My Body; My Vessel

My body is a vehicle of love!

All of my life, I have been looking through my big “baby blues/gray’s” wondering, how did I get stuffed into this body? Who did this to me? I know exactly “who” did it and “why.”

I’m writing this article, on my blog, on my birthday. Today, I’m 57. It is 2016 and I am more grateful than yesterday. That means I have more grace in my life too!

YES, gratitude = grace. What a wonderful concept; is it not? This is also how manifestation happens; it’s cosmic law. This law is, what you put out is what you get back in returnYour body works the same way, as it is part of the whole; the 4-lower bodies.

I want you all to realize that the body of yours; your vessel, is a living being of it’s own. You body does not define you; your spirit does this all by itself. Your body is along for the ride, with your spirit, so please take good care of it; you only get one body each go-around.

This is going to be a VERY special year for me; life-changing “they” tell me. I’m starting a “new” life in my body; my Earth vehicle. I’m finally starting to live my life for me; not others. Of course, they say that is impossible, but I’m hoping to play a little in the “new” energies.

Our bodies should be treated with respect. This “custom” vehicle was divinely created for our experiences here on this planet we call Earth. Yes, the body you are currently “living in” was a custom vehicle, one required for your “custom” Earth experience, and YOU created it; before your incarnation.

Would you disrespect a friend? I think not! Treat that body of yours with respect, and you will receive respect from IT, and others.

Treat your organic body as a friend and it will treat you; your spirit within; “in-like.” Once again, it’s cosmic law, and a very simple rule; if you choose to follow it; The Law of Attraction.

LoveOnlyBloomsWhenTheHeartOpens 2LOVE IT UNCONDITIONALLY!

Let’s face it, you have no choice to love your human body unconditionally; it’s yours. If we put nutritious things in our bodies; it results in a happy, content body. If we put in junk; it puts out junk / illness. Who would have ever thought it was that simple!

Both of my parents had a LOT of health issues. Many of them were the same; they were genetic. I DO NOT have these problems; no arthritis at all and no spinal stenosis. The remainder of my family has health problems of various degrees. The doctors say that these are genetic; I tell you these are spiritual. They have been living from their bodies and NOT spirit.

So, you ASK, “How did I overcome these genetic defects?”

Most of it comes from this one “mental” technique. It’s a three-fold one called, STOP, PAUSE, and BREATHE; before I react. It saves a LOT of wear and tear on our cells, atoms, and electrons. You’re expelling the negative BEFORE it becomes “attached” to you via that little magnet called, “stress.”

You need to decide what is your’s and what is someone else’s energy; before you take it on as your own. If you have tried and tried, perhaps it is time to “tear up the contract.” Get off the Merry-Go-Round and free yourself; NEXT!

If you push your body to the very edge; thank it. Don’t whine about how it hurts; you did that to it. Thank it and tell it you’re sorry for pushing it to its limits; tell it how much you love it. You’ll be surprised how you feel the next morning by doing this very simple thing.

WhenYouLeastExpectItHealing occurs at a spirit level; not a physical level. EVERYTHING is love and spirit.

If you have INTENT for healing when you sleep; you’ll get it. Sincerity is an amazing gift that we all have; if we choose to use it.

If you stub your toe, apologize for your carelessness; pain gone! That’s called “compassion;” show some to your own body.

It is now the Fall of 2018. I had a clumsy accident and fell into the hull of my boat, causing a traumatic injury to my foot, ankle and lower calve of my leg. This occurred on a Sunday afternoon. Today is Friday morning, and my injury is nearly FULLY healed.

To look at it on Tuesday morning, one would have thought differently. My foot, ankle, and lower calve was entirely swollen, with about half of it black and blue. This morning is another story all together. The swelling is almost completely gone, and I’m able to walk without any assistance.

How is this possible? First, I ASK’ed for healing from the higher light realms. The next morning I inter-dimensionally traveled to a place of healing.

Each morning and evening, I would talk to my body, and once again praise it for it’s loving kindness all of these many years. I would caress my injury; lovingly.

Don’t live from your body; live through spirit and it will be life-changing.

Some day, when your vessel has had enough abuse and it’s time for you to live eternally; without it, thank it for it’s loving care of your spirit; BE GRATEFUL. Don’t cast it aside like trash. You have asked a LOT of it; I know I have done just that myself.

May you follow these simple rules of “the body” and have a wonderful, healthful life! From, My Body; My Vessel, to yours!

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