Time Slips / Slippage, Splits, Shifts, & Loops

Updated on 4/7/18

Time Slips/Slippage, Splits, & Shifts

Different types of time-related events are “currently” happening on Earth, which is a conundrum in itself, as there is NO TIME. These events are caused by time ending on Old Earth and the emergence of the higher vibrational New Earth. There is not going to be any more “time,” as New Earth is emerging gracefully, like a butterfly she is emerging from her cocoon.

When Gaia; Old Earth was “conquered” by humankind, due to their bad free-will choices, time was the resulting effect. When something is removed, the void MUST be filled. Jesus talked about this in the Bible and it refers to nearly everything. It was mankind’s futile attempt to control a projected outcome. 

As a Master of inter-dimensional traveler, I’m quite used to traversing the energies WITHOUT time. Things rarely appear “normal” when inter-dimensionally traveling, as higher dimensional frequencies do not match that of Earth which is VERY linear; due to time. With time, one thing occurs, then the next, the next, the next, etc.

When there isn’t time, everything is like a big jigsaw puzzle. You have to be able to pull things out of “thin air” and assemble the data into understandable shapes or forms, and words and sentences.

Many of you have been experiencing forgetfulness, delirium, paralysis, garbled or the ability to not understand words; confusion. You might also feel lost, and déjà vu; the feeling or hearing of redundancy. These ARE NOT YOUR “ascension symptoms.” These all have to do with time slips/slippage, shifts, & splits as time ends.

You might even have things vanish; or disappear from your reality. So if you “think” that they are symptoms of YOUR ascension, they MIGHT be those that Gaia is experiencing, and you are caught in them like a fly in a spider’s web; it’s inevitable. You MUST do your own spiritual work; raise your vibrational frequency as hers rises. You CANNOT tag along with her or others. I talk about this on my website in a few other articles.

I AM not trying to scare you; merely present the facts accurately.

brain heart time loop variableTime loops can even be more discombobulating. You CANNOT use ONLY your brain to dissect and receive the information. It must be done with both your heart and your brain. This is where MOST of humanity is lacking and will become lost in the data.

You MUST be able to feel your heart chakra beat; but in your heads epicenter or what is known as your 3rd eye chakra. So this chakra must be activated in your brain. Heck, all seven lower chakras need to be activated and functioning.

As you receive time loop variables, information floods your being extremely fast and pulses, then duplicates. It is like one little “dot” of data traveling around a never-ending infinity symbol; a figure eight that is on it’s side horizontally. As it crosses the center, it feels like it is duplicating; over and over again.

oeus, God of Intellect — (12/24/17)

This is just one of MANY channeled messages from Coeus, God of Intellect. The remainder are at http://www.theinterdimensionaltraveler.com.

Before going to bed on the night of the 23rd, I asked Coeus, God of Intellect, to elaborate on the different kinds of time. I’ve been hearing, reading, and experiencing unusual time events. They include; time slips, time slippage, and time shifts. Some of you might be feeling these as dizziness, confusion, déjà vu, delirium, etc.

As I was channeling this information, I almost deleted the message, prior to listening to it. It felt like everything was disjointed and useless. Thankfully, I decided to listen to it; because it’s an amazing channeled message from Coeus.

As you read this channeled message, it’s important to read my comments and relate them to the different forms of “time events.” He’s letting me “feel and see” time, so his truths get across more graphically. So basically, he’s having me act them out while receiving his words of truths. It’s actually pretty funny.

(D) We were talking about time.

It is there.

 Time hurries no one, for indeed it is a fortuitous foe within the constructs of the human mind.

Ego’s play in the fabric of time; consequently, leave it alone.

For time eludes me. Exactly that; there is no time.

(D) LOL, I don’t know if I’m in a time loop or what.

 Mans fickle attempt at freedom should be discarded.

In your weakened state, you can’t stay awake, for time waits for no one.

 (D) I was starting to doze off. That was strange.

Apparently your ability to reside in a space…

(D) It’s all garbled. That was weird.

 …that doesn’t exist for time, waits for no man or WOman.

 They say you want to know about time slippage.

(D) I hope that I have this right, I keep forgetting what you are saying.

 Your arrogant species believes that time exists in a space; which is so small. Quantum physics entanglement theory states time is linear,…

(D) I’m not sure what that was, but I’m getting bombarded with those little light balls again. I don’t know what that is.

 …consequentially time’s companion.

(D) I started to get that pain in my knee again and heard “transmute.

” I am the violet flame …I am the light of God, shining every hour. Why would they use time in a prayer, it seems odd.

 Flowers exist, but they know no time. Bees exist, but they know no flowers; but they are there. It’s a fortuitous foe.

(D) I’m confused, because I’ve heard things before about time.

 Time exists for those who make it, just like you create tiles; he creates servitude to a non-existent maker.

(D) OK, now I’m confused and lost.

 You are experiencing time shifts.

(D) Coeus wants me explain what I was experiencing.

(D) I was delirious. It was like there is stuff all over the place, like you’re searching for something all over; but you can’t find it!

(D) He showed me a, “you’re on the nose” by acting it out.

 Time just doesn’t matter. It exists in the hearts of those to find a space in the future without recompense.

(D) Obviously, I don’t know what that means; sorry!

 Time slippage occurs within the (?) of human-kinds need to hold onto something that is not there or exits. Let me further explain. Time and quantum physics is needed to get from point A to point B, without futile attempts to control something out there in a space that doesn’t exist without time.

 You asked.

(D) I asked him earlier to talk about all the time stuff that people are talking about online; time shifts, merges, and slips.

 The truths are hidden and waiting to be revealed.

(D) He’s showing me having déjà vu yesterday; which really wasn’t what it was; rather time slippage. So time does run concurrently?

 Time runs concurrently in a state of flux energetically, so don’t second guess me.

(D) I think that was a joke? Oh boy, this is very confusing.

 This is for nature to take hold of.

(D) Sorry, I started thinking.

 It exists in the now; not the moment. ? all there is the truths.

Experiments with time reveal hidden agendas to control the truths for time will be around long…

(D) Coeus is making his finger go around; long. I have to stop thinking.

 …if hidden agendas exist simultaneously for long.

(D) I need a break, I think. My brain is trying to override my heart or control what you’re telling me.

(D) That wasn’t much of a break.

 Truths exist; point taken.

(D) LOL He’s grabbing me by my forehead where my 3rd eye is located. I can feel this pulsing.

 Truths coincide with time…

(D) Did he say shifts or splits? LMAO

 Let them in on the joke.

(D) LOL, I thought he said, “shits.”

(D) I don’t know if this is another example, but I’m having a difficult “time” staying in my meditative space.

 There you go, you returned to reality. Time splits occur when you least expect it; expect it!

 The m(?)na occurring in your reality will legitimately be receiving m(?)na.

(D) Huh? (I have no idea what he said here; I was slurring my words on the recording.)

 Conditions exist to make you think that time exists. It’s like a trunk in a car. Eventually, you’ll have to open it, and expose all the junk; the truths. It’s an inevitable fact of existence.

There, now you see how it comes in through the heart; one beat at a time.

(D) You-are-correct-sir. I-see. OK. (I was saying each word to the beat of my heart.)

 Otherwise your messages will be incorrectly received by the brains need to control.

(D) Why am I hungry all of the sudden?

 Hunger, thirst, and other bodily enjoyments, to which it controls lack at the present moment. Only patience goes the mind, to hear the heartbeat pulse out to the cosmos for answers, coinciding with a (?) set forth with cosmic rules/laws.

(D) I was telling him that less verbose is better for me. But then he said,.. What did you say?

 We need to transcribe delicate information, for only those who otherwise don’t know the truths that exist simultaneously. For things so small and unbeknownst to them, grammar is everything; except for the truths, those reign supreme.

Superfluous information is smaller than he point on a pin. (?) exists on a pin, mankind’s need effectively throughout your current economic systems restructuring system.

 Seeking a method to find something within the confines of ones self. “Self management skills.” How’s that?

(D) LOL, you’re giving me brain trauma here.

 And this is why you must listen closely to my words of truths. Flirtation diction shows the way, but the heart follows the truths…

(D) He’s showing me a winding path.

 …through the winding sense of knowing it all.

Your heart is pounding in your head. That will help you confine the truths in your heart. Relentless pursuits, plague mankind’s ability to perceive what is known before it occurs.

(D) Hot, hot, hot! (I’m having massive hot flashing, with often happens in meditation.)

 Natural selection, permits free-will to exist simultaneously in the truths. Knowingness exists to select; but is known to be right; however, and it’s a big however…

(D) He’s stretching it out with his arms.

 …long ago mankind wanted to experience a way to examine the truths exponentially, without thought. Its ugly reign of terror exists throughout humanities control systems, like a bead of honey. Its attraction exists, only to be perpetually pursued, by those seeking control over others.

 Free will should be abolished and the truths exposed for what they are; the truths. For within them, mankind speaks. No one hurts those who seek the truths.

Because reigns of terror exists throughout societies control systems, like a thief in the night, they cut and slash their way through your beliefs, until only shreds remain; heaped in a pile…

(D) I’m getting a visual here.

 …until (?) finds one in bits and pieces. For those are the truths that exist as I know it.

 You are showing signs of sleep deprivation.

(D) Big yawn.

 Too much of these nonsense’s to explain, without being detrimental to your health.

 It’s time to, (singing) go to bed sleepy head,

(D) He’s singing me a lullaby.

 …close your eyes…

(D) I was just thinking that my heart is pulsing through my head. You were saying it opens a clear channel. I can’t remember exactly…without the interference of the brain.

 Go to bed, sleepy head, you’ll be up before you know it.
 Slumbers fine, throughout time; as you know it. 

Time Loops

Coeus God of Intellect channeled messagesoeus — God of Intellect (12/28/17)

Just when I thought communicating through light language was interesting, now Coeus is throwing time loop variables at me, and I have no idea what they are!

This was once again, another message that I was about to scrap, prior to transcription. My brain felt so scrambled that I wasn’t sure anything even made sense.

But before we proceed, I’d like you to read this scripture from the Bible, just in case you didn’t read the 12/24/17 channeled message from Coeus.

Revelation 10:6

And he swore by him who lives to the eternity of eternities, him who created Heaven and that which is in it, and The Earth, and that which is in it: “Time shall be no more.”

(D) I’m sorry, I thought that I was dreaming, but then I realized it was you talking.

 Fortunately for you, within the confines of reality, you cease to know or understand the significance of the events that are occurring simultaneously throughout your society’s structures.

(D) This seems redundant, like you just said it again. This is weird.

(D) Sorry, there it goes again. Something about time slippage occurring.

 Time slipping is occurring during your dream and waking states. That is why you must adhere to strict timelines resulting in your…

(D) This is really coming in quick and duplicating.

 …ability to relay accurate…ability to relay accurate…

(D) It’s like pulsing in two times in a row.

 Two mints, two mints, in one.

(D) Isn’t that an old gum commercial?

(D) OMG, this is going so fast! My heart is beating in my head again.

 That’s your epicenter for you to comprehend these fine messages and truths. This knowingness often takes time to bring together your abilities to accurately receive time loop variables,…

(D) This is fascinating.

 …occurring within your; to receive these messages without your brains capacity to dissect and receive to convey the information accurately.

(D) The information is coming in extremely fast and pulsing and duplicating. It might be coming in the beginning of the heart beat and the end of the heart beat. For example, if I press my hand down on the bed, the release it, it duplicates.

 What an interesting day this is going to prove or be.

(D) Now that was interesting. At first I thought I was dreaming, but then I realized it was you talking, yet it seemed like a dream, but I’m not asleep yet.

 This all came about today, when you asked about your friend Cindy’s ability to effectively communicate the changes of both your scheduled performances. You should explain to them.

(D) So anyway, the water was shut off to the houseboat last week and I was upset, because I wasn’t notified. If I knew, I would have filled my water tanks up. Cindy insisted that she notified me via text and the phone. I told her that I sent her an email and called her, but neither of us got anything. I thought it was strange that she would do that as she’s efficient.

(D) When I talked to her, I told her that I thought this was a shift in dimensions or a time slippage. She said that she believes we’re in end times and that doesn’t seem that strange. Her daughter speaks to the angels.

 Before you get too ahead of yourself, perhaps we should look at time events occurring simultaneously. Throughout your societies delicate needs for discerning truths. Those(?) can be cancerous for stating the truths within the confines of ? in the ? systems decay…

(D) It’s like some of the words are “sling-shoting” around. He wants me to explain what’s happening.

 It’s important to relay the details accurately.

Time loop variable defined.

The first part, initialization, is a piece of code that’s run once when the loop starts. In this case, you’re creating a new variable i, and giving it the value 0, so you can keep track of how many times the loop has been run.

The second part, the condition, is checked each time the loop starts; if it’s true, the loop code (In this case, doSomething();) gets run. If it’s false, then the for loop is over, and the program continues past it.

The last part, the afterthought, is a piece of code that’s run each time the loop runs. It’s usually used to increment our counter variable; in this case it adds 1 to the i variable.

If we put this together, then this particular for loop says:
• Make a variable called i; give it the value 0.
• Is i less than exponent? If so, run the code doSomething();.

If not, stop.
• If we ran the code, also add 1 to i.
• Then go back to step 2, until we encounter an iteration where iis not less than 23.

There’s a couple of important things to note here.

Firstly, any variable created in the initialization stays in the for loop. When you create the variable i, it exists only within this particular for loop. This concept is called “scope”, and you’ll see it a lot.

Secondly, you don’t have to use the initialization to create a variable. You could increment some unrelated variable instead, or you could run a function, or you could even do nothing at all. Same goes for the condition and afterthought; you could check the time of day via a system function in the condition, and you could increase a variable a which you made outside this for loop or run a function in the afterthought.

In fact, you need not even fill in all three parts. For example, I could write the following:

for ( ; ; ) {
That’s just saying:
• Don’t do anything special on the first run.
• There’s nothing to check for when you should stop (a blank condition is considered to be always true).
• Don’t do anything when each iteration of the loop finishes.

Basically, an infinite loop.

Lastly, the ; marks the end of a statement. Each complete statement must end in a semicolon. A statement is just one action in code. An entire for loop is one statement, for example, and so is an entire if/else statement (including the code to run in each case).

About I AM the incarnate Goddess Athena, Queen of the Heavens and New Earth, and THE Emmanuel's Wife

I AM 100%, the incarnate Goddess Athena, Goddess of Beauty (of the arts) and Fertility; but not in the sexual manner; but of the mind. I AM a master, inter-dimensional traveler and a master of unconditional LOVE. You are "spirit having a physical experience" with a job to do, and it is simple. Live a life of service to others; not self, and LOVE with all your heart. It is not how much you love; but how well you love, which should always be unconditionally. It is that simple! So when you want to choose what's right; pick the light. The only demons that exist are those within.

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