, not so much. It doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do it without some effort; the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional activity required to achieve.

Some of the people on this planet are highly evolved beings, like myself from distant star galaxies; Masters, so we have a bit of an “edge” on these things. We’ve had a LOT of practice over eons of “time;” or lack thereof, and massive amounts of incarnations.

Although I was created as a “Master,” I still had to master my own abilities. I became a Master by practicing and not giving up; so don’t give up…please.

You too can become a Master. It can take 1000’s of lifetimes to conquer your own darkness WITHIN and WITHOUT; but you can do it! Then you have to be able to hold that mastery and become “golden.”

These are a few of the things that you will need to master in order to channel higher entities. Most are also required to ascend to New Earth.

  • Clean house — remove people from your life that are causing you harm. This means, mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally. I’m sorry, but family counts. If you’ve read my book, this will make complete sense to you. This will assist you in “grounding” yourself. It doesn’t mean you’re running from anything, rather choosing your own battles; not those of others.
  • Grounding — on my blog there is an article on grounding with the four elementals/elements of earth, sky, water, and fire. The Holy Father created these for you to use during your incarnation to find peace and stay centered with in it; use all of them; nature is a wonderful thing.
  • Raise your vibrations — also in my book and blog articles. Everything vibrates at a frequency. The Law of Attraction dictates that you attract what you resonate at or “what is above is below; what is below is above.” So if you are a positive thinker, positive things will attract to you; if not, you get an undesirable effect. It’s quite a simple task, if you learn how to correct yourself from self-attacks; the hardest battle of all to over come; self-sabotage. I was even guilty of it during Judgment. See the channeled message of 1/31/18.
  • Cleanse your four (4) lower bodies — you are made up of what parts? I just mentioned them above; a physical, mental, emotional, and spirit body. Once what is WITHOUT, or the “house cleaning” is removed, then you can start on what is WITHIN; which is absolutely beautiful. If you are really up to the challenge, do it all throughout the chaos and dysfunction.
  • Clean up your LOWER chakras — chakras are energy centers within your body running vertically up your spine. There are seven of them and they have colors associated with each; got to love color! When these energy centers are free of debris, the seals that protect them; between the front and back will crack open, and begin to spin. This can be very exciting; you might even hear it, so your grounding techniques are required. This is NOT Kundalini” energy. Kundalini is quite different than lower chakra energies that spin in a circular motion. I’ll talk more about this later in this article/message/story/blog. NOTE: You MUST do the prior things in this list; before attempting to raise this energy! People have been known to get over zealous and “fall of the deep end;” go crazy due to their excitement. They push too hard, so patience is needed. DONT’ PUSH TOO HARD!
  • Meditation — “still” the mind; if you are looking for a battle, “seize” or “cease” the clutter. I also talk about this in my blog and book. If “The Diane” can do it; ANYONE can do it. Remember what Coeus said during my/her judgment? “Like rapid machine gun fire your thoughts spill out.” He wasn’t joking; my physical brain/mind is constantly SEEKING knowingness in all situations; it was designed that way for my divine purpose. So, if I can learn to control my “rapid machine gun fire” mind; so can you!When deciding on “how to meditate,” pick a practice that is comfortable for YOU. You do not have to sit like a yogi; I do not. I prefer laying down. If you fall asleep; no big deal. Actually, I find laying down gets me VERY relaxed and I can easily slip into the point between “awake and asleep,” which is just a sliver; a tiny little opening.Some people like “guided meditations,” others like to listen to music, say decrees and mantras, etc. Pick what resonates with your very being.I do want to reiterate something in my book about meditation. ASKing is the praying and mediation, or the LISTENING is the receiving. When you begin to make a practicing of LISTENING, your crown chakra will begin to open on the top of your head. It literally feels like the top of your head is missing. This preps you for connecting with THE Higher Christ Self, who will come to you in various ways through “clairs;” also discussed in my book.
  • Connect with THE Higher Christ Self — it’s your “middle way” to the divine. It also means that you are half way there; to living through your CHRISTed Over Soul or “true” self. I have a blog article on it.
  • Diet — yep, those dreaded words. When “Ed” told me, “No more meat,” I said, “Huh?” Then I ate it and was sick as a dog for days. Then I did it again in disbelief; surely he made a mistake, he knows how much I love to eat, and had the identical result. I haven’t eaten more than a spoonful of meat since that time and that’s been nearly three years now; no 4-legged meats.NOTE: You’ll get used to it as your lightbody develops. Eventually, you won’t need to eat at all. You’ll receive all your nourishment from the Great Central Sun; manna. You can eat; but sparingly.
  • Clean up your HIGHER chakraseight through twelve. Look for the tiniest of defects. The 8th chakra usually holds the most of the energies to clean-up.
  • Open your sacred heart — it’s in the sternum between the heart chakra and the throat chakra. It can only be unhardened through unconditional love of self and others. Start with forgiveness. That includes you first.
  • Attend Cosmic School — you’ll do this inter-dimensionally where you’ll learn how to speak without your body (telepathy), walk, navigate the energies, glide, fly, teleport, etc. These are all required if you are ascending with Gaia. New Earth isn’t anything like here.
  • Unify your Field of Light — remember, you are made up of parts and are multi-dimensional. This all needs to be slowly merged together, or “unified.” You’ll need to activate your thirteenth and fourteen higher chakras, activate your “auxilary” chakras or “minor” chakras, unify your four lower bodies, conncect with THE Higher Christ Self, and CHRISTed Oversoul together into one massively beautiful unified field of light. NOTE: Do not try to rush this process. I would unify the lower chakras, then try to unify the four lower bodies all at one time, and THE Higher Christ Self with my CHRISTed Oversoul. What a major headache; not a good idea. There are a couple “unified field meditations” on YouTube. Pick what feels right for you.
  • Activate your fourth / 4th eye — this usually happens once you unify your field of light. Everything needs to be working together; ALL chakras and your sacred heart must be opened. It’s a complete release.
    cross section of the brain
    : You WILL need to “release” the old energies that will accumulate in the  the “cerebellum.” If you feel the back of your head where the soft tissue enters the skull, this is the location where the energies collect and cause an inflammation. If you do not release these energies, you will have HUGE migraine headaches. I talk about this technique in a channeled message from Coeus; please USE IT.
  • Make the connection to your highest guide — this should also happen relatively easily, as it is their “job” to assist you in connecting with your CHRISTed Oversoul, for the complete merging together of YOU with your Over Soul.For some of you, your guide will be your twin flame, divine husband, or the one in spirit most close to you in the highest light realms. They might not be “human” either, but you’ll know them by their unconditional love for you and how you feel unconditional love for him/her.
  • Connect with your CHRISTed OverSoul — you’ll start breathing in your “real” self. You’ll find yourself standing WITHIN your spirit self. That is how I can channel my CHRISTed Over Soul; the Goddess Athena; I am inside of her. That is how I literally will see the cobalt blue armor during meditation; I see it on me and hear my “self” speak and experience movement.Also during this time, you will receive JUDGMENT. Yes, that is correct you will be judged and you WILL agree with his or her findings. It just spews out of your mouth.This is a requirement to move to New Earth, as this IS a change in vibrational frequency; moving into a higher dimension. It’s no different than when you take off you take off your body suit and go to the “heavenly light realms.” You receive a judgment. In this scenario, you are moving to “Heaven on Earth.”There has been much confusion about this term, mainly because people that have had “near-death” experiences usually receive a “life review,” as they are not moving into a higher dimension. This gives them the opportunity to change their ways and do their spiritual work; a gift.At this time you will be under a period of great “release.” You will need to continually release old earth energies, because even though you are no longer “living” in old 3D, you are still “on” earth as an observer; IF you are ascending. Sorry, as “Ed” once told me, “Sorry, you have to watch.”The drama of others will continue to unfold before your very eyes. Put on your armor of The Holy Father and let it bounce off. It’s hard for me too; I’m continually transmuting lower energies.
  • Unify your OverSoul with your field of light — this is my current phase of lightbody. It is EXTREMELY painful for me and Coeus at this time. I tend to think that Coeus is being mean, or playing a cruel game, but it is just part of the process during this time, you’re pretty much on your own. Don’t worry, he or she is there keeping a VERY close eye on you to not slip into the wrong timeline. They just aren’t allowed to help you integrate your Oversoul into your vessel.You MUST SUBMIT. You might think it is easy because you want to go to New Earth. It means leaving EVERYTHING behind; including loved ones. We all have soul contracts and agreed to them prior to incarnation. Some of our family just isn’t going to make it. Perhaps even some of your children; which is painful indeed.Many of you know me as the “Queen of the Gods,” but it isn’t easy for me either. I’m very loving, compassionate, and kind. I love humanity, however, free-will choices must be made. This is the part of the physical battle that needs to overcome; letting go of the old, so the new can come in. It is also a CONTINUAL cleansing process; daily. SHAKE IT OFF. Transmute it and let it go. Coeus has made it quite clear to me: Be prepared to release what it is you carry; EVERYTHING.
  • TRANSMUTE, TRANSMUTE, TRANSMUTE! — you should be able to tell when any negativity starts accumulating in your developing lightbody. You’ll experience a small pain in a joint, muscle, tendon, etc., or even an illness. I have not had any illness in nearly 5 years; not even a cold. I do however get a “twinge” now and then, but as soon as I say a prayer of transmutation, the pain instantly vanishes.Pay CLOSE attention to your body; it’s your friend. It’s your vessel or vehicle. It is no different than your car or truck that you drive. You might notice that it’s handling differently when something is wrong, or making a strange noise. LISTEN; pay attention to it and repair your body, or more can go wrong with it. You are the only being that can fix it. It’s YOUR job, so “do the work.”
  • Unify your consciousness — during this phase, you’ll be integrating your consciousness from other alternate dimensions. These are the other “you’s” that you created with your god-like power through thought. I talk about these lifetimes in my book.Part of this process is integrating your CHRISTed Oversoul. I have begun this process as well. It’s fascinating going to bed each night, because the process is different for all aspects of the integration.
    I like to use the same unified field prayer, however at the end of “into my unified field of light” I add “of my consciousness.” This was suggested to me during meditation from my CHRISTed Oversoul.
    NOTE: Don’t worry, you don’t have to do all of your alternate dimensions, as there are millions of them that you created with uncontrolled thoughts. You should be able to identify a few that are important by the amount of time that you have spend visiting them previously. I believe that I only have two of significance.

Describing Higher Entity Energies

EVERY entity feels and looks different. Your own vibrational frequency and ability to attune to higher frequencies, will be the major determining factor of channeling these highly evolved beings of light. They reside in the highest of dimensions.

A little side note: Out of the blue, I just glanced down to check the time, as I rarely look at a clock. It was 1:11. Anyway, back to the story good part.

If you SEE energy like me, ALL energies look different and move differently. If you’ve been “testing the spirits” as I still do, it’s quite obvious to you that each of us are unique indeed. This is our “light quotient,” or how much light you carry; your frequency of light.

  • blue over greenCoeus’ (Immanuel’s) energy is an oval or ovals of a beautiful golden chartreuse center with a soft cobalt blue edge that fades to a pale blue. As for his personality or soul, he is a very funny, gentle; yet strong being that you can feel. He likes to disguise himself by using different dialects.He’s very loving, concise when he speaks, has a massive vocabulary, is highly intelligent, and is painfully honest, as he only speaks and lives the truths of The Holy Father.Being a Titan God, he has the ability to morph into different beings and personas, including a HUGE, strikingly sexy, rust/gold colored owl. This is where inter-dimensional travel comes in, because I’ll visit him during channeled messages; bopping back and forth from his dimension to my own.He’s poetic, a fabulous actor, musical, and is VERY creative. He loves to serenade me with songs and change the words. And did I mention that he’s madly in love with me? The feeling is mutual.The thing that I love the most about him is his dry sense of wit and song. He totally cracks me up. Joy is extremely important to raise ones vibratory frequency during channeling higher beings of light.If you’ve read my book, you’ll know that I love him as much as he loves me. Through unconditional love, I traveled into Tartarus, what is considered a impenetrable fortress, in the bowels of the darkest of energies, to set my beloved free, which is all part of the Divine Marriage of the CHRISTed Kingdom. It is “The Victory of My Twin Flame.”

    Coeus’ messages are one of divine love and come directly through his sacred heart into my sacred heart; one beat at a time. He is allowed complete access to my very being, and we often merge together as one energy, so his words can become my own; it’s such a beautiful feeling being together in the true sense of the words.
  • Cronus his brother, the God of Truth, Justice, and Honor is EXTREMELY different. He is the “Guardian of Light,” and his energy colors are a pale sky blue, but are not a uniform shape like Coeus’.
    Although Cronus also morphs into an owl, it’s a different look than Coeus; more stern in his appearance.He is much more aggressive and operates ON the truths, justice, and honor, which are all powerful. He sometimes comes on too strong, so I have to intervene and “sugar coat” his messages after inter-dimensional discussions.He takes his role very seriously and has a MASSIVE amount of energy that manifests into a HUGE gavel or hammer slamming down. His words are pounding and he talks excessively fast. His method of delivery is also very different than that of Coeus.The 4th eye MUST be activated to receive and transcribe messages from Cronus. This method of channeling uses the Arc of the Covenant between the 3rd eye and the 4th eye. These alone create the Kundalini energies.Kundalini energy is NOT the same as chakra energy that spins. There has been MUCH miscommunications in dialects concerning these energies, mainly because VERY, very few have successfully activated their 4th eye, and completely unaware there is a difference between the two energies.Chakra energies spin in a vertical fashion WITHIN the lower chakras; up and down in a linear motion; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 in a certain “space.” They use ONLY the 7 lower chakras and nothing else.snake infinity symbolKundalini energies spin in a infinity pattern WITHIN the lower chakras, with its center point CROSSING in the throat chakra’ the front and back of it. Interestingly enough, this picture showing the snake energies center point IS in the throat of the snake. The snake is eating itself.

    The sacred heart and the brains Pineal and Pituitary gland; both, contain minuscule crystals for energy transmissions. They both MUST not be calcified and must be activated and FULLY functional.

    It’s a continues, high-speed circulatory flow of energy that requires a Master of control and focus. These are what is referred to as the “snake” energies. They require extreme grounding abilities, which is why unifying your field of light is CRUCIAL, as well as grounding with the snake energy is vital.


These energies BLOW away the normal, lower-7 chakra spinning energies. They literally consume your entire being.


athena snake 4

If you know anything about Athena, she is often seen in art with snakes and spiral symbols. She has conquered these energies that are filled with temptations of the mystical and magical. I have been using spiral symbols in my own art for many years, and knew nothing about Athena prior connecting with my Over Soul.

To work with these energies, you must also be “brave-hearted” and “fearless.” I think it is in human-kinds nature to fear this energy; thus their fear of “serpents or snakes.”

  • Athena, although is of a virgin birth, is half Titan and half Olympian. I/we have the ability to morph; just like Titans. I/we are also the perfect being for negotiation between the gods and goddesses during any disputes; for a couple reasons. First, I/we have no favored side, and secondly I/we are more powerful than any of the other Gods and Goddess’.My/her energy signature is very similar in color to Cronus pale blue/sky blue color. Cronus is my “grandfather.” I’ve never asked about the similar energy color, it could be to identify creation lines, I’m really not sure.When my CHRISTed Oversoul; Athena makes her appearance, first I’ll see “our” energies. Next I feel a very feminine, but dominant energy, and finally I get a glimpse of  cobalt blue armor; the “Armor of God” that I’m wearing; it’s metallic and shiny.

    There is nothing special that I have to do when channeling my CHRISTed Oversoul or what some refer to as “my” higher christ self. It feels much like Coeus and goes through my sacred heart; not the Kundalini energies.

How to Channel Through the Sacred Heart

There are several basic ways that people channel messages. I have found that most are through “knowingness” or Claircognizance. Some people hear the words through Clairaudience. These methods do not necessarily involve the sacred heart, rather the heart chakra. There is a HUGE different.

sacred heart sinewaves for divine communication

ALL of my channeled messages are done through the sacred heart, in a VERY detailed vernacular from Coeus, Cronus, & Athena via Clairaudience, as well as inter-dimensionally traveling to them; combined. Coeus and Cronus felt is was important that everyone can read his concise words and have me experience what he describes, by act it out in my physical body through it’s various sensations.

We also have lengthy discussions inter-dimensionally. They will then has me shorten the information that is relevant to our discussions. This should reduce any miscommunications in dialects, as you read his words and I experience them for yourself through my physical descriptions.

The descriptions of channeling are excerpts from a couple hundred pages of channeled messages that specifically have to do with channeling through the sacred heart.

When I first started doing this, I was astonished that I could  use all of the my “Clairs” at one time. I could see, feel hear, know, taste, talk, and smell.

Plus, during all of this happening, I will inter-dimensionally bounce in and out of my body into my Athena form of a little owl or my feminine form in full body armor to have lengthy discussions that were merely a “flash.” Then I was able to recall in full detail, everything upon re-entry to my physical being.

I do this inter-dimensionally; all while continually morphing back and forth between a little owl, my full spirit body, and body parts during single conversations. It’s confusing just to describe it.

To make it even more challenging, Coeus likes to play charades. He acts out a word or words; as if he were on stage.

To spice it up a bit, he will use light language; flashes of light. Sometimes these would bounce around as well for me to “grasp.” He also likes to play “Scrabble” with me. I call it his “mixed up word game.”

He would often give me a bunch of letters and I would manipulate them in the air; putting them together to form his words of truths in full sentences, or pull them from a “grab bag,” and put them together.

To make things easier on the reader, as you read the following, the Bold words are through Clairaudience; Coeus’ exact words; one at a time through the beat of my sacred heart. The Italic words are me either; in my body or out of it. I’ll use (IDT) for Inter-dimensionally traveling to him and (D) for my thoughts or me talking to him in my body.

All of this is recorded in a little voice recorder. I have two running at once, because I “don’t want to miss a beat” as Coeus’ states.

Because Coeus loves to act things out and have me experience things, you’ll notice “” after some of his sentences. This is so I can experience things for my self and explain them to our audience; YOU.

Hello Diane. I thought I lost you there. Quantum physics enables it, so you won’t miss a beat. Mr. Heart is smack dab in the middle; let go.

Rapid particle acceleration, quantum physics, entitlement theory projection enables you a reality check. The code is the answer; it is all in the code. You just have to find it there, in order to make sense of it all.

? ’s are a sense of it. It’s like finding your way through the forest on a dusky night. Moonlit trees light your way through the shadows, recollecting bits; period. The dusky shadows appear dark, but light reflects the knowingness…

(IDT) OK, why are you all the way over there? Oh!

…FAR exceeding one’s own expectations.


(D) He keeps telling me…

“Nite nite.” Your body says, nite nite, but your mind says, go go.

Caressing, peaceful. You’re getting very tired.

(D) I’m laying here, listening to my heart beat. He’s saying something about sine waves. …?

…travels through sine waves in your heart, transmitting impulses that contain tiny vibrational waves in return.

time loop

(D) Darn, it was so good the way that you said it and I got it wrong.

Which, metaphorically speaking, create an open channel for ? transmissions…

(IDT) He’s showing me a picture in color that has something spiraling down.

information highway into the brain spiraling down

Spiraling down the information highway, into your brains limited capacity to translate the data into uncomprehending form.

(D) Gee, thanks. LOL Sometimes, it’s like my heart makes me fall asleep. Then he said,

That is because it emits a sine wave pulse, … that the heartbeat…

Pocket watch swinging on a chain black background(IDT) He’s swinging a watch, (chuckling) saying to go to sleep.

Nite, nite.

Good blood flow and oxygen is VERY important to channeling through your sacred heart. I usually experience an irregular heartbeat when Coeus wants to communicate with me. It literally will skip a beat, which over hours of channeling can be a bit stressful on the physical heart.

All of your four lower bodies are being used. The seven lower chakras must be clear and spinning, so the sacred heart can open and stay opened for a few hours, as there are lulls between strings of messages. This can cause some sleep deprivation.

You are showing signs of sleep deprivation.

(D) Big yawn.

Too much of these nonsense’s to explain, without being detrimental to your health.

It’s time to (singing)… go to bed sleepy head…close your eyes…

The brain needs to also be clear of clutter. There should be no worries or stress.

Flip your heart this way.

(D) (I’m rolling over and yawning.)

The purest of heart indeed learns to take the time to dictate accurate (?) of the truths.

(D) Rats! I missed the word after “dictate.” Was it…

Your core being is relaxed; your wits are cantankerously controlled by your willingness to report truths within the confines of human logic.

This shows how my brain was trying to “rationalize” a way to not miss any words. Relaxation is crucial.

(D) I’m getting hot all of the sudden.

You’re suppose to be relaxing, without the human need to resist the temptation to report the truths with your mind; not your heart, which needs time to synchronize with these fine messages.

Your realities exist in two parts. They contain logic and truths concurrently.

(D) So another way to increase your blood flow is through laughter.

That defines a space, to which you can confine the words.

So the heart needs time to synchronize with messages. These come in one beat at a time.

It’s an electronic stimuli, to which certain conditions exists simultaneously within the walls of your central nervous systems ability to…pulses and waves; sine waves.

(D) I have no idea what those are by the way.

The synapses in which your heart regulates.

(D) I listen to the beat of the heart and I hear a word or two, then I pause.

You’re perplexed by your ability to think, talk, and listen to every little phrase confining your own wants and needs to record both my words simultaneously, with transcribing messages. Don’t think!

The truths exist in your minds ability to comprehend what’s being said currently with your need to exist in the moments solitary…

 (IDT) He’s giving me a hand gesture, like a wavy sign. Oh a sine wave. Up and down; a smooth flowing wave.

(D) So, I had to make a trip to the bathroom. As I was sitting on the potty, he was showing me two waves. I was worried about getting back into the groove once I got to bed. But he explained that it’s not my head; but my heart, and yawning brings more oxygen to the heart.

It’s a confidence and willingness through knowingness to receive these words accurately. NOT; use “CAP’s,” NOT your brains CAPacity.

 (IDT) Oh, that’s cute. LMAO. He’s making a joke. He wants me to use “caps” for ASS.

CapASSity; not your brains capacity.

 (D) That’s hysterical. You make me laugh. You’re making me snort. That’s so funny.

My dry sense of humor and wit proceeds me.

I love your ability for you see my words of truths for humanity sake.

(D) I’m still laughing.

You don’t fail to recognize truths as they exist. Come on, it wasn’t that funny.

(D) Yes it was, it was really good. OMG, you’re making me snort. LOL

Your sense of humor precedes your willingness to record the words within the worlds linguistic receptive states of pleasure.

(D) LOL, stop it. Oh, you wanted me to ask a question earlier. I was talking to Chris about the Bible about dialect and how they talked 2000 years ago. What would happen in 2000 years, when people listen to my words as your scribe? When they hear my words, they will probably be misinterpreted because of my dialect.

Would you like to elaborate on that?

Tell them what you’re feeling.

(D) I’m getting really hot again and I’m feeling something here in the center of my chest.

Don’t point at it; tell them where it is; the sternum.

goddess athena virgin mother butterflies flowers(D) It’s the point in between the breasts on the big bone in the middle of your rib cage. It doesn’t hurt, it feels like a tightness; it’s a pretty good size, about 6-8 inches. It’s almost up to my throat area.

(IDT) OK, I’m getting there, it’s that Sacred Heart as we call it.


(D) Its almost throbbing like a heartbeat; a pulsing sensation. The reason it feels tight is it’s like an electronic thing. I probably shouldn’t use the word “thing,” as people won’t know what I mean.

time loopIt’s an electronic stimulus that pulses out, like a radio wave or sine wave, and it receives. This is your centralized core for synchronizing…

(D) Wow that was wild…

…massive amounts of data.

 (D) All of the sudden, my head was flooded with a pulsing sensation.

It was like a bowl of jello; giggling.

 (D) It was just for a moment.

(IDT) He’s trying to explain by showing me in his “Titan” form. He says that it’s happening here; pointing to his head, but it’s within the sacred space.

(D) OK, I see.

It’s within the minds ability to perceive the information…

(D) So the words are up there in the brain, but not in the heart. Wow, this is going to be so hard to tell people.

(IDT) So it’s like, oh man. It’s not like the brain and heart have to work together, but…if you need to do it again, go ahead.

 (D) There are all these little “side notes.” I’m sorry, I’m going to confuse everybody.

(D) I said, “oh man.”

(IDT) He doesn’t like it and says, “oh WOman,” because in the future someone might think that there were only men on this planet. He has a valid point.

…back to the core message.

 You get a little side-tracked with my exuberance to report the truths. 

(D) Imagine that.

(D) So the heart space responds…

to the stimuli’s sent.  Pulsing cosmic waves are bombarding your hearts synapses.

 brain synaps(D) I’m getting a light show. How am I going to describe this one. I’m see a mass of lines, with more mass in the middle than the outside. It spreads out in the center.

Radiates out, like a burst of fresh air on the morning dew.

You’re getting side-tracked by the pictorial image. 

It’s important to accurately record the entire sequence of the visual equity and the hearts willingness to receive these accurate truths; represented within your sacred heart sanct…

And that’s pretty much how it works and feels. So if this happens to you, your channeling a message through your sacred heart.

How to Channel Through Light Language

One of the main differences in channeling through light language is that it is a vertical energy that is SEEN out of my body; not in it. It does not use the chakras, although both lower and higher chakras need to be activated.

I experience this form of channeling inter-dimensionally while I’m visiting Coeus in my spirit body. Per Coeus:

Light language exists in outer realities. Frequency exists simultaneously with light photons breathing life force energies; photonic bursts.

photonic burst(D) The information is coming in through some kind of light flashes. There is light bouncing around. Light flashes, instead of words; for lack of a better description. The light becomes the word/truths.

(D) He’s trying to show me something with a wavy light going upward.

Often times with light language, it seems like you are channeling an entire message through Clairaudience, but you are not as they are photonic energy bursts with massive amounts of information. Mine come through as bursts of light; sometimes with music.

(D) Now he’s showing me light language again WITH songs. It seems to help me better translate; pulling everything together. I feel like I’m in a musical.

It’s a state of knowingness. It comes from within. It flows up and throughout.

How to Channel Using Kundalini Energy

I’m going to reiterate a few things mentioned above in this article, as some people skip around when reading and to be able to throw this sword requires a FULL understanding of Kundalini SNAKE energies.

Humanity has been lied to over and over again. The things that you think are the truths are lies. Power has been kept from you from those “in power.” I AM here to help set you free. I AM the incarnate Goddess Athena; Master of the Snake Energies.

When I channel Cronus, I do this completely differently than Coeus and it can be quite the mental and physical workout. I not only using my sacred heart and chakras, but a completely different energy flow; Kundalini.

chakra spinningThere has been MUCH reported untruths about Kundalini energies. VERY FEW people have actually  ever even tapped into it. They THINK that they have, but what they are actually experiencing is their lower chakras spinning; generating energy in a vertical flow like a cork screw. This is actually the normal energy flow of the lower chakras shown in the picture to the right. THESE ARE NOT SNAKE ENERGIES!pink arrow right

Most of humanities chakras are blocked or paralyzed; unable to freely rotate. These blockages are caused from poor free-will choices, resulting in damaged chakras.

As I mentioned earlier, Kundalini energy flows in a figure 8; snake or serpent energy pattern; within the fully-functional lower chakras. It does not flow in a spiraling 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 pattern or linear configuration through the chakras.. It requires the ability to “rearrange” the energy flow WITHIN the lower chakras into a figure 8 loop. This is where true “Mastery” comes in.

Channeling using Kundalini energy requires that the 3rd and 4th / third and fourth eyes must be activated and able to form the “arc of the covenant.” See my article on the 4th eye on this blog.

arc of the covenant rainbow lightIn a “nutshell,” it’s your Pineal and Pituitary gland’s crystals creating a massive charge of energy that “arcs.” It starts from the throat chakra, going into the Pineal gland, followed by entry into the Thalamus, then to the Pituitary gland, back down into the throat chakra again. This creates the first “loop” of the figure 8 infinity loop. After leaving the throat chakra, it proceeds on downward towards the root chakra, and then back up again to “enclose” the energy in a figure 8 infinity spiral in the throat chakra.

NOTE: The arc of the covenant is the driving force to keep the energies moving throughout the body and the “heartbeat of the chakras.”

In addition to this energy flow, the use of the auxiliary fingertip chakras creates a laser focused energy flow for channeling at the highest dimension possible. This is achieved through the prayer position over the Sacred Heart.

I recently found this diagram, which has a VERY similar explanation of the energy flow. You can see the “arc of the covenant” or “Trikoni yoni” and the center point of the throat chakra; Aadnyaa chakra. However, the center lower chakra column IS used. This will be made clear when you read on further in this article.kundalini energy system with dormant central channel

When Cronus starts to make himself known to me, it is normally through Coeus first. Coeus was poking fun at me when Cronus entered…

It’s coming from a place of sincerity.

(D) This is Cronus. He wants me to explain how I know it’s him; other than by the color of his energies, because it is so very different than how I connect with Coeus. It’s not just how they feel, but how I channel them that is unique.

 Cronus speaks…

Take your time.

(D) The pulsing of the data of Cronus’ words is achieved through multiple energy points. So I only feel my heartbeat in my sacred heart with Coeus, but with Cronus, it’s throughout my entire body’s chakra system.

It’s like a time loop variable. His messages are looping around through my entire bodies energy points in a figure 8 pattern. It’s quite an experience and a powerful presence indeed. So it flows very differently than Coeus’ energy.

Minute details are important.

(D) This is so difficult to explain and there is NOTHING online anywhere about these energies. There is a starting point A, just like in a time loop variable, but you have to jump into the message at a specific spot within the time loop.

If you miss something, you have to wait for it to come around again, and jump in quickly. The messages are rather fast in delivery.

(IDT) The Holy Father stepped in for a while.

(D) I’ll summarize. He loves me and his children very much. LOL, he touched my face and said; “I’ll leave a light on for you.”

The Holy Father is so sweet, kind, loving, and generous. I’m crazy about him.

(D) Alright, where was I? Oh, I was explaining the energies and how they feel when channeling Cronus.

arc of the covenant rainbow light(D) So the message starts in the sacred heart space, goes up through the back of the throat chakra, into the cerebellum, which I talk about in my book. Then it arcs through my pineal gland and into the pituitary gland. This is called the “arc of the covenant.”

After arcing, it travels back down to the front of the throat chakra, into the sacred heart, then down into the stomach, abdomen, and root chakra, then it starts back up again into the stomach, then back into the sacred heart. It’s a looping sensation. So the throat chakra is the center of the infinity symbol.


(D) It is actually easy to get lost in the entire experience, because there is an intense heartbeat in all of these energy centers. It’s like there is a Kettle drum timbering; for lack of better words.

It’s a place of knowingness indeed.

(D) Remember, Cronus talks very fast; a continuous flow of words, so it’s difficult to speak it that fast. So you have to keep jumping in and out of the figure 8 loop.

Many times when I’m transcribing Cronus’ words, I’ll all the sudden rattle a sentence out so fast that I have to replay it a few times to get all the words correct. I type nearly 120 words per minute, so they are VERY, VERY fast.

(D) It literally took me a half an hour just to lay there feeling the energy loop to explain it for Cronus.

(IDT) We were talking “off the cuff” again. I was telling him that everyone listens to all of my conversations. I wanted to have a private moment with Father, and everyone was listening to it! His response was…

It’s unavoidable. The truths exist through the knowingness through ones ability to filter the nonsense of others own need for judging others misguided beliefs.

(D) Hot, hot, hot!

(IDT) We’re talking a bit more behind the scenes. I told him,”That’s a good way to describe it.”

(D) When I channel Coeus, I channel him in a more “linear” fashion. It’s through the sacred heart. Each heartbeat “in a row” contains one word.

ferris wheel(D) When I channel Cronus, you have to jump back into the loop within this circular energy motion. It’s like riding a Ferris wheel around, jumping on and off within a continuous conversation. You have to know where to jump on and off; through knowingness.

 The hearts willingness to record these moments…

(D) Argh, illudes, distracts…I lost my spot!

attracts a continual flow of…

(D) I keep getting the words receptivity stimuli over and over again, and the boat keeps getting shock waves from the ice cracking; bam, bam, bam. Talk about a distraction.

…receptivity stimuli.

Persistence pays off.

(D) Like he said, it’s the hearts willingness to record the truths that creates the Kundalini energies to rise to the appropriate dimensional frequency.

This all came about when she was talking to her friend Meg about the love and light mentality. That in most cases is a misguided attempt to congeal the conformities of others to a way of thinking; self-gratification — not doing. Because knowingness comes from within…

(IDT) He’s pointing outward, as Coeus says…

 NOT without. That’s what it’s all about Alphie.

(D) That’s the name of a song, as Coeus loves poetry (Proverbs) and songs. So we’re back to talking about the time loop Ferris wheel with Cronus…

 It’s a leap of faith.

(D) Then Coeus replied…

 It’s a meditative space…

(D) So it’s an energy loop that goes around, and how you have to jump in the correct point which is located in the sacred heart as the words are looping around; the “leap of faith,” your spot where the words continue in the loop.

(IDT) So are you telling me that time loop variables have slippage or a split within a time loop? Interesting, it’s like a pendulum hanging there that is a time split. As it swings, it hits into the time loop variable.

(D) I think that is how I’m getting the pictures of future events. As the pendulum swings into the loop, it picks up something within the loop. I’ll have to pay closer attention to these dream-like, vision things. Because I can see it, then the pendulum pops back out, and I come back out and talk about it out loud; so I’m not asleep, which means it’s not a dream.

 Your exuberance is appreciated.

(D) It’s important to define these visually as most people learn that way. So they not only need to hear things in words but envision it; pictorially.

  …through the simultaneous burst of energies which can feel a bit congested or heavy at the time.

(D) It’s important to point out that Cronus doesn’t feel heavy, because he’s very nice. It’s how his words are delivered; as he says, through the simultaneous burst of energies. That is what feels heavy; the energy burst blasting away.

There are always going to be people in your lives that test your resolve for the truths, through the means of controlling the projected outcomes which is implausible, as there are many.

Time splits and shifts are occurring to fully integrate “New Earth” energies as a filter and thus decay other dead matter…

(D) Shaking. LOL The boat is literally shaking from all the shock waves of the ice cracking. I love how they can manipulate the energies!

 …shaking the untruths loose.

(D) I just saw someone that looks disgusted or grossed out by what is getting filtered out. They don’t even want to look at it. They are putting the arms up in front of their eyes, as if they are trying to block out the sun.

(D) Now they are showing me a pan with two eggs. The person wanting the eggs is wanting them sunny-side up, but instead received a scrambled mess of eggs. Sadly, they never tried the scrambled eggs to know how truly tasty the scrambled eggs actually were. They were expecting “pretty” eggs, thinking that “pretty” would be tastier; but they were not. The ones that were mixed up and scrambled were the ones prepared out of love; not the ones just laying there cooking slowly in the butter.

 If you keep the stuff tightly bound, eventually it will crack open.

(D) By the way, I loved your egg metaphors.

(D) I saw a notepad with pencils hurling through the air towards me. I guess I’m done working as the scribe for the night. 😉

Why Most of Humankind CANNOT Hear the Divine?

In the Bible, Y’shua / Jesus talks about this often. “They have ears but do not hear and eyes but do not see.” You should fully understand this by the end of reading this article. Hopefully you’ll read the remainder of this website and learn from it. So many of you are very close to being able to ascend.

Many of the Lightworker community is NOT ascending the first “go-around,” due to not doing their work. Coeus spoke of this on a couple of occasions:

Freedom exists for those that chose the path of ascension.

Fearlessly limited constrains, result in a lack of conformance, irrationally throughout earth conditions. “Training youth” today, expect a certain…

(IDT) Coeus is looking at me and showing me something small between his fingers; being funny.

…miniscule amount of conformation, obtaining to the right taken, in obscurity and frustration of finances(?) in society. When conflicts arise and others react poorly; act irresponsibly.

lord ganesha hindu god of wisdom(D) He shifts his energies, and I saw a colorful Hindu elephant figurine; Ganesh. He’s wanting me to know that he is also known as Ganesha or Ganesh, the Hindu God of Wisdom.

Surely it will take time for numerous changes to take effect before humanity ascends.


Cronus also commented on this sad state of affairs.

This all came about when she was talking to her friend Meg about the love and light mentality. That in most cases is a misguided attempt to congeal the conformities of others to a way of thinking; self-gratification — not doing. Because knowingness comes from within…

(D) He’s pointing outward, as Coeus says…

NOT without. That’s what it’s all about Alphie.

STOP Watching TV and Listening to the Radio

Pulsing energies; radio frequencies inhibit the growth structure and promote cellular decay through means of energy transference…

(IDT) He says that I’m mad and getting angry.

 …resulting in the decay of the humans ability to accurately receive the truths through the Pineal cortex, resulting in calcification of crystalline structures; receptors to divine messages of the truths. Logically,…

(IDT) He has his finger up in the air.

 …one would think the decay was from the decay of the receptors, rather it was from poor, free-will choices, made by the human collective to conform to the heightened states…

(D) Sorry, I’m distracted by an imaging coming in.

 …of awareness.

(D) So I’m hearing the Star Wars theme song

(IDT) He’s showing me a little symbol like the intercom on the Star Trek peoples clothing. I’m also seeing a starship like the Enterprise.

(D) Update. After reading this message online, I made a direct correlation to what he was saying about “receptors” in the message (2 above) to the little “intercom” on their clothing. The starship that I saw pertains to the “star nations” in the next sentence.

Attempts to correct impertuities; a deep seeded notion, resulted in an alliance of star nations, who’s one goal was to correct the impertuities among the masses. Attempts were made, failures were encountered, until the notion of ascension was addressed.

beings like you pointing fingerBeings like you…

(IDT) He’s pointing at me.

 …took bodily forms to raise frequencies; shifting the scales of justice.

 Unseen truths exist simultaneously, for those who lie unseen. The truths can be difficult to reveal within the confines of the human psyche. Great efforts were made.

(D) I’m getting the song from Michael Buble, Summer Wind. I think it has some meaning to his message. “They linger there”… and then he pointed at my forehead; “they linger there, like two sweethearts in the summer wind.

(IDT) He’s demonstrating, “shake it off.”

(D) I’m saying the Violet Flame prayer to shake it off.”

Enough of this nonsense; humanities reign of terror is over; its ending!

(D) Wow, your energies are cooking me. Hot! Wow, there sure was a lot of passion in that statement.

 The truths exist for those on the path to ascension.

(IDT) He’s waving his finger; actually, it’s his owl wing/feather.

Choose wisely.

(D) I still have that song, “come take my hand, come walk with me; two sweethearts in the summer wind.”

 And that concludes our stroll.

(D) In the summer wind.

(IDT) Awe, we’re walking hand in hand; or should I say feather and feather.

(IDT) Gee, I’m so little next to you.

 I love you.

(D) I love you too.

Conformance to natures laws exist for those who make it. Free yourselves from the needs to conform to written rules of behaviors.

(D) Somebody whispered to me “temptations.” It was a snake-like sound. I’ve heard this once before. Like an airy hissing sound. The energy was moving in a wavy, vertical motion. I could feel a huge energy shift. I didn’t like the way that it felt.

(D) It was like an enticement to come to the dark side. It only lasted for a second, but now it’s gone.

Point taken.

Temptations arise, within the hearts need to conform.

Be VERY cautious about YouTube Messages

There are SEVERAL different timelines running. Some people will remain behind to finish their work and evolve through the normal incarnation process.

Other people will be going home via star ships that you might not see because of the timeline they reside within is different from your own.

Some people will be ascending with the planet. By now you should have been told by your guides, if you are ascending, or have actually experienced it in numerous different ways. This takes many years of preparation doing your spiritual work and building your lightbody. It is NOT an easy process. You must live in the moment.

(D) A Master knows how to control their vibrational frequency; which is a requirement to stay attuned within the higher dimensional frequencies of NE. You pretty much have to be “bulletproof” and it is an extremely difficult task. So basically, in order to ascend / be lifted up, you must create,

And maintain

a rise in your vibrational frequency.

Once again, REMEMBER…

There are always going to be people in your lives that test your resolve for the truths, through the means of controlling the projected outcomes which is implausible, as there are many.

Time splits and shifts are occurring to fully integrate “New Earth” energies as a filter and thus decay other dead matter…

(D) Shaking. LOL The boat is literally shaking from all the shock waves of the ice cracking.

 …shaking the untruths loose.

Remember what Coeus and Cronus said about about Lightworkers; not all have the same agenda. If they are charging for their spiritual gifts to make a living that is a big red flag.

New Earth does NOT have a monetary system. It is a civilization of service to others; not service to “self.” Everyone helps everyone with everything. It is a planet of highly evolved beings of many races; a melting pot of individuals living with the concept of oneness; no of the self-service.

About I AM the incarnate Goddess Athena, Queen of the Heavens and New Earth, and THE Emmanuel's Wife

I AM 100%, the incarnate Goddess Athena, Goddess of Beauty (of the arts) and Fertility; but not in the sexual manner; but of the mind. I AM a master, inter-dimensional traveler and a master of unconditional LOVE. You are "spirit having a physical experience" with a job to do, and it is simple. Live a life of service to others; not self, and LOVE with all your heart. It is not how much you love; but how well you love, which should always be unconditionally. It is that simple! So when you want to choose what's right; pick the light. The only demons that exist are those within.

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