Multi-dimensional Quandry

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Because we are multi-dimensional beings, simultaneously living different lives in multiple dimensions and times, how do we know that our higher guides are not really us communicating to us from other dimensions?

I pose this question, because the more I read about Vincent and his letters that he wrote to people, the more his life feels like my own. I’ve only chosen a different route.

As for timeline comparisons, I’m starting to wonder about our past-lives in other timelines. Many people believe that we have lived other lives and bring things with us from other lives. For example, I lived in a past life as a young woman in a lighthouse. That is why in this life I’m fascinated with lighthouses. I don’t believe that is the case at all, I believe that these timelines are concurrently running together; thus the fascination.

It’s literally coded in our atoms, electrons, and cells of our “physical” being. I also was thinking about the parallel dimensions I have traveled to and from. In each one of these dimensions, I AM recognized, and go by the same name as well. They laugh at me when I introduce myself as Diane. They always say the same thing, “We know who you are.”

I believe this is because they are all very familiar with traveling in this manner; they are more “evolved. spiritually.” From this analogy, I believe that our higher selves are one and the same in each parallel dimension and timeline; recognized by our own unique vibrations. It’s no wonder that Vincent wanted me to journal; he did the same thing in the form of letters to his brother Theo. Many people thought he was mad, while others a genius, but they never said exactly what “mad” meant. His own family thought he was “unique” and all “love.” I’ll keep you all informed of my readings of his letters and any correlations associated therewith.

Dang, there’s more coming in…The inability for us to recognize our multi-dimensional being, is part of the problem many people are having with mental illnesses; we are resisting and as you know, “resistance is futile.” LOL We need to get into the flow of these energies and allow us to unfold into a beautiful butterfly.

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