A Sign in a Rocky Meadow

It’s funny, the title of this article on my blog, actually sounds like a place; but it’s a story about two crazy dogs rolled up into one; a reincarnation.

Journal entry; 10/8/12

About 6 months ago, my friend Joanie got a new German Shepherd named Scarlet. She’s black and for some reason she reminded me of a dog that I had named Rocky. Although they didn’t look alike, there was something in her eyes that reminded me of my sweet, yet crazy Rocky Boy.

Rocky Boy!

Roger and I liked to call him “Mr. Personality” because he had a special way of greeting people and was very sociable. When I looked in Scarlet’s eyes, all I could see was Rocky. I thought, “This rots. My dog is in my friend’s dog’s body. That’s not fair! I’ll have to come over to her house to visit him/her.”

I first saw Rocky at a Home Depot in Plano, Texas. Someone had two Black Lab/Irish Setter-mix puppies that they wanted to sell for $20 each. I heard intuitively from my guide, “You should always take the most alert puppy.” So, being a good follower, I did.

This puppy was a holy terror; for three God-forsaken years! What a handful; I wanted to kill him daily, but I felt he was a lesson to be learned. My Rocky Boy; alias “Monster” had more energy than the sun itself. He was always right in my face and by my side; I never had a moment’s peace.

Despite my aggravation, something happened; I fell in love with him. He was the smartest dog that I ever had as a pet. Although he was often annoying, he was so loving and sweet. He was my constant companion and I never left his line of vision.

When Rocky was 6, he was diagnosed with anemia. The doctors said, it just happens sometime and the diagnosis wasn’t favorable. I did all I could for him, blood transfusions, I even pureed his food and fed him with a syringe; he was just too weak and died a couple weeks later, leaving me nearly heart-broken. I couldn’t bear to get another dog; the loss was that great. Shortly thereafter, my husband was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and needed my care; he counted on me 100% until he cross-over in 2009.

It was a month after meeting Scarlet that she was bred with another German Shepherd; a black and tan. I kept feeling that Rocky was somewhere in her. Joanie’s husband Tom, Joanie, and I wagered how many pups would be in the whelp. Tom said 6, I said 8, and Joanie said 10. A few months later, a whelp of 8 pups were born.

They were so darn cute, but all I could think, was that I had way too much going on in my life. I was widowed and now taking care of 2 elderly homebound parents and my business; I could never have a puppy. Mom was in really bad condition and Dad could barely get around anymore.

Meadow 2012
Meadow 2012

Joanie named all of the pups, but when I heard the name, “Meadow,” it “struck a note” with me. I knew that I couldn’t have a pup, because my life was too chaotic; but it didn’t stop me from dreaming or visiting the puppies.

A short bit of time passed and Mom gave up her body. The problem was that it was still a bit crazy around our place. Mom did EVERYTHING and my Dad was lost without her.

One day, shortly after Mom’s passing, I was sitting in my spa tub relaxing. My guide said to me, “Rocky is in Meadow.” It was Father’s way of thanking me for always taking care of my loved ones and “the work I was doing behind the scenes.”

I busted out in tears of joy; it was something that meant so much to me. Just when I thought that I had been blessed with everything, there was the perfect gift; one of love from our creator, my beautiful Lord Father.

I jumped out of the spa and called Joanie. She said that she still had 3 pups left; Booker, Jersey, and Meadow. I was thrilled! She was the prettiest female pup in the bunch and no takers yet. I couldn’t figure out why nobody picked her first. She’s near perfection; such a sweetie and lover to boot!

Joanie told me a woman came by the previous day and wanted to buy Meadow, but she didn’t want to sell her the pup. She felt that Meadow needed someone that was home a lot. Meadow was very loving and Joanie was concerned that Meadow might have anxiety, if left alone all day.

I told Joanie, now that I didn’t have to care for my Mom anymore, I would like to buy Meadow. She agreed that it was a perfect match.

I asked my guides, “So where am I going to come up with the money? I don’t want take it out of my savings.” A new pup is a big investment; vet bills, a kennel, and all of the other expenses.

Joanie gave me a great price; the friends and family price of $400. The remainder of the expenses came to about $565. For a grand total of $965 and change.

About the same time, I decided on taking Meadow home, I had a call from our Allstate insurance broker; Doug. He wanted to go over my parents homeowners’ insurance policy. I told him that my Mom passed recently, and he needed to remove her name from the policy, and add mine, because they had put the house in my name a few years earlier.

Then, Doug asked me about my auto insurance. He said that he felt very confident that he could save me a bunch of money on my current policy. I thought, “Right, that’s what they all say!” I told him to go ahead and prepare a quote; even though I didn’t think it would be that much of a savings.

The next day, I heard back from Doug. He saved me $960 on my two trucks and fifth-wheel trailer insurance. This was nearly the exact amount that I spent on the puppy, kennel, doggy gates, and accessories.

It gets better…

I told Doug that I wanted to verify his location, before I gave him any financial information over the phone. I asked him for his address, so I could Google it for validation. I got more than validation when Doug said, “It’s 301 Meadow Drive in North Tonawanda.”

Can I hear you all say, OMy Gosh!” I thanked my guides and Father from the deepest part of my heart…yet again. Father, my guides, and the angels hold me as dearly as I do them.

Taking time to smell the flowers.

I want you all to know that even IF some of you don’t “hear” your guides and angels, know that they are ALWAYS there for you. You merely have to ASK for assistance, keep an open heart, an open mind, and have faith.

romans-8-28I use to wonder why Rocky only lived to be 6 years old. Now I know; it was divine timing. Time for me to care for my husband until his passing, then my Mom immediately after his, and to be able to finally be available, to have time, for Rocky Boy’s incarnation, into a beautiful new puppy named Meadow. ❤


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