Channeled Messages from Coeus, God of Intellect & Cronus, God of Honor, Justice, and Truths

I invite all of you to my website called, The Inter-dimensional Traveler, where you can read my channeled messages from the God Coeus, the God Cronus, and the Goddess Athena. 

Coeus, God of Intellect is my main guide and love. He often wakes me up during the night to a song.

Coeus and Cronus are Titan Primordial Gods. Everything you might have heard about them is wrong, as well as Athena, the Goddess of Beauty and Fertility; false-truths. 

History has it all wrong; do NOT believe what you read.

I highly recommend that you start with the first channeled message, dated 12/7/17 and work your way down the list. It’s important to read these words of truths from the beginning.

Please do not be intimidated by what they have to say; they ONLY speak the truths and the truths are often difficult to hear. I often have no idea what Coeus is saying, and have to get a dictionary out during transcribing his messages.

To save on confusion, I have created little icons:


Cronus, and


These icons are their EXACT words, and make it MUCH easier to read. My words are represented by (D).

As you read, you’ll see “” these are continuations of their words. Often times, they show me things and have me describe what it looks like, or how it feels. For example, a sine wave, time loop variable, time slippage, or a time split. 

I recommend reading each message through, then read it again, until it sinks in. Coeus has a HUGE vocabulary and he often acts out words for me, so the entire channeled messages are “interactive” and contain banter between us. Some of the banter is “off-the-cuff” where we are talking about topics “behind the scenes.” He’ll then suggest that I describe what were were talking about.

I am Coeus “scribe,” as we call it. When I channel these messages, they are a full-channel; I hear, see, feel, know, experience in the physical, and speak their words through each beat of my sacred heart. 

We all feel that it is important to record the truths in a multitude of ways, because words and dialects have been misinterpreted for 1000’s of years. The truths have been buried VERY deep. Coeus speaks redundantly; on purpose, to assure that everyone fully understands the meaning of his carefully selected words.

As necessary, Coeus has me act-out difficult topics; especially those that are time-related, because TIME IS literally ENDING.

Coeus is also my scribe. He is my “keeper of records;” the one that records all thoughts, words, and actions, and he was the one that presented my “judgment,” which IS required for ascending to/with New Earth.

Rev 16 4 7

Also on my website is my FREE book on inter-dimensional travel called ASK, SEEK, KNOCK. It’s not only on inter-dimensional travel, but my twin-flame journey of the Divine Marriage; the Bride of Christ, where I become “Immanuels’s Wife” / “Emmanuel’s Wife.”

If you follow astrology, please pay attention to some of the dates of the messages. They were orchestrated by Coeus to be delivered on specific planetary events.