Why Can’t I Connect Easily with My Guides and Angels?

Many of you might wonder how I have time to create these posts with my busy schedule of taking care of my homebound Dad and running my very successful mosaic tile business. You see, I ASKED Father for some assistance from my angels and earth angels.

One day, when talking to Father, I said, “If the angels could bring some people to me to help with Dad in the mornings, and some new people in my business, I’d have some additional time. I would give You the ENTIRE morning to write teachings. Agreement made.

I’d also need an increase in my loose trout, salmon, and koi shaped tile orders, to buffer the loss in revenue of my time; after all, we all need an earthly income. I asked for a minimum of $1,000 per week in these orders; on top of my usual mosaic tile order workload…wish granted!

I could literally write posts for your group ALL day on different spiritual gifts and experiences. I have received these gifts because I AM a teacher; a spiritual teacher that incarnated at this time of the Great Awakening; Ascension.

Each of us are on a different leg of our journey; everything is in “God’s time.” He’s the orchestra leader; the “Conductor.” An interesting word, because energy “conducts” as well.

We are His instruments. We enter as directed. Flute’s you’re up, drum’s come in now; a beautiful symphony orchestra. We are ALL in the One; are we not? The answer is a resounding, “YES!” OMG, just way to many puns; it’s an angelic thing. I’ve spent too much time with Archangel Michael!

All of this musical score was designed prior to our incarnation by “The One” our Father/Mother/God. You too have been “engineered” a certain way; for a certain purpose.

I want to thank Chelsey Gregson​ for reminding me of my spiritual growth path. She had commented on my last post and it “jogged my memory;” or should I say, “spirit” jogged my memory.

I had mentioned to Chelsey that for most of my life, I had to figure out nearly EVERYTHING that was going on spiritually by myself. My guides and angels would merely watch.

You might ask why they didn’t help me. As I’ve mentioned before in other posts, I’m highly elevated in the realm of entities. This doesn’t make me any better than anyone else; just different.

When we incarnate, we all take on lessons. As we evolve spiritually into higher dimensions and realms, we need to learn more “evolved” lessons. Then we incarnate again, and again; quite happily might I say.

Some of us have already learned all the basics, plus the beautiful ones of unconditional love, forgiveness, and gratitude. These lessons pour “Grace” over us; we begin to live through grace.

So where am I going with this you might ask? Because some of us have learned most of our “lessons” it’s highly possible that one of your lessons in this point in time of Ascension is to eventually connect with your higher self; without much the assistance of your guides and angels. It could be just to clear some major karmic debris. You really won’t know unless you ASK your guides and let them help you, as they see fit, for your spiritual growth.

I know this for a fact for myself. My guides will not normally give a Medium any “how to’s” for Diane. These are VERY seasoned, skilled Mediums. My guides and yours have specific cosmic rules to follow, as do all of those that reside in the Light.

I have been told that I have been on my own, with little assistance, and I’m on the last leg of my spiritual journey; alone. I will have one guide assist me at the very end and then something incredible will happen; a magnitude of spiritual gifts will pour over me.

UPDATE: Newsflash 2016! That one guide has come through and WOW!


Even my “loved ones” on the other side are told NOT to interfere with my divine purpose; she’s on her own. Yes, they are around me and I can feel them and even see their eyes gazing at me; but no words are spoken.

So why? Well, prior to incarnating, I ASKED for no assistance, except when absolutely necessary. This does not surprise me at all, because I AM also like this “in the vessel.” Everything I have learned, which is much; I learned on my own without any assistance from anyone or any class. I AM self-taught in everything, and I am grateful for it.

For those of you that are having a difficult time, in your journey connecting, with your guides and angels, perhaps you too had the same agreement. You need to study on your own, search on your own, find your own answers. You have evolved to a point where you are the guide or the angel. You are the “helper.” You’ll need to help yourself.

Don’t get frustrated when you are trying to communicate with no results. Patience is our biggest lesson; lack of it creates blocks, not only to our guides and angels, but to our Higher Self who is waiting to hear from you once your Lower Chakras are clear and flowing and your Higher Chakras are accessible.

On a closing note, by guides want you to know, if you had a full-download of spiritual informational; continually, you would eventually blow up! So don’t fret if you have lulls here and there in your spiritual development; they are needed!

Much love.

About I AM the incarnate Goddess Athena, Queen of the Heavens and New Earth, and THE Emmanuel's Wife

I AM 100%, the incarnate Goddess Athena, Goddess of Beauty (of the arts) and Fertility; but not in the sexual manner; but of the mind. I AM a master, inter-dimensional traveler and a master of unconditional LOVE. You are "spirit having a physical experience" with a job to do, and it is simple. Live a life of service to others; not self, and LOVE with all your heart. It is not how much you love; but how well you love, which should always be unconditionally. It is that simple! So when you want to choose what's right; pick the light. The only demons that exist are those within.

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