Walking on New Earth

As your vibrations rise to a certain point; you’ll know it. Your entire body will literally “vibrate” when you are still. This is your “spirit” within; not to be confused with your higher-self. This vibration can be “felt” by Empaths and “seen” by those who see Auras.

Those of you that at a spirit-level, have decided to make the transition to “New Earth” will undergo a miraculous change. Your bodies will begin to turn crystalline-based.

Crystals, as most of you know, are wonderful energy conductors. That is why our bodies are going from carbon-based to crystal-based. My guide’s have told me that I’m like a little nuclear plant and I am the living proof. You will be too!

Drink LOTS of water! I don’t mean coffee or juice either; nice clean pure water. If you don’t like water, add a tiny amount of lemon juice or a natural water enhancer with Stevia. I probably drink one gallon of water per day and I’m still thirsty. If you can’t get purified water, purchase a countertop filtration system, or you can ASK Gaia to purify your water. I still take vitamins to replace the minerals that were removed and all my blood work looks wonderful!

With the planetary “shift” that is occurring, it’s necessary to raise our vibrations to a suitable “entry level” into the New Earth’s higher vibrational frequencies. Once you achieve this level of vibration, you will stay in New Earth and you can “literally” walk between dimensions. You will be able to “teleport” freely from location to location in your new crystalline-based body.

I’ve walked on New Earth four times now in my “spirit body.” I totally forgot about one of the experiences, until I started writing this blog. Then I realized something, I have been visiting New Earth in a reverse timeline.

I believe this is to make it easier for the final move. If anyone has any theories; please feel free to comment on this blog or ask questions.

The first inter-dimensional travel visit to the New Earth can be read about in my Inter-dimensional Travel — The Ultimate Experience blog. It was an amazing experience. So please read it before proceeding with the remainder of this blog.

The second New Earth inter-dimensional travel experience, was more a validation of my first inter-dimensional experience; it was quite brief. I stepped out of my body and appeared at the edge of our woods where it meets the grass in the side lawn.

I merely walked across the green, green, perfectly manicured grass, on an angle towards our blacktop driveway. I looked up, and saw the new studio/building that I spoke about in the first experience. I was then returned to my body.

The third inter-dimensional experience in the New World was a lesson of sorts. I left my body and found myself kneeling in the grass; over a garden of greens. I looked up to see where it was located and it was up against our current house. I could see the yellow vinyl siding.

NOTE: I mentioned in my first experience the importance of “looking around.” It is so exciting to find yourself free from your Old Earth body that you get caught up in just looking at what is directly in front of you. So look around!

You also have to RELAX and just enjoy your vibrations. You’ll be literally be buzzing from head to toe. I have never noticed any breeze or smells when inter-dimensional traveling. I want to emphasize that there is no reason for fear; in fact, being fearful or anxious will inhibit your spirits ability to leave your body. It’s always an impromptu experience.

Soul and spirit seem to travel together. So your “personality awareness” and “spirit” are intact; just no “earthly” body; just “spirit” body.

Back to experience #3. The rows of greens ran lengthwise; not from the edge of the garden and lawn towards the house. I hesitated for a moment, then like on auto-pilot, I ran my hands across what looked like a type of spinach. I could feel their vibrations quite strong.

Then, I ran my hands across the row of lettuce behind that row. The vibrational frequencies were quite different from one another. Then I ran my hands across the spinach again. I thought that’s interesting. I never really thought that spinach and lettuce would have a different vibrational rate; but they do! End of lesson; returned to body.

The last New Earth inter-dimensional travel experience was about a month ago. I found myself standing in the large back room of my tile studio in a daze facing one of my layout tables.

I looked up at the large picture window that faces my horse barn and coral. It wasn’t there. Instead there was green, green, grass, and a very clearly detailed woods.

I teleported myself through the window. The building vanished behind me. I was standing in a circular green grassy area that was entirely surrounded by woods.

Our house, all out-buildings, trees, gardens, driveway, and road were gone. Only a woods surrounding me for about 150 feet; my current vibrational energy field. I just stood there for a few moments assessing the situation and was returned to my body.

Each time I was returned to my body from the New World, I noticed that my heart beat was different, and my breathing was deep and rhythmic. Archangel Michael has name for this breathing technique, but it alludes me at the moment.

My heart would beat, beat, then skip a beat. Beat, beat, and skip a beat, then return to normal when I “realized” the rhythmic change. I was getting pulled back into The Old 3D World.

When I would inter-dimensionally travel to other parallel dimensions and realms and was returned to my body, I had a completely different heart beat upon return. Beat, beat, whoosh. Beat, beat, whoosh.

I hope this description will help those of you that will start inter-dimensionally travelling or inter-dimensionally travelling to the new world. You need to know how it “feels.” Walking on the New Earth is a very vivid experience. I know you will all enjoy it!

I stumbled across this channeling and it might be helpful to understand the 3D to 5D transition: Your Earth Assignment by The Arcturians September 2, 2015