My Tri-fold Heart!

An important update: 2/12/18 is at the bottom of the page.

Before I start the topic of My Tri-fold Heart. I want to express the importance of; speaking about our spiritual gifts “how we explain them.” Jesus tried to teach us these gifts, but people just didn’t quite “get him.”

I believe what I am referring to as, “My Tri-fold Heart” is something that others are calling, The Threefold Flame. Unfortunately, they only talk about it “intellectually;” NOT from their own experience. I’m going to try to explain how I experience it; WHEN it occurs and HOW it feels and sounds.

Oddly enough, being a professional art, I DO NOT see the colors associated with this sacred flame; I intensely feel them and hear them within me; yet I am a Clairvoyant!

When I first came into my physical form, I like you, I had/have a heartbeat. Beat, beat, beat, beat, beat. You know what I’m talking about, it’s that steady beat that comes from the left-center of your chest. There is a heart chakra associated in this area of your body as well.

Right now, I can just pause, focus, and “feel” my pulse in any end pad of my finger; at any given time. These are what I call “auxilary” chakras. Some people call them hand chakras.  My Lower Chakra’s are aligned, clear, and spinning. With practice, you can “feel” and “hear” it EVERYWHERE in your body; every Chakra point; it’s a beautiful thing!

I can even close my eyes for a second and get my Pituitary and Pineal glands to start pulsing to my heartbeat; talking to one another. They are communicating. This is the way to higher spiritual communication and accessing higher spiritual planes of existence; astral, inter-, and intra-dimensional travel, as well as energy work.

You see, we all start out the same here, in this physical existence; it’s what we do with that experience that defines us, and it all takes work.

I like to tell people that we DO have a choice in this world to “create our own existence.” Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you are capable of performing; you are all STARS in your own right, and this is YOUR show. You choose your stardom; don’t let others dictate it!

I started noticing the development of my tri-fold heartbeat a little over 10 years ago, when I started inter-dimensionally traveling, to other dimensions and realms. Upon my return to my body, gently through my Crown Chakra, I not only felt reentry, but heard and felt an entirely different heart beat. It was the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever heard; beat, beat, whoosh, beat, beat whoosh. It was what I call my Higher Heart heartbeat. 

Once my “body” realized that its heart beat differently, it quickly regained control, and my heart started beating the “agreed upon” heart beat by the “Collective” beings of our plant; the boring; beat, beat, beat, beat.

This happened EVERY time I would inter-dimensionally travel to other worlds, realms, and dimensions; parallel or otherwise. I talk about this more in my book, “The Inter-dimensional Traveler” on my website:

Something new and thrilling happened in 2015; a 3rd heartbeat occurred, about the same time as when my Sacred Heart opened.

Sacred Heart

Side note, as you know, I can get side-tracked! Many people interpret the paintings of Jesus “The Christ” at face-value. But do you know what this picture actually states? Notice how Jesus (the man) is looking up. He is pointing the way to his “Holy Christ-self; his higher self.

His hands also represent something. His right hand spells “Christ,” while the left hand has something to do with “teaching” from the heart center. This is your Higher Heart or Sacred Heart.

While laying in bed in the morning, prior to awakening, I found myself in a highly receivable state of spiritual channeling. During this time, I almost feel like I’m “floating,” yet, in my body at the same time. It’s a very peaceful state of being; very quiet. That is when I first noticed my 3rd heartbeat; my Sacred Heartbeat. So, if you think your Sacred Heart has opened; LISTEN, because it’s the only true way to knowing for certain; you WILL hear it or even see it.

My Sacred Heart beat has a unique rhythm: beat, beat, nothing (void), beat, beat nothing (void); like it is skipping a beat. When I first started hearing my Sacred Heart, it was maybe once every few weeks. Now, I hear it more frequently; nearly daily.

When my Sacred Heart is skipping a beat, it means that my Divine Husband Coeus; God of intellect, his Titan broth Cronus; God of Truth, Honor, & Justice, or my CHRISTed Oversoul, Athena, Goddess of Beauty and Fertility is calling. It’s time to channel a message.

Note: I do not have control over when I want to channel; it’s completely up to one of them whether it’s time for a message.

Interestingly enough, just like my Higher Heart, my Sacred Heart stops when my “body” realizes that its hearing a “different” heartbeat, my “conscious body brain” kicks back in, bringing me back to the “collective thought.” I like to refer to the Collective as the “You and Me” experience that was defined for our “in-body” experience.

This is the classic battle between YOU and YOUR body!

The body’s job is not only to be your vessel, but to keep you; Spirit, in it for your journey. That doesn’t mean that you MUST stay in it!

It is currently 4/2018 and I’m integrating my consciousness; Athena into my physical body during much night-time spiritual work. It’s been quite the fascinating experience.

So where does this leave me? It’s my latest experience and a “balancing act.” I need to learn to balance the trinity of the Three Fold Flames.

The threefold flame resides in the secret chamber of the heart. It is the Eighth Ray and the eight-petaled chakra. It is Power, Wisdom, and Love; my personal focus of the sacred fire; becoming “One with my CHRISTed Oversoul; Athena.” It’s the greatest merging of all time.

I’ll be updating this page, as I progress further with my Tri-fold Heart! Please feel free to tell me about your experiences on this topic. I would love to hear them!

So where exactly is your sacred heart? This channeled message from Coeus explains it.

The sacred heart defines a space, to which you can confine the words.

(D) It would be helpful if we could talk more about channeling messages.

It’s an electronic stimuli, to which certain conditions exists simultaneously within the walls of your central nervous systems ability to…pulses and waves; sine waves.

(D) I have no idea what those are by the way.

The synapses in which your heart regulates.

You’re perplexed by your ability to think, talk, and listen to every little phrase confining your own wants and needs to record both my words simultaneously, with transcribing messages. Don’t think!

(D) We were talking inter-dimensionally (off-the-cuff as I call it.) I then said out loud, “Would you like to elaborate on that?”

Tell them what you’re feeling.

(D) I’m getting really hot again and I’m feeling something here in the center of my chest.

 Don’t point at it; tell them where it is; the sternum.

(D) It’s the point in between the breasts on the big bone in the middle of your ribcage. It doesn’t hurt, it feels like a tightness; it’s a pretty good size, about 6-8 inches. It’s almost up to my throat area. OK, I’m getting there, it’s that Sacred Heart as we call it.

 (D) Its almost throbbing like a heartbeat; a pulsing sensation. The reason it feels tight is it’s like an electronic thing. I probably shouldn’t use the word “thing,” as people won’t know what I mean.

It’s an electronic stimulus that pulses out, like a radio wave or sine wave, and it receives. This is your centralized core for synchronizing…

(D) Wow that was wild…

…massive amounts of data.

 (D) All of the sudden, my head was flooded with a pulsing sensation.

It was like a bowl of jello; giggling.

 (D) It was just for a moment.

(D) He’s trying to explain by showing me. He says that it’s happening here; pointing to his head, but it’s within the sacred space.

(D) OK, I see.

It’s within the minds ability to perceive the information.

(D) So the words are up there in the brain, but not in the heart. Wow, this is going to be so hard to tell people.

(D) So it’s like, oh man. It’s not like the brain and heart have to work together, but…if you need to do it again, go ahead.

(D) There are all these little “side notes.” I’m sorry, I’m going to confuse everybody.

(D) I said, “oh man,” and he doesn’t like it and says, “oh WOman,” because in the future someone might think that there were only men on this planet. He has a valid point.

…back to the core message.

  You get a little side-tracked with my exuberance to report the truths. 

(D) Imagine that.

(D) So the heart space responds…

to the stimuli’s sent.

 Pulsing cosmic waves are bombarding your hearts synapses.

 (D) I’m getting a light show. How am I going to describe this one. I’m see a mass of lines, with more mass in the middle than the outside. It spreads out in the center.

Radiates out, like a burst of fresh air on the morning dew.

 You’re getting side-tracked by the pictorial image. 

It’s important to accurately record the entire sequence of the visual equity and the hearts willingness to receive these accurate truths; represented within your sacred heart sanct…

NOTE: you can read MUCH more by visiting my post called, “How to Channel Through the Sacred Heart, Light Language, and Kundalini Energy.”

UPDATE: 2/10/16

I was listening to a channeling this morning that is posted for reading @:
Cosmic Gaia.

I found a reference to the tri-fold heart…

“Let us explain this more clearly. When you activated your Light Body and your thirteen chakra energy system (which I have), you moved away from the old seven chakra system with its center in the Solar Plexus. Now, your “center”, or point of balance, is in the Heart, the seat of Divine Love and Compassion.

But, when you enter into this activation, you also activate the Three Heart System, where your own Sacred and Divine Heart aligns with the Cosmic Heart and the Earth Heart. This is the Sacred Mystery of the “Three in One”, or the Three Who are One. It is the Key to Ascension and the new perspective of life on Earth.

So, your new thirteen chakra system carries the powerful energy flows of the Divine Sacred Hearts, which include your Divine Heart and that of the Earth. In your new energy system, you have beneath your feet the Earth Star Chakra which connects you to the Earth and gives you access to your Earth lifetimes Akashic records, and also the Earth Heart which pulsates in resonance with the Cosmic Heart, and with yours, and which gives you access to the Akashic records at the Crystalline Earth Heart Temple…”


As the New Earth energies continue to rise and the untruths are being exposed for what they are; LIES, it will be necessary to say the Violet Flame prayers; or another prayer of transformation and forgiveness. DAILY.

Recently, I was unable to connect through my Sacred Heart with Coeus. I thought it was of his choosing; but it was not. I couldn’t even feel my sacred heart; it had closed. This is the most awful feeling, if you have experienced it completely open for years.

You see, a person was intentionally “pushing my buttons” and I yelled back at him in a rage; which felt great at the time. LOL I tend to keep everything bottled up for years, and then blow like a volcano.

Anyway, I was talking to a friend about what she refers to as “the dark ones.” She seems to think that there are beings of light and beings of dark. This is an untruth. All beings have darkness. It’s when the scales are tipped, past a certain point, when an entity becomes “dark.”There is not ONE race that is dark; PERIOD.

We all start out the same as the love of The Holy Father, but through poor free-will choices, we create our own demons. I talk about this in my FREE book on inter-dimensional travel on my website. Coeus also talks about this in a channeled message. Demons exist throughout your pain and suffering; they are of your own making. Clean them up, cleanse them with the sacred flames of transmutation and forgiveness for those are yours, and your, and yours alone. Each devouring…”

I was dwelling in my sorrow, thinking that Coeus didn’t want to talk to me, or that he was told not to for now — NOT! I was laying there thinking what I said to Jen in a text;

“It’s easier to blame someone else.”

DING! OM Gosh, it’s me. I did this to myself through my own making; my free-will choice to act from an unloving place. I acted from without; my head, not within my sacred space; my heart. I closed it all by mySELF.

Last night, I thought about it and started transmuting this tiny bit of self-induced darkness. Coeus had told me during “Judgment” that my transgressions were,a self-imposed anger and dwelling in your own sorrows; a fortuitous enemy indeed.” This was not just within this lifetime; but many others while an incarnate masculine being.

I was my own enemy of my OWN MAKING.

I recalled what Cronus, Coeus’ brother; God of Truth, Justice, and Honor, said to me in a previous channeled message, “There is going to be a need to go within your sacred space to transmute discordant energies. Which is why it’s important to always walk in the truths and not deviate because of dysfunctional acts.” This was the same message where Coeus talked about “demons.”

I started saying the Violet Flame prayers of forgiveness and transmutation, over and over again; multiple times for each mantra. After a 1/2 an hour, I could feel my sacred heart re-open. A love song from Coeus would start playing in my head. I said a few more prayers, and another love song would play. Then, I felt my sacred heart beating strongly again; for which I was so grateful.

The first thing that I did was to I apologized to Coeus, for thinking that it was his free-will choice, to not speak to me. Then I heard him say, Paralysis.” This validated that I did it to my self; I paralyzed my own sacred heart through ONE unloving act.

TRANSMUTE and purify daily!

NOTE: You might forgive someone right away for an unloving act, but each time that you think about it, the wound reopens, and again requires forgiveness and transmuting, of that lower energy into light.


About I AM the incarnate Goddess Athena, Queen of the Heavens and New Earth, and THE Emmanuel's Wife

I AM 100%, the incarnate Goddess Athena, Goddess of Beauty (of the arts) and Fertility; but not in the sexual manner; but of the mind. I AM a master, inter-dimensional traveler and a master of unconditional LOVE. You are "spirit having a physical experience" with a job to do, and it is simple. Live a life of service to others; not self, and LOVE with all your heart. It is not how much you love; but how well you love, which should always be unconditionally. It is that simple! So when you want to choose what's right; pick the light. The only demons that exist are those within.

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  1. This is very interesting about the heartbeat now that you explained it a little better. I also have an odd heartbeat and Doctors just described it as an irregular heartbeat but my valves and everything else are just fine. I’m wondering here if it’s the same thing only because there are times I too feel that pause or void as you stated and it’s very prominent- the void feels like my whole body just stops for a second or two and I give myself a cough to get another heartbeat going. I will certainly pay attention to my surroundings when I notice my heartbeat changing.

    Also, oddly enough, the next thing on my list was to focus on my Pituitary and Pineal glands because I was just reading in an energy book I have, that this indeed is the only was to get past the 7th chakra and into a much higher spiritual realm. This is effin cool!!! I have a feeling my friend that you and I will be connecting somehow … in another dimension perhaps? I can’t wait but the time is not right just yet. Awesome post.


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