Hi, I’m Diane H Holycross. I AM an Inter-dimensional traveler & Psychic Medium & Master Ceramic Tile Artist @ http://www.tileswithstyle.com.

My spiritual journey has been long and full of amazing and “unusual” experiences. Because my guides have strict guidelines to follow concerning my spiritual development, I’ve had to learn nearly everything on my own while “in the body and OUT!” They really don’t talk to me too much during the day, except for JOURNAL, JOURNAL, JOURNAL Diane! Now I know why. 🙂

I mainly communicate with my guides, during what some of you might call, “dream-time.” It’s actually inter-dimensional travel. I go to my guides and talk to them “in spirit.” It’s a bit different, but I like it; a LOT!

For those of you that have really strange dreams; YOU’RE NOT! Start keeping a dream journal.

Start paying attention to what is happening in your “dreams” and your interactions with the beings in your dreams.

My guide, Ascended Master Merlin has a very unique way to teach me things during “dream-time.” You can “catch” your guides communicating with you there, IF and ONLY IF, you become “aware” during this “real” state of being.

We are living in the illusion; dream-time is real!

There is a lot of spiritual information online, however, most of it only talks about it; not the actual “steps” how to get there; how it feels or looks. I believe you’ll find the information on my blog, not just information; but spiritually practical and educational; DEFINITELY entertaining!

If you decide not to read my blog, at least remember this; YOU are spirit having a “physical” experience, not the other way around.


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