The True Understanding of Self

Well, it’s Sunday; the traditional day to “worship.” Although I worship daily, my guides have saved this blog for this sacred day in Christianity; possibly because it will help those of you that are, or were Christian-based, to comprehend what is happening to you during this awakening process.

The power of the words “I AM” are an incredible gift to us. Through the years these words were written I am… The power has been taken from us by this slight change in capitalization. As many of you know, WHEN I WRITE LIKE THIS; I’M YELLING AT YOU. The same concept goes when we say the words I AM! It’s a demand; it’s mine! It’s a gift from The One.

To begin, I’ve mentioned before that I call “The One;” “Lord Father.” This is how the angels refer to Him, when speaking to me as well. I “hear” the creator, literally as a voice; a loving Fatherly voice. He is all love.

The true understanding of the Self is the most important thing that you can possess. Without this understanding of your Real Self, we can’t really integrate it into our lives; and reach our ultimate goal; Lightbody, and live in the Body of Light.

The I AM Presence

This is a story of “cause and effect.” We call this “cause” the I AM THAT I AM, the Presence of the I AM, or the I AM Presence; God/Father/Mother. Whatever you want to call this energy; just CALL this eternal Presence! The “effect” eternal life in the most beautiful of form.

There is a small sphere of intense light that marks the point of all our origins. It is a permanent part of us; “I AM the beginning and the end.” “The Alpha and Omega.” “The One; love at its divine perfection; unconditional.”

No matter what you have done in this lifetime or any past lifetime, know that you are loved and you ARE love. Nothing can change how you perceive your “SELF;” but YOU…your REAL SELF. So stop beating yourself up…please.

ChartOfDivineSelfThis picture is originally from Elizabeth Claire Prophet. It depicts the “Real Self,” in relationship to the “Outer Evolving Self. The Real Self is probably what you call your Higher Self. This higher self resides in the Higher Chakras system; outside of your body, above your head.

This picture can be understood best as a 3-part chart that represents the Trinity; The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit: YOU!

  • The upper figure is the Sphere of Light; The One that the angels call, Lord Father.
  • The lower figure is the Evolving Soul Self; evolving matter in time and space. This is your evolving “personality” during the illusion; the one that collects all the karmic or “growth” experiences. The one that needs a good house cleaning!
  • The middle part is the Holy Christ Self; the Mediator. The I AM THAT I AM portion of one’s being that is not quite ready to yet stand directly in the Presence of God.

Recap: The sphere of light is above and the evolving soul is below, and your translator; YOUR Holy Christ Self is in the middle. The relationship of ALL Father, the Son, and the soul that is endowed with a “flame” of the Holy Spirit. What a wonderful gift indeed!

John 15:26

“When the Comforter would come; Whom I shall send to you from the Father, the Spirit of Truth, the One who goes out from the Father, that One will testify about Me.


God (2013-07-11). One New Man Bible (Kindle Locations 45509-45511). True Potential,Inc. Kindle Edition.

ThreeFoldFlameThe Threefold Flame

This is a very real flame that is sealed and held in the Secret Chamber of your heart. It is the spark of life at our birth and is reclaimed at the death of our vessels.

Note: Our Lower Chakra’s are also sealed in a similar fashion.

This threefold flame is our “Sacred Fire;” the repository of the same Flame of God. It endows our being with consciousness, self-awareness, and all of the faculties that we enjoy that are “above the animal kingdom.”

We need to become this fire, implement it, and use it as a resource for living and for evolving while we are on Earth in our vessels. It is the divine source of love, wisdom, and power.

So, you are probably wondering how to harness this magnificent power of God? Have you heard the story you Jesus?

Because of our “limited consciousness” here on this planet, we are three (3) distinct parts. This can be seen by studying the life of Jesus. IF and only if we look at it from a “spiritually evolving” perspective; not that of man.

As Jesus matured from birth to manhood, he walked more and more in the stature of his Real Self; his Christ Self. There are references to this state of being in the Dead Sea Scrolls that were left out of the Bible because of its heretical nature.

In the Bible, we find Jesus in the temple discoursing with the doctors at the age of twelve. This is a sign that the Christ Presence, or the Holy Christ Self, is overshadowing Jesus, and he is speaking the Word of his Holy Christ Self (the middle part;) not through his Evolving Soul Self (the lower part.)

In a nutshell, Jesus is speaking or channeling his Holy Christ Self. Sort of what I’m doing here at this present time writing to you. I’m channeling my Holy Christ Self.

At the age of thirty in Jesus Full Christ Presence, his disciples recognize him as their “Master.” He calls them away from their earthly jobs as “fishermen;” the Evolving Soul Self, to become “fishers of men,” their Holy Christ Self.

Jesus, holding the I AM presence; The God Within, changes the water into wine, heals the afflicted, and casts out demons. This was possible because “The Man; the Evolving Soul Self;” Jesus, has merged with the Inner Self; the Holy Christ Self. Thus the name, “Jesus Christ.”

Jesus the Christ, now walks the earth for three years, not performing miracles, but the functions of cosmic law; in the form of “The Office of the Law of the Cosmic Christ.”  I was just corrected; I was going to say the “Law of the Cosmic Christ.” OOPS!

ChartOfDivineSelfJesus the Christ, then walks up Bethany’s hill with his “disciples,” after his resurrection, and disappears from their midst into a “cloud.” This is the same cloud that appeared to the “Children of Israel.” The “Pillar of Fire;” Sacred Fire and that cloud represents the I AM THAT I AM, the eternal Presence; the Sphere of Light (the highest one in the picture.) He Ascended; an Ascended Master.

Synopsis; Jesus raised his vibrations to “living” the level of Jesus the Christ; then Jesus the Christ, accelerated to the level of the I AM THAT I AM; Lightbody. This is “the true nature,” of The One. And we, as heirs of Christ, heirs of Jesus, have come to realize that same oneness—three out of one; one out of three.

sacred heart rainbowThe Trinity is anchored in us in the threefold flame of power, wisdom and love. The Father represents the power of the Cosmic Law, the Son is the wisdom of the Cosmic Law, and the Holy Spirit is the love in action of the Cosmic Law. This is God’s promise to us; the gift rainbow.

Every time you look upon a rainbow, remember His gift to us. Then, look at the colors of our chakra system; you might find it interesting. ❤

To me, “heaven” is the ultimate closeness to Lord Father; the trinity is our potential to become “one” with “The One.” Until we realize that potential and our “personal” relationship to “The Christ” and to “Lord Father,” we will remain separate.

The Soul and Ascension

ChartOfDivineSelfSo, you are the lower figure that is surrounded by a nine foot round, “Tube of Light.” It is released from the heart of your I AM Presence. That “personal” relationship that Lord Father wants from all of us.

This cylinder of sacred fire protects you from negative energies by encapsulating and sealing your aura. There is a decree that is wonderful if you are Empathic. It will help you bounce off lower vibrational frequencies and manage higher vibrational frequencies; a topic for another discussion.

The lower figure; the Evolving Soul Self is the non-permanent aspect of being. It is made permanent through the process of the ascension.

Ascension is the process whereby the Evolving Soul Self, having cleared/balanced his karma and fulfilled his divine plan (dharma); the plan that you agreed to, prior to this earthly incarnation, merges with the Christ consciousness; the Holy Christ Self, and is raised up or lifted into the living Presence of the I AM THAT I AM through your Tube of Light.

I hope this blog helps you better understand the true meaning of self. Blessings to all that read these words. Blessed be Lord Father.

UPDATE 1/16/16

Since the original writing of this article, I have cleared a blockage of the 8th Chakra and I have started a special breathing technique. This process has opened me up to several NEW gifts from past embodiments. I’ll talk in an upcoming article about this technique.

I DO NOT recommend people just awakening to Mediumship attempt this breathing technique. You have Lower Chakra clearings and fears to remove from you energy fields.

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