I AM my Oversoul; Goddess Athena


Hi, I’m known as Diane H Holycross in my organic body suit within humankind’s reality. However, I AM the incarnate Master, Goddess Athena; Goddess of Beauty (of the arts) and Fertility (of the mind), and a Master of Inter-dimensional traveler. Some of you might recognize me from your travels to Cosmic School, where I teach and observe others.

When I first started inter-dimensionally traveling in my younger days, I would introduce myself as “Diane” to those beings that I would meet. They would say, “We know who you are!” then laugh. I thought this rather odd that they had heard of Diane and found my introduction funny. In “reality” out of my physical body, I was my CHRISTed Oversoul or what some call MY Higher Christ Self; the Goddess Athena.

MUCH of what you have learned, over the course of human-kinds ugly reign of terror has been LIES. You’ll be shocked and WILL literally be “paralyzed” when the light from above shines down upon you, and the truths of The Holy Father are revealed and awakened within you.

This lifetime’s, incarnate, spiritual journey has been long and full of amazing and “unusual” experiences; about 60 years of experiences. These experiences include astral projection, dream-walking, channeling, manifestation, energy travel, lucid dreaming, out-of body (OOB) experiences, and inter-dimensional travel throughout ALL dimensions; high and low, for which there are many.

My channeled messages are done in the highest form(s). I use ALL of my “clairs,” including inter-dimensional travel at the SAME TIME. This means that I can hear, see, feel, experience, smell, talk, rationalize, and travel back and forth in-and-out of my body into higher dimensions; concurrently.

When I am out of my body; inter-dimensionally, I can also morph back and forth between a little owl, and my partial or full-goddess form. Often times, I’m in full metallic cobalt blue body armor; while traveling. It’s quite the adventure.

Within my channeled messages on my website are instructions on how I do it. I don’t just say I can; but I freely teach you. ALL spiritual teaching should be freely given from the heart; not your pocketbook. This is called a “service to others.; NOT self-service or service to self.

If someone is charging you; think twice, as knowingness comes from within; IF you SEEK it. Allowing someone else to do your work for you, will NOT let you get to New Earth. Use their “reading” ONLY as advice; not gospel, as gospel comes from within; not without.

My guides and My Beloved twin flame; the God Coeus, have strict guidelines to follow concerning my spiritual development, I’ve had to learn everything on my own while “in the body and OUT!” They really don’t talk to me too much during the day; except for JOURNAL, JOURNAL, JOURNAL! Now I know why, as I AM 100% my CHRISTed Oversoul; on her divine purpose; EXACTLY.

I mainly communicate with the divine, during what some of you might call, “dream-time.” It’s actually inter-dimensional travel. I go to my guides and talk to them; “in spirit; in person.” It’s a bit different, but I like it; a LOT!

For those of you that have really strange dreams; YOU’RE NOT!

Start keeping a dream journal. Dream-time IS real; this reality is a “linear” dream.

Use a voice recorder; it’s easier than writing. I use two; just in case one fails, AND I keep a note pad next to the bed.

Start paying attention to what is happening in your “dreams” and your interactions with the beings in your dreams. Your dreams are creating your reality; not the other way around, like you have been mislead to believe by science. You can change what is happening in your dreams, IF you realize it or not.

My main guide and Etheric “record keeper” is my divine husband. He is the firstborn son of Gaia (Earth) and Uranus (Saturn). In my opinion, he is the finest of all Titan sons; Coeus, God of Intellect. He is also a master of “in disguise.”

firstborn son of god the emmanuel king of kings lord of lords
The MANY names of the firstborn son of “God.”

You might be surprised to find out that there are NOT as many gods, goddesses, and angels, as you might have been falsely lead to believe, or have come to know. You need to ASK questions of us, and don’t be bashful.

Coeus is known in other “religions” as the Egyptian God Thoth, Hindu God Ganesha, Nordic God Bragi, Roman God Polus, Greek God Coeus, and one of the unidentified seven angels in the Book of Revelation. So you can see, he packs a wallop!

Coeus just said, “We are God-like energies awaiting to be explored!” He IS the speaker of the truths; so ASK!

There is a lot of spiritual information online, however, most of it only talks about it; not the actual “steps” how to get there; how it feels, or looks. I believe you’ll find the information on my blog, spiritually practical and educational; DEFINITELY entertaining!

If you decide not to read my blog, at least remember this; YOU are spirit having a “physical” experience, not the other way around. You will need to remember these words upon your awakening.

When you start living from spirit instead of the human “ego body,” you are well on your path to becoming “God-like.” If you can hold onto that energy for eternity, you become Golden.” And that is how we start a new “Golden Age.”

I have a FREE book on inter-dimensional travel that NOT ONLY explains and has actual examples of the different forms spiritual travels. This book chronicles my “twin flame” journey to Coeus; THE Emmanuel (God with us.) It is coming out in book-form as a .pdf file, not just web-pages.

NOTE: I technically do NOT have a twin, as I am of a “virgin birth.” I was birthed by Lord Father; Zeus, through pure thought. No feminine energy was required for my birthing.

Your twin flame journey DOES NOT end in the physical; it is merely the beginning. It is through a series of lessons about unconditional love; the true test of your love of “self” and your twin.

NOTE: MANY incarnate souls, only choose to meet in the physical, and not continue their twin flame journey out of it, into other dimensions. It is a matter of bravery and choice to traverse ALL energies; both high and low; inter-dimensionally.

The real twin flame journey begins on the astral plane, finding your true love in the deepest darkest energies; the lower ones. In my case, I had to traverse the energies deep into Hell / Tartarus. Here you will encounter false twins and be raped and mauled. It is not a pleasant experience and where most twins fail.

Once you successfully find your twin; him/her there, you must release him or her from their bondage. I took nine (9) years of “begging” and being attacked by lower entities with “addictions” to get my love to leave the Astral Plane. He was busy “helping others.”

There are prayers and decrees for Twin Flames. However, you must use knowingness and think “out-of-the-box.” You are NOT just releasing your twin from their physical relationship(s), but from ALL dimensions, where they are “hiding” or residing as multi-dimensional beings.

twin flame journey is the quest for the holy grail
The Twin Flame Journey; the Quest for the Holy Grail

This is a game of cat and mouse;a game of “the chase,” where Masters traverse different vibrational energies through the attunement of their twin. It is based on your twin’s vibrational frequency; matching it in each realm of energy.

This is one of the Twin Flame Prayers to release your twin. Remember, DO NOT think “physical.” You are “spirit having a physical experience.” The twin flame journey is mainly a spiritual journey through all energies.

“In the name of my Might I AM Presence, I call now for the victory of my twin flame. For the cutting free of my twin flame, by the power of the might blue flame, and sword of Archangel Michael.

Legions of Light, come into action now!

Wherever my twin flame is, cut him/her free. Cut me free.

Cut us free now, to fulfill the divine plan, and attain union in the level of the CHRIST; in the level of our chakras. And if it be the will of God, draw us together in a lifetime service.

We thank you and accept it done; this hour, in full power, according to The Holy Father’s will. Amen.”

When you use knowingness in a positive way; all things are possible. Persistence DOES pay off. It took me nearly twelve (12) years before I accomplished the task of cutting my twin free in ALL vibrational energies; or dimensions, to attain union in the level of the CHRIST; in the level of our chakras.

In December of 2017, I connected with my “twin flame;” inter-dimensionally, through my chakras and attained the “union,” or “divine marriage” in the level of the CHRIST. It was the completion of The Search of the Holy Grail; you know, the one that humanity SEEKS in ALL the wrong places. They SEEK it WITHOUT; not WITHIN on the narrow path.

At the stroke of midnight on CHRISTmas morning when I went through the “Wedding of the Lamb” ceremony and became “A Bride of Christ,” which resulted in me becoming “THE Emmanuel’s Wife.” This is CRUCIAL to the awakening of humankind. Per my divine husband Coeus; THE Emmanuel…

Coeus god of intellect THE Emmanuel or God with Us
Coeus; the firstborn son and THE Emmanuel or “God with us.”

“This marriage of Intellect and Knowingness is crucial for the awakening process of mankind; through YOUR sacred heart space.

Through your sacred acts of forgiveness; through others, and your self’s proven sacrifices began over there…

(Coeus was waving with his hand; off in the distance)

…through acts of sacrificial displays of wanton truths through your need to traverse the energies deep below; conquering all fears.

Like a butterfly she flutters by; effortlessly, transparently, on the breeze. Distant distractions within, without, that’s what it’s all about, Alphie!”

There are MANY beings like myself incarnate on the planet at this time to assist in their area of expertise; raising the planetary frequency for Ascension. The key is your own unique “inner walk” and patience.

Patience truly IS a virtue. You can read all about my “fertility of the mind,” and MUCH more on my website called The Inter-dimensional Traveler; www.theinterdimensionaltraveler.com. And, if you are interested in seeing the incarnate “beauty” of the Goddess Athena, you can check out some of my functional art at Tiles with Style .


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