Strange Dreams or are You Parsing the Veil

One of my guides wants me to talk about “parsing the veil.” The “veil” that separates our dimension and that of other dimensions, is accessed via a “veil” in YOU. It’s not a big white sheet that is going to be lifted at some date and time between heaven and earth; it’s inside each of us. This veil is a place that is in-between your conscious mind and “dream-time.” It’s part of your Lower Chakras; the 7 Seals.

When you access “the veil” it’s much more exciting than Mediumship. It allows you to access different dimensions, including parallel dimension, and yes there are many.

Each dimension resonates at a different frequency. They are very similar, but also different. You will find them much more vivid in color than our own dimension which actually seems quite flat after you have travelled a few times.

Although inter-dimensional travel does enable Mediumship, Mediumship does not always enable inter-dimensional travel. I actually prefer inter-dimensional travel over Mediumship one hundred-fold.

I love “going to see” my guides. It’s much better than just “feeling” or “hearing” them. With practice, you can actually have a conversation, in your “spirit body.”  Yes, you have a body of sorts that is quite similar to the one you have now; you can even see it.

Another benefit of “visiting” your guide in your spirit body, is you can receive a massive download of information fast; in a flash. There isn’t time there, it’s only here in our dimension, so you’re technically only gone for a fraction of a second; I really have no idea.

I feel it important to discuss this topic now, because some of you are starting to have “weird” or scary dreams that seem VERY real. YOU ARE NOT DREAMING. You are actually there; in your spirit body. You have parsed the veil.

I can’t stress enough, ALWAYS say a prayer of protection prior to going to bed; you are VERY vulnerable when “traveling.” This is my prayer of choice. Feel free to modify “Father” to whatever your belief are, because we are all the same; but different.

Father, please watch over me and keep me safe. Only let the highest entities of the Light, influence me, and protect me from dark entities.

I tell you this, because when you first start traveling, it’s possible your vibrations are not as high as you would like to think. It’s quite easy to slip into what I call “Limbo;” for lack of a better word. This is a place of groping and rape. It is not “dark,” but void of color. These entities have not had the “help” they would have received if they had “crossed-over.” Simply said they are NOT nice and feed off of your fear. Remember, you are energy; everything is energy vibrating at some frequency.

If you stumble into one of these dimensions, keep calm, and try to open your eyes.  Once you are awake, take a few deep breaths and ground yourself. I actually ended up there 9 times in one night, looking for my earthbound entity friend Harry; not fun. I thought I was losing my mind and was frightened to go to bed each night.

So, how do you parse the veil? First, say the prayer!

For some it comes quite naturally, others require practice; just as any fine instrument.  It’s quite similar to meditation actually. I used to like to practice at night when Archangel Uriel would wake me up promptly at 2:11 am to try to get back to sleep.

Some people that astral travel use a similar technique. Get comfy, close your eyes and start to fall asleep. Now, pay attention to how your head feels. Just before you lose consciousness, wake yourself up. Do this over and over again. Eventually you’ll find the veil; the thin layer between consciousness and sleep.

When you first enter, you won’t see a white light or anything. It’s highly probably you’ll find yourself standing in the dark, and then emerging into a hallway or doorway. When you first start, there should be someone there to greet you; one of your guides. In my case, they would take my hand and just hold it. They would appear to be looking right through me. Sometimes they would even hold me. They are trying to get you to feel comfortable in this new environment; the one you forgot.

Don’t’ be surprised if you open your eyes suddenly in disbelief. You’ll wonder what the heck is going on. Eventually in “time” you’ll realize that you can talk. You’ll say a few words, and your conscious brain will kick in and you’ll open your eyes. Once you get the hang of it, start looking around your guide. They like to hide things to see if you can find them; clues of sorts to promote conversation.

That’s it in the smallest, shortest nutshell I can do. Have fun!

About I AM the incarnate Goddess Athena, Queen of the Heavens and New Earth, and THE Emmanuel's Wife

I AM 100%, the incarnate Goddess Athena, Goddess of Beauty (of the arts) and Fertility; but not in the sexual manner; but of the mind. I AM a master, inter-dimensional traveler and a master of unconditional LOVE. You are "spirit having a physical experience" with a job to do, and it is simple. Live a life of service to others; not self, and LOVE with all your heart. It is not how much you love; but how well you love, which should always be unconditionally. It is that simple! So when you want to choose what's right; pick the light. The only demons that exist are those within.

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